World Premiere of Frederic Rzewski's Piano Concerto

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Saturday, August 24, at 7 pm Q2 Music at the Proms features the world premiere of Frederic Rzewski's Piano Concerto and the UK premiere of Irish composer Gerald Barry's No Other People alongside music from Morton Feldman and English composer John White.

The program, delivered by conductor Ilan Volkov and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, is centered on largely textural works, beginning with John White's 1971 minimalist composition Chord-Breaking Machine, and ending with Morton Feldman's Coptic Light, a work inspired by ancient textiles in France's Louvre museum.

The evening also includes two premieres. The first is a UK premiere from Karlheinz Stockhausen and Mauricio Kagel's student, the Irish composer Gerald Barry, entitled No other people; the second, a world premiere from American composer-pianist Frederic Rzewski, whose virtuosic, improvisatory concerto traces its influence back to the music of Mozart.


John White: Chord-Breaking Machine
Gerald Barry: No other people. 
Frederic Rzewski: Piano Concerto
Morton Feldman: Coptic Light