Summer TV Reruns: Music from TV Classics of the 1960s

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Family watching television in 1958.

In ye olden days of television, back when viewing choices were limited to ten or so channels (plus maybe a couple more in the snowy UHF hinterland), the three networks would air repeats during the summer. This allowed TV producers some nice beach time, and gave viewers their second chance to watch their favorite shows on the fleeting, ephemeral medium of television.

During that bygone era, the music composed for TV shows was surprisingly witty and adventurous, and David Garland will rerun some it for you. There are now more soundtracks for 1960s television available than ever, and as original soundtracks become available they reveal the experimentalism and lyricism that characterized that decade. We hear music by John Williams for "Lost in Space" and "Checkmate"; Laurie Johnson and Howard Blake for "The Avengers"; Jerry Goldsmith for "Dr. Kildare"; The BBC Radiophonic Workshop for "Dr. Who"; Pete Rugulo for "The Fugitive"; George Duning for "Then Came Bronson"; and more.