A Wonderful Life

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Good morning, good day! It's Pulitzer-Prize-winning lyricist Sheldon Harnick's 86th birthday. Isn't it wonderful?

When did I fall in love with Sheldon Harnick's lyrics? I'll tell you a truth--I saw Fiddler on the Roof as a kid, and realized that the lyrics were first class all the way. They say there's precious little he can't do with words, and no song more pleasing than one he's worked on. For some perspective: Sheldon Harnick wrote the lyrics to all of these and more: Fiorello!, She Loves Me, Fiddler on the Roof, The Apple Tree--hours and hours of good clean fun. And miracle of miracles (I'm one of the lucky ones!)--back when I was doing theater, I got to work with him on one of his shows.  

Now I have everything--Sheldon Harnick recently came to the WQXR studio and sat down for an hour-long interview.  If you've ever wondered where are they, for Sheldon Harnick, at least, the answer is little old New York--and WQXR. What's in it for you, dear friend? Fair warning: Click aboce for the audio, and make way--the very next man you'll hear is Sheldon Harnick.

Note: This post contains more than 20 titles of Harnick songs. How many can you find?