Classic Insect Movies, Creepy and Crawly

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When the giant ants of 'Them!' arrived in theaters

The Brood II cicadas are emerging from their 17 years underground. Though they're benign, the cicadas' shiny black bodies, silvery wings, bright red eyes, and sheer numbers can make them seem like an invading alien army. Or maybe that impression is influenced by all the insect-invasion movies that have been infesting theaters for decades.

From the giant ants of "Them!," to the killer bees of "The Swarm," insects of many kinds have been bugging humans on the silver screen. The music for these films evokes the skittering, buzzing clamor of large numbers of insects, as well the awe and fear of seeing a bug big enough to squash a human like a insect.

David Garland presents music from some of the great insect movies, including "Them! and "The Swarm," as well as "Empire of the Ants," "The Naked Jungle," "The Fly," "Mothra," "Beginning of the End," and more.