Share Your Favorite Q2 Music Discoveries

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As part of next week's Q2 Music Spring Pledge Drive, we're asking you to call in with favorite pieces/composers discovered while streaming Q2 Music. Your favorites will anchor our pledge drive programming beginning Wednesday, May 14.

Do you have a particular memory of a new piece or composer heard on Q2 Music which ignited your workday (or distracted you from it)? If so, let us know by calling in and leaving a message at (646) 389-5498. We will then stream both the piece/composer and your message next week.

There are countless listeners out there who share your passions, your hardwired appetite for the new who would benefit from your favorite aural discoveries and revelations. Help open ears and blaze imaginations by calling in and relating a short story about that piece/composer that most inspired you. 

We'd love to hear from you, and it only takes a moment. Call us now at (646) 389-5498