Celebrating Marta Eggerth

Friday, April 16, 2010 - 03:08 PM

This Saturday, April 17, Hungarian-born singer Marta Eggerth will celebrate her 98th birthday. Knowing Marta, as I’m fortunate to, she will surely have a lively celebration with humor and music.

Marta Eggerth made a wonderful impression when she sang for us in The Greene Space last year. You can watch a song from that performance, Rudolf Sieczynski’s “Wein, Wein, nur du allein,” here.

When I spoke with Marta on the air during that event she said that she continues to feel young and alert because she’s “interested in everything!”  She said “Until the end of my life I want to learn…I am still a student; I enjoy it very much.”

What have you learned lately? A skill? A bit of information? A fact? An insight? Where do you go to learn; somewhere you can recommend to the rest of us?

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balazsele from Hungary, Budapest

Dear Debra Kinzler!
I'm Balázs from Hungary. I like the old hungarian films/movies (1929-1956), and the star: Marta Eggerth, and of course the movies of her. I would like contact to Martha Eggerth or her family. Please, if you can an email adress, send. I would like become an autograph from Marta Eggerth. I would like to get a picture / photo of her with an autograph. (Sorry, but I don't speak good English, just a little. If everybody can help me, write! German and of course Hungarian is the best for me.)

Sep. 17 2011 02:57 PM
Robert S. Withey from Cape Coral, Florida

I dearly love Marta Eggerth & have listened to her for many years. I have a number of old postcards of her, with a few autographed by both Marta & Jan, in my opera collection. My wife and I have friends of German, Hungarian, and Austrian background who adored Marta so in their home countries of their youth. I wish her God speed and thank her for the wondrous gift of music and the boundless joy, which she has brought to millions in her fascinating & rewarding life. She is a world treasure. She keeps us all young and thriving! I am President of a local opera club & we will honor Mdme. Eggerth at our next meeting. Bless you ever Marta! Servus~ Rob

Apr. 23 2010 09:11 PM
Lea Wolinetz from NYC

My best wishes for a Happy Birthday to Marta Eggerts .
It was my pleasure to hear her on her 97th birthday.
Best wishes,
Lea Wolinetz

Apr. 19 2010 06:19 PM
Kenneth Bennett Lane from Lake Hiawatha, NJ

What an unexpected GREAT JOY it is hear that Marta Eggerth is her bubbling self, at 98 no less!
Marta, Mr. & Mrs. George Jellinek, Anthony Coggi, Jarmila Novotna, Stefan Zucker and I attended a Richard Tauber centenary celebration at the Battery jn NYC at the site of Fort Clinton, later Castle Clinton enlarged into a large concert hall by P.T. Barnum for Jenny Lind's debut in this country. Later, it became the New York Aquarium. Francis Heilbut, the founder of the Landmark Festival concerts in NYC organized the event. He was a champion of the great Viennese tenor Tauber. Just today reviewing sheet music for my upcoming concerts, I came across a color photo of all those I just mentioned with me standing next to Jarmila. I am a Wagnerian heldentenor. I studied with "Met" Opera bass Alexzander Kipnis at the New York College of Music. At that time Marta took her son to study there. Other Hungarians with whom I studied privately Maestro Laszlo Halasz, Maestro Siegfried Landau, "Met": Opera legends legends Friedrich Schorr and Margarete Matzenauer and Otto Herz, who accompanied me at my 10 Language solo debut at the now-named Isaac Stern Auditorium of Carnegie Hall, one of my 4 solo concerts at that venue. Who can forget her husband Jan Kiepura's handsome voice and physique. Again, with Marta's joie de vivre she is a model for others to emulate. The "Met" Opera coloratura Frieda Hempel, with whom I prepared my solo debut at Carnegie had a similar persona. Kenneth Bennett Lane, opera composer: "Shakespeare" & "The Political Shakespeare" and director, Richard Wagner Music Drama Institute, where artists are trained for the Shakespeare roles or, the big-voiced singers, coached for the Wagner opera roles.
website: www.WagnerOpera.com

Apr. 18 2010 11:31 PM
Katherine Deitch from Selden, New York

Remarkable! I was taken back by Marta's performance. That song was one of my late father's favorite songs by Lehar. I'm so glad I am listening this evening. I was a bit teary eyed by that one.Thank you

Apr. 17 2010 07:37 PM
Michael in Syracuse from Syracuse, NY

Terrific performance. Just plain terrific. Thank you, David Garland, for your consistently interesting and enlightening segments/comments. Your program is such a pleasure to listen to, and clearly a ton of work to prepare (thank you). Please assure us you will still be on the air when you reach 98.

Apr. 17 2010 07:27 PM
Gerhard Schreiber from New Jersey

Saw (and heard) this wonderful lady (with her late husband) in some of her movies in the late thirties. What a marvelous voice ! Thanks David Garland for the Blue Danube. Happy Birthday to a legend !!!!!

Apr. 17 2010 07:05 PM
Stuart Schimmel from Greenwich, CT

We used to be neighbors in Westchester, and I was privileged to be invited to their home on many occasions, to meet their amazing friends and be entertained by Marta and the Polish Ham. as she herself dubbed him. I'm delighted to hear she's thriving and still has that delicious sense of humor.

Apr. 17 2010 06:50 PM
Robert J. Hall from Calverton, LI, NY

Thanks, David Garland, for giving us a heads-up on this birthday lady.
I enjoyed hearing her on a Public Radio Broadcast intervies from Connecticut maybe one or two years ago.
A most interesting lady, with lots and lots and lots of stories. I hope that her son has got them on down on video tape.
Happy Birthday, Madame Eggerth.
P.S. to David Garland: More of Marta Eggerth please. Signed, Robert

Apr. 17 2010 06:41 PM
Joe from Rahway,NJ

Heard Marta on radio in Europe 70 years ago.sometimes with Jan Kiepura. Brings back old memories of "Wien, Wien nur du allein" the most Viennese song of the .century.

Apr. 16 2010 10:38 PM
Sue from Philadelphia

What an awesome lady. Glad to share a birthday with someone as special a singer as Marta E.

Love Lots

Apr. 16 2010 08:29 PM

Incredible artist! I heard her earlier today from a cd she made at age 95 (or so) and was stunned. And this performance, too. More, please.

Apr. 16 2010 08:11 PM

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