Sounds of Masculinity

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Billy Drummond in 2008

The concept of masculinity is purely sociological and unconscious. Its meaning has evolved over the centuries and varies from one culture to the next. In Somalia for example, men customarily hold hands; in other cultures men greet one another with a kiss.

Host Terrance McKnight recently asked friends and colleagues about their definition of masculinity. Some of the descriptions included "strength," "magnanimous" and "noble." In this show he pairs characteristics of masculinity with music and musical personalities.

There are sounds that represent the nature of a man. And there are instruments used to express it, some stereotypical and others that fall beneath the radar. 

We'd like to hear from you: How do you define masculinity and how do you find it represented in music?



Franz Schubert: L’incanto degli occhi D902 (No. 1, Second Version)

Gerald Finley, Bass Baritone; Graham Johnson, Piano


L'incanto degli occhi D902


Franz Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 in C-Sharp Minor

Vladimir Horowitz, piano



Hungarian Rhapsody


Frederick Felbel/James Molloy : The Kerry Dance

Art Tatum: Piano


The Kerry Dance


George Frederick Handel: Solomon: Arrival of the Queen of Sheba

Robin Hill, guitar: Peter Wiltschinsky, guitar


Solomon:Arrival of the Queens of Sheba


Traditional: Princess Wen-Cheng

Vjam-dbyangs mtsho-mo vocals

Wind Music


Claude Debussy: King Lear (Le Roi Rear):incidental music

BBC Welsh Symphony Orchestra; Tadaaki Otaka, conductor


Ying Zhang: The Woodman’s Song

Zio Chagfu,erhu; Sun Guisheng, xiao;Gao Hong, pipa; Lei Mengfan, zheng; Zhao Taisheng, daruan;

New World

The Woodman's Song


Franz Schubert: Gesange des Harfners No. 2 in in G Op 12 D 479 (An Die Turen will ich schleichen)

Matthias Goerne, bass-baritone; Andreas Haefliger, piano;


Gesange des Harfners


Phillip Glass: Concerto for Saxophone Quartet

Racscher Saxophone Quartet

Orange Mountain Music

Concerto for Saxophone Quartet


Frederic Chopin- Prelude No. 16 in B-flat Op 28

Demetri Alexeev, piano


Prelude No. 16


Frederic Chopin: Prelude No. 4 in E Minor, Op 28/4

Jean-Yves Thibauduet, piano


Prelude No. 4


Terry Riley: The Cusp of Magic: Prayer Circle

Kronos Quartet; Wu man, pipa


The Cusp of Magic

Paul Schoenfield: Three Country Fiddle Pieces, for Electric Violin, Percussion and Amplified Piano

William Terwilliger, violin; Andre Cooperstock, piano; Matthew Bassett, percussion

Azica Records

3 Fiddle Pieces


Charles Ives: String Quartet no.1 , “From The Salvation Army”

Emerson String Quartet

Deutshe Grammophon

String Quartet No. 1


Claude Debussy / Jacques Loussier; Preludes : Book I: “La Cathedrale Engloutie” (The Sunken  Cathedral)

Jacques Loussier Trio


The Sunken Cathedral