More Powerful Than a Locomotive: the Super-Powered Music of Superman

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Henry Cavill portrays Superman in the most recent Zack Snyder-directed film 'Man Of Steel.'

Superman first soared into the skies of American pop culture back in 1938, and he's proven to be a character with invulnerable appeal. This immigrant from another planet has used his extraordinary powers in comics, on radio and TV, and on the silver screen.

In the new movie "Man of Steel," Superman's story is told once again, with a new cast, revved up special effects, and Hans Zimmer's new musical interpretation of the iconic character.

David Garland presents an hour of Superman-inspired music, including music from the Fleischer Studios' cartoons of the early 1940s, the classic Superman TV show of the 1950s, John Williams' score for the 1978 movie starring Christopher Reeve, highlights from the new "Man of Steel," and more.