Video: Music Boxes, Toys and Found Sounds with Angélica Negrón

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Angelica Negron

Combining found sounds and toy instruments with electronics and orchestral instruments, the music of Puerto Rican-born composer Angélica Negrón resonates with a sound at once futuristic and nostalgic. Her compositions draw as much, if not more, from ambient music, visual art and the hidden potential of everyday objects as they do from the classical music tradition.

In addition to work with new-music ensembles including Transit, Face the Music and Iktus Percussion Quartet, Negrón writes for and performs with the electro-twinged dream-pop band Balún and the ambient chamber ensemble Arturo en el Barco and composes for theater and film. She also works with children as a teaching artist for the Brooklyn Philharmonic and the Little Orchestra Society and recently cofounded ¡Acopladitos!, a Spanish immersion music program for young children.

On June 16, new-music ensemble Hotel Elefant performs her Drawings for Meyoko at the Bang on a Can Marathon.

We visited Angélica at her apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.