Meitar Ensemble Opens the 2013 MATA Festival

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The Israel-based, new-music focused Meitar Ensemble opens the 2013 MATA Festival with an evening of new works by the festival's signature blend of adventurous, innovative composers. Hosted by Q2 Music's Helga Davis, the concert is the first of three main-stage MATA events at Brooklyn's Roulette. 

For opening night, Meitar unveils a MATA commission from New York-based composer-guitarist Bryan Jacobs titled Play May Shay Fay Bay, and the world premiere of Chinese Whispers by Israeli composer Ofer Pelz.

Additional program highlights include Mosaique for cello and electronics by Poland's Marcin Stanczyk, and Ireland's Enda Bates's Calls from the Fog for flute and electronics. Rounding out the evening is a microtonal hymn of self-immolation from Philadelphia-born Christopher Bailey, Mergurs Ehd Ffleweh Bq Nsolst, sung by Sukato and Meredith Borden with live video accompaniment by Charles Woodman. 

Since its founding in New York City in 1996 by Philip Glass, Eleonor Sandresky, and Lisa Bielawa, the annual MATA Festival has commissioned 70 works and presented over 300 performances of pieces by young composers from around the world.

Q2 Music is the official digital partner of the 2013 MATA Festival at Roulette, and will hosting each night—Helga Davis (April 18), Nadia Sirota (April 19), and Suzanne Farrin (April 20).


Complete Program

Marcin Stańczyk: Mosaique

Ofer Pelz: Chinese Whispers

Christopher Bailey: Mergurs Ehd Ffleweh Bq Nsolst

Enda Bates: Calls from the Fog

Bryan Jacobs: Play May Shay Fay Bay