Wagner's The Flying Dutchman from Naples

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Juha Uusitalo as Dutchman in a production of Wagner's <em>The Flying Dutchman</em> from Naples.

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Perhaps Wagner's most straightforward and approachable opera, The Flying Dutchman is presented here in a version which, unlike the one-act original, comes with an intermission in a production from the historic Real Teatro di San Carlo in Naples, Italy, one of the world's oldest opera houses with a history dating as far back as the 17th century.

The stars are bass-baritone Juha Uusitalo in the title role, with soprano Elisabete Matos as Senta, the woman who frees the Dutchman from his eternal journey, in a production led by conductor Stefan Anton Reck.


Conductor: Stefan Anton Reck, conductor

Dutchman: Juha Uusitalo (bass-baritone)

Senta: Elisabete Matos (soprano)

Daland: Stanislav Shvets (bass)

Erik: Will Hartmann (tenor)

Mary: Elena Zilio (mezzo-soprano)

Steersman: Enzo Peroni (tenor)

Teatro San Carlo Orchestra and Chorus