Dvořák's Armida from Ostrava

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Dvořák's <'Armida' from Ostrava, Czech Republic.

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The fearsome yet sentimental sorceress Armida is a denizen of Tasso's epic poem "Jerusalem Liberated." Her story has inspired operas by composers ranging from Lully and Gluck, to Haydn and Rossini. Dvořák's opera, on the other hand, is a true rarity.

On World of Opera, host Lisa Simeone, presents Dvořák's Armida from an ancient city in the composer's Czech homeland, in a production by the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre in Ostrava. Soprano Dana Burešová stars in the title role, in a performance led by conductor Robert Jindra.


Conductor: Robert Jindra

Armida: Dana Buresová (soprano)

Rinald: Tomás Cerný (tenor)

Ismen: Ulf Paulsen (baritone)

Hydraot: Martin Gurbal (bass)

Peter: David Szendiuch (bass)

Ubald: Roman Vlkovic (bass)

Sven: Martin Srejma (tenor)

Dudo: Peter Svetlik (tenor)

Siren: Marianna Pilárová (soprano)

National Moravian-Silesian Theatre Orchestra and Chorus