Best of Contact

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HK Gruber, with his instruments, in the Q2 Music studio this past December.

This week, the New York Philharmonic presents highlights from their new-music Contact! Series, performances that showcase the progressive currents music of our time along with commentary from the performers and composers.

This program is eclectic, featuring some musically tempestuous works: the world premiere of Brazilian composer Alexandre Lunsqui’s Fibres, Yarn, and Wire and HK Gruber’s Frankenstein!!. Works by Elliot Carter and Michael Jarrell are also featured. Pierre Boulez’s …explosante-fixe…, composed in honor of Stravinsky, concludes the CONTACT! collection.  

Program details:

Alexandre Lunsqui: Fibres, Yarn, and Wire (World Premiere – New York Philharmonic Commission)

HK Gruber: Frankenstein!!

Elliot Carter: Two Controversies & a Conversation

Michael Jarrell: Nachlese Vb (Liederzyklus)

Boulez: …exlosante-fixe…