Sebastian Z: Week 2!

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Join me as we explore the music of Luciano Berio, from his folk music reinterpretations to the classic Sequenzas.

Our early music incantation moves back a century or so to the marvelously resonant music of Perotin. This week features a focus on the string quartet repertoire, with pieces by Lachenmann, Cage, Ginastera, Gismonti, and one of New York's favorite quartets, Brooklyn Rider.

We also continue our discovery of the sounds of Baroque music explorer Rolf Lislevand and his band as they cross the Atlantic into the New World, and hear work of the Spanish Baroque composer and guitarist, Santiago de Murcia. And, as always, some Messiaen.

Click here to watch the inimitable Cathy Berberian sing Berio's Folk Songs, with the composer himself conducting.