Evoking Images with Music

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There is a deep descriptive tradition in music, a tradition that embraces art's ability to comment, observe, and depict. Tune in this week to hear works that paint specific pictures, as well as music that more abstractly evokes colorful, multifaceted images.

Monday's show kicks off with a selection from Michael Harrison's Revelation: Music in Pure Intonation, which yields vivid color out of a naturally tuned piano, before turning back to the early 20th century with Book I of Claude Debussy's quintessentially Impressionistic Images.

Some of my own music also makes an appearance – four vestiges for solo piano, depicting a series of surreal and dissimilar dream images conjured up all in one night – alongside John Adams's Hoodoo Zephyr, from the 1993 Nonesuch release of the same name comprising seven short compositions inspired by Western landscapes composed and performed on "five Yamaha keyboards and a rack of samplers."

Listen later this week for more music by Michael Harrison and Debussy as well as works by Roger Reynolds and Olivier Messiaen, among others.