Cooking With Classical Music

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I was rearranging some of my books recently and came across my copy of Kitchen Classics with the Philharmonic by my former WQXR colleague June Lebell (great book, btw). It made me think how important it is to have the right music playing when you are preparing meals.

Because I am not a terribly experienced chef, I tend to prefer something that keeps me relaxed but energized--like Bach or Mozart--when I cook.  When it’s time to eat, I like candles and a mellow musical atmosphere--maybe even something romantic.

But I would imagine that if you are a confident cook and more adventurous, you might choose something like Poulenc, Weill, Piazzolla...or how about Copland?  Am I right?   

I’d love to know about one of your most memorable cooking experiences that involved classical music. And, by all means share the recipe if you would like.