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As a follow-up to our five-day pianist profile series last fall, aptly titled Solid Gould, Hammered! presents a week's worth of hour-long musical portraits of some of the great pianists of the contemporary music world, including performances from the late Charles Rosen.

In addition to Rosen's monumental and universally acclaimed performance of Ludwig van Beethoven's Diabelli Variations opus 120, which is supplemented by the pianist's equally excellent interpretations of miniatures by Elliott Carter, tune in for performances by Ursula Oppens (in music by John Corigliano, Carter, Charles Wuorinen and others), and Marilyn Nonken (playing music by Tristan Murail, Milton Babbitt, Jason Eckardt and others).

We'll also hear Maurizio Pollini taking on Pierre Boulez, Arnold Schoenberg and a very strange score of Frederic Chopin (the opus 44 Polonaise), and composer-pianist Thomas Ades performing mostly his own music in addition to a sonata of Poul Ruders

Who and what should we include in the third installment of our pianist profile series?"