Meet Lauren Tucker Cross: @LaurenAlloyce

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Lauren Tucker Cross takes the wheel of @WQXRMember, a Twitter feed run entirely by WQXR members, from May 12-18.

More about Lauren:
Lauren Tucker Cross is passionate about music and loves to listen to music of all genres. She is a performing member of the Collegiate Chorale. She loves to play piano, violin and recently added a theremin to her repertoire. 

In addition to her musical activities, she is an ardent NASA fan and supporter of space exploration. Another love is working as a psychotherapist. A native "Washingtonian" and Redskins fan, she has lived in New York since the mid '90s. Lauren loves how classical music can express thoughts and feelings that words alone can't quite fully articulate.

You can follow Lauren on Twitter at @LaurenAlloyce.