Remembering George Jellinek and The Vocal Scene

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I spent a few hours this weekend in renewed admiration and affection of George Jellinek. George died in January of this year, and a public memorial concert is taking place this Sunday (click here for more details).  But the reason I was thinking so much of George this past weekend is that I was listening to some of the programs in the series, The Vocal Scene, which George created and hosted for 36 years on WQXR.

You see, we’re planning to re-broadcast some of those shows this summer, and I get to help choose the episodes we’ll put on the air. I can tell you two of them for sure: A tribute to Titta Ruffo, the Italian baritone whose voice first caught George’s ear and drew him into the magical world of great singing; and a program called "By the Light of the Silvery Moon," which shows George’s amazing breadth of knowledge of song, and his wonderful way of programming and talking about vocal music. 

I’m wondering if fans of The Vocal Scene would like to suggest other favorite episodes for our summer series. Please understand that we may not take your particular suggestion, for reasons including quality and availability of the program tape itself. But it will take us a while to sift through 36 years of The Vocal Scene, so a suggestion or two would be most welcome. And in doing so you may jog a pleasant memory for other WQXR listeners who listened to, and loved, George Jellinek.

What are some of your favorite memories of George and of The Vocal Scene?