New York MusiCity

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Yeah, New York is pretty great. We've all heard the spiel a million times: bustle, energy,  culture, sleep deprivation.... As well-worn as this notion may be, it's also true! Eight million individuals living so close to one another spawn cultural evolution with unbeatable depth and speed. But, you know, this is all super biased. I love this city hard...

New York's Classical Music scene is varied, rich, and innovative. This is the city that incubated Minimalism, Americana, Chance Music, Serialism, Indie Classical, and Neo-Romanticism, to name a few over-simplified genre descriptors.

The city has always played host to top-notch composers, performers, and ensembles, and the city itself has served as inspiration for composers for as long as its been around. The past 40 years alone have inspired music from Einstein on the Beach to Meredith Monk, to Carl Schimmel's percussion music inspired by marshmallow peeps!

Listen all this week to music inspired by this great city. Check out all week New York MusiCity on Q2, featuring the new, the old, the well-known and the rare. Also tune in over the next few days as we unveil our New York Minute block: an hour-long uninterrupted stretch of music for, by, and of the people of this fair city!

-Nadia Sirota, Overnight Music host-