Speaking of Performances...How Do You Feel About Reviews?

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Recently I went to see the play RED on Broadway.  Because I knew that it was about the artist Mark Rothko, I spent some time reading about his life and work before I went. However, I did not read any reviews or informational pieces about the actual play until after I saw it. A couple of days after the performance, I had a ball reading as many reviews as I could find! For the most part, I found I agreed with the various critics.  But, there was one who I felt missed the point of the show entirely. Interesting.

As a general rule, I find it much more effective to read what the critics have to say after I’ve been to the performance.  That way, I bring my own thoughts to the table and am able to have a ‘virtual conversation’ as I read the reviews.   I am also more likely to be thrilled by an outstanding performance if I discover it on my own.  

So, how do you feel about reviews?