46 Different Recordings of The Rite of Spring in 3 Minutes

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Remember that time when 30 symphony orchestras, 29 conductors, and 9 pianists got together to perform The Rite of Spring? We don’t either, but we’d like to imagine what this meeting of minds and talents might sound like.

Stitched together from 46 different recordings – a grand total of 64 musical cuts – Q2 Music presents the iconic “Augurs of Spring” performed by as many ensembles and soloists as could be squeezed into 3 minutes and 10 seconds.

This video is an web extra for Q2 Music's Rite of Spring Fever – a 24-hour marathon on Wednesday, May 29 hosted by Phil Kline of contrasting interpretations of Stravinsky's masterpiece and a complementary web portal of interviews, testimonials and interactive features.

Production Credits:

Tobin Low, audio
Alexander Overington, video
Alex Ambrose, executive producer