Mechanical Turks and Fearless Composer-Performers

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The second night of the 2013 MATA Festival features experimental multimedia presentations that integrate new-music composition with elements of visual and performance art. The evening is hosted by violist and new-music champion Nadia Sirota.

The evening opens with two excerpts of Wormsongs, by composer Henry Vega. The music layers breathy, seemingly non-sensical phrases by vocalist Stephanie Pan over a pulsing bed of electronics. Video projections by Emmanuel Flores offer a visual counterpoint.

Cloud-to-Air by Seth Cluett, builds on an unorthodox, meditative blend of human and non-human performers: three clarinets, water-filled metal tray activated by sine tones, and projections. The music incorporates recordings of rain as captured in various locations, including Cluett's bedrooms throughout the last few years.

Dutch-Welsh composer and sound artist Jobina Tinnemans the evening with the premiere of her Killing Time, a MATA commission performed by knitters and chamber ensemble. As the music progresses, the knitters offer a visual representation of the passage of time through changes in the fabric they produce.

Jessie Marino's Rot Blau I, performed by performance art duo On Structure and Henry Vega's ritualistic Wormsongs for vocalist, electronics and video projection, rounds out the show.  

Since its founding in New York City in 1996 by Philip Glass, Eleonor Sandresky, and Lisa Bielawa, the annual MATA Festival has commissioned 70 works and presented over 300 performances of pieces by young composers from around the world.

Q2 Music is the official digital partner of the 2013 MATA Festival at Roulette, and will hosting each night—Helga Davis (April 18), Nadia Sirota (April 19), and Suzanne Farrin (April 20).


Complete Program

Henry Vega: excerpts from Wormsongs

Seth Cluett: Cloud-to-Air

Jobina Tinnemans: Killing Time

Jessie Marino: Rot Blau I