A Tone Parallel to Harlem

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This week, host Terrance McKnight spins Duke Ellington’s Tone Parallel to Harlem and Aaron Copland’s The City, two compositions that evoke the sounds of life in northern American cities. Terrance himself is a Harlem resident, and one can read about his apartment in this week's New York Times.

Also on the program is music by pianist Marcus Roberts, whose performances frequently reference Harlem stride playing, and the composer and clarinetist Don Byron, who has frequently worked and recorded in Harlem.

Plus: Hear how Dutch composer Louis Andriessen pays homage to the namesake town in the Netherlands with Bells for Haarlem.



Martha Complained

R. Nathaniel Dett

Denver Oldham

New World


The Secret Guitar

Bryan Johanson, composer, guitar

Yoshi Nakao, clarinet

Joel Bluestone, percussion

Hamilton Cheifetz




Don Byron composer, clarinet

Uri Caine, piano

Blue Note


Five Single Pieces

Ferruccio Busoni

Wolfgang Meyer, clarinet

Matthias Kirschnereit, piano



Sunset – Near the Plantation

Frederick Delius

English Northern Philharmonia

David Lloyd-Jones, conductor



The City

Aaron Copland

Eos Orchestra

Jonathan Sheffer, conductor



Bells for Haarlem

Louis Andriessen

Boston Modern Orchestra Project

Gil Rose, conductor

Cristina Zavalloni, mezzo-soprano

Monica Germino, violin



Harlem for Jazz Band and Orchestra

Edward K. Ellington

American Composers Orchestra

Maurice Peress, conductor

John faddis, trumpet

Bell Easley, clarinet

Ron Carter, bass

Butch Miles, drums

Music Masters


Silver Bells

Jay Livingstone and Ramond Evans

Marcus Roberts, piano