Steffani’s Niobe from Boston

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Agostino Steffani's 'Niobe' from the Boston Early Music Festival.

Agostino Steffani's rarely heard Niobe is a splendid jumble of comedy, tragedy, mythology and politics. It's also one of the most accomplished operas of its time, employing a musical style that seems to bridge the artistic worlds of Monteverdi and Handel.

This Boston Early Music Festival production is presented at the Cutler Majestic Theatre, in a production led by the festival's co-directors, Paul O'Dette and Stephen Stubbs.


Directors: Paul O'Dette and Stephen Stubbs

Niobe: Amanda Forsythe (soprano)

Anfione: Philippe Jaroussky (countertenor)

Creonte: Matthew White (countertenor)

Clearte: Kevin D. Skelton (tenor)

Manto: Yulia Van Doren (soprano)

Tiberino: Colin Balzer (tenor)

Poliferno: Charles Robert Stevens (baritone)

Nerea: José Lemos (countertenor)

Boston Early Music Festival Orchestra