Who's Out There?

Wednesday, October 07, 2009 - 02:08 PM

Who needs radio? Online, you can pursue your enthusiasms to their deepest nooks and crannies, but with radio, you have no control over content. In this age of digital dissemination, when everything is available all the time, when you can use your computer to seek and find practically any recording you can think of, why would you listen to the radio?

To my mind, radio is more important than ever. It can take us places we didn't know we wanted to go. It's an opportunity for discovery. And despite the sense of one-to-one communion that the best radio delivers, we know that as we listen, others are out there sharing the experience with us; we're part of a community, entertained and informed together.

I've been presenting music on WNYC for the past 22 years, and in just the last few of those years my blog has become a good place for informal meetings with listeners. I've heard from people as far away as Turkey, China, the Hebrides, and even Brooklyn.

Now that I'm broadcasting from WQXR, I'm interested to know: Where are you, and what are you doing as you listen? In a few words, won’t you please post an answer in the comment section below?

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John Coster

I am an avid WQXR listener, however, two movie sound tracks I am disappointed to not hear on any programs are the 'Last of the Mohicans' and 'Mission'. I agree they are not in the league of classical music but WQXR listeners would find them enjoyable to listen to as a fresh divergence similar to the playing of Broadway tunes.

Jan. 06 2011 05:28 PM
Brian Out in NJ

Movies on the Radio is so refreshing! Thanks so much for Robie the Robot and Tron Legacy....don't forget Tomita if you get a chance...the Live in NY disc. Thanks for the "Everything will be fine" quote tonight. Great show. Thanks!

Jan. 01 2011 09:42 PM
e nadel

David Garland's Sunday afternoon program is pure delight. WOW!
E. Nadel

May. 17 2010 05:37 PM

Liszt "Les Prelude was, with the Overture for William Tell, the theme music for "The Lone Ranger".

Mar. 20 2010 05:05 PM
Bob Reminick from Mastic, LI & Ithaca, NY

Lizt : Le Prelude: Flash Gordon, series #1, probably not Buck Rodgers! We watched Flash Gordon for after lunch recess on rainy days in grade school (early '60s). The "march" was the opening music. It was exciting, adrenalin pumping stuff that comes back every time I hear it. Mom listened to QXR all the time then. I moved beyond signal range for college, but have tuned in over internet for 5 or 6 years.

Mar. 19 2010 07:37 PM
Michael from New York City, NY

I was so happy to reunite hearing Nimet overnight for the first time after her initial retirement when she covered for Steve Sullivan. Fortunately I am most very happy to say that I have the pleasure and honor of having the Whitesides as new neighbors as they just recently moved into my apartment building where I live in Manhattan.

Ever since Gregg Whiteside was dismissed from the old WQXR when it was owned by the NY Times, there are many listeners to this very day who still mourn about his dismissal. If there is ever an early morning in New York City in the event that Jeff Spurgeon is absent, I hope WQXR, under its new ownership of WNYC, considers of bringing back Gregg Whiteside to the airwaves once again even as a substitute.

We all still miss him and I was among one of his very listeners that heard his very last show when they cut the last few seconds off the air.

Mar. 18 2010 08:27 PM
Laine Massey from New York, New York

As a longtime listener to David Garland and devoted member of WNYC, except when you tried that all classical crap right after independence, I am not happy to have to change my radio settings in order to hear David except for Spinning on Air!
All of my radios (one in every room including the bath and kitchen) stay tuned to WNYC/FM. Unfortunately, I am turning it off more in the evening now. I just play my own cds through Itunes on my computer.

Mar. 05 2010 02:42 PM
Christopher Platt from Oceanside NY

Like me I see many other WNYC listeners are extremely unhappy with the loss of the Evening Music on WNYC.
It seems WQXR listeners are no happier with the stuff the hosts are forced to play in their new roles there.
How many listeners to both stations will you drive away before you fix this problem, Ms. Walker?

Feb. 01 2010 03:55 PM
Richard Mitnick from Highland Park, NJ

No Choice but to put this on every Comment page:

(January 13, 2010 – New York, NY) – WQXR Classical 105.9 FM, New York City’s sole dedicated classical music station, ranked the highest cumulative audience among public radio stations in the December Arbitron ratings book, with 842,200 weekly listeners. The second-ranking public radio station in the December book had 833,400 weekly listeners.

WQXR achieved this milestone in only its second full month as a public radio station. In October 2009, WNYC Radio acquired WQXR from The New York Times Company as part of a three-way deal with Univision, which entailed moving the WQXR signal from its longtime home at 96.3 FM to 105.9 FM.

WQXR’s December ratings are comparable to those the station enjoyed as a commercial station…

Jan. 13 2010 09:32 PM
Mina from New York City

Then how do you explain the following:
01 02 20 10 ?

and see the link shown here:


Jan. 02 2010 06:35 PM
Richard Mitnick from Highland Park, NJ

Further to Mina's comment

This is the same WNYC comment page that has been running since OCTOBER!!

Get real, WQXR.

I am trying to be a fan and a cheerleader for WQXR, but this is straining credulity.

Jan. 02 2010 06:32 PM
Lee Brechner

David, this isn't a palindromic day... 01/11/10, or 01/22/10 will be palindromic days.

Jan. 02 2010 06:23 PM
Mina from New York City

You say: "The link to the Listener Services blog continues to be located on the WQXR homepage, in the column titled "The New WQXR." "

But in reality that brings us to the WNYC page.
How pathetic that you don't have a way to leave a comment on the site devoted to WQXR !

I agree with Frank Feldman when he says that by the end of 2010, WQXR will no longer be around.
You all are proving him right.

Jan. 02 2010 05:23 PM

The link to the Listener Services blog continues to be located on the WQXR homepage, in the column titled "The New WQXR."

Dec. 30 2009 10:23 AM
Michael Meltzer from New York City

What has happened to "Join the Discussion" as the link on the home page to the open discussion site? That was accessibility, what you have again is labyrinthine (Click how to tune in, click listener services blog, click "about wqxr"-the last one, no one would guess. What are you after? You change every other day, you're playing "tag."
Isn't this kind of reaction to your listeners beneath you?

Dec. 29 2009 06:38 PM
Mina from New York City

Michael was right. You say that there is a listeners forum for comments, however what is it you don't understand when we are all saying that there is no clear cut way to access this forum?
As Michael put it, the way to find this comment section is a "labyrinth" and since you don't make it easy for anyone you're only going to annoy people further.
Can you do something about that??

I want to say thank you in advance, but I don't think you are going to do anything about it. How's that for confidence in the new WQXR.
I think you guys are pathetic.

Dec. 29 2009 05:53 PM

In order to facilitate constructive conversations surrounding the intended topic of the blog, we encourage users to email Listener Services (listenerservices@wqxr.org) or post on the Listener Services blog (http://blogs.wnyc.org/listenerservices/2009/10/16/listener-services-forum-wqxr/) with more general concerns about the station.

Dec. 29 2009 02:07 PM
Jim from Hot Springs, Arkansas

Although radio streams are readily available, I still enjoy turning on and tuning in a "regular" radio. I have collected shortwave radios since the late '60s and like having an actual radio to listen to. As I listen to opera or hockey or news with a wind-up "green" radio, I can imagine myself on a sloop in the South Pacific or a jungle settlement in Africa tuning in the world.

Dec. 20 2009 04:42 PM
Anne from 11756 Long Island

I very much appreciate your plan to add a Listener Services blog right on the WQXR website for general WQXR concerns, and I am sure other listeners will appreciate it also!! Many, many thanks!!

Dec. 09 2009 08:25 PM
Richard Mitnick from Highland Park, NJ


Try the 105.9 web stream, now at 128kbit stereo. You can even patch into a sound system from your computer.

Dec. 07 2009 01:26 PM
mike from Pine Bush, NY 12566

I've been listening to WQXR since Truman was President. For the last twenty years the spot on the dial was 103.7, the repeater in Ulster County, NY. I didn't know if that reception would continue when the station switched to the weaker signal. Happily, it does continue. A lot of people have written here to complain about the new programming and sound. Programming and announcers always change. (Does anyone else remember Duncan Pirnie introducing Pru Devon's Nights in Latin America?) Since I'm on the fringe of the repeater's signal, my reception quality has always depended on strategic draping of the power cord. When the alternative choice is no WQXR at all, I'll take what I can get.

Dec. 07 2009 07:37 AM

Nimet Habachy's signature tune for "New York at Night" was Debussy's "En Bateau", for 2 pianos. Does anybody know which recording of "En Bateau" was used in her show?

Dec. 06 2009 03:49 PM


We are currently developing a Listener Services blog for the WQXR site to deal with general WQXR concerns. Thank you for your input.

Dec. 03 2009 12:45 AM
Anne from Long Island 11756

Message for WQXR re: reply to my posting: I repeat--why not put a listenerservices blog right on the WQXR website? Why must we go to WNYC website to post ideas? Why object to listeners sharing tips re: ways to get better reception whether via equipment or components we can buy or whatever. We can certainly also email you directly, but when we do that we are not sharing with other listeners, and that includes tips on things that might have helped us with reception issues. Ad David Garland once said, we are all in this together. . .and you should be glad we are still interested enough to contnue listening and wanting to post ideas and share tips!

Dec. 02 2009 09:38 PM
Anne from Long Island 11756

I think listeners to WQXR should be able to post comments and share ideas on a blog where others can read them. WQXR wants us to email them directly--why? So that they can hide the complaints people have and the problems with the new station that they face?

If this is supposted to be for David Garland only, then give us a blog that IS for general comments. (But I don't see the problem, since this blog IS about listening to the radio and all comments are about the radio station!)

For myself, I have gotten tips re: ways to improve reception (for example, the MagnumDynalab Signal Sleuth, which is a high end component to amplify a radio signal, MagnumDynalab antennas that work well, etc.) Since the new WQXR is SUCH weak station, you should not try to deny the listeners a place to share ideas about the station or to give each other tips on what might work for us to get better reception!

Dec. 02 2009 07:58 PM
Maya Dupuy from East Hampton, NY

How nice to get WQXR in 128 Kbs online. This is a great improvement I think. At the same time maybe it is worth noting that earlier today nearly a hundred comments were erased from David Garland's "Passionate" blog. I wonder how management assumes omitting the critics' comments will solve problems. Perhaps the comments were an early-warning safety valve and were constructive?
On the other hand, the station is new and needs to work out bugs I guess.
Cheers and good wishes.

Dec. 01 2009 09:42 PM
Richard S Mitnick from Highland Park, New Jersey


Please announce - frequently - that the 105.9 wseb stream is now at the 128kbit stereo that the music and the listeners deserve.



Nov. 30 2009 07:26 PM
Nicole from new york

Give us back the kind of programming of the old WQXR, specially in the in the evening ...Please !

Nov. 28 2009 10:29 PM


The terms of our license no longer allow us to pre-publish playlists. For more about this, see the comments from November 6th on this page: http://www.wqxr.org/programs/david-garland/blogs/david-garland/2009/oct/23/passionate/

Nov. 28 2009 01:57 PM
noah from Munich

Wow! Thanks for the 128 KBs sound. Now, if your play list was based on what I can hear for the rest of the day rather than what I have already missed . . . . All the other classical stations on the web do it. So why can't you?

Nov. 28 2009 03:30 AM
John Dinkelspiel from Charleston, SC

I'm at my computer a good part of the day, and the first thing I do when I sit down is use iTunes to get on net radio--which is then on non-stop. Since I found you and Q2 that's all I play--so tired of the same old list of 200 favorites on the other classical channels and the same 100 on the Baroque channels. Keep 'em coming!!

Love the live play list!!!

Nov. 22 2009 08:40 PM
WinterBV from Asbury Park NJ

I listen ONLY on the radio. I have a sound system in the same room as my computer and office. My alarm clock/radio is set to your station serving both as my lullaby and my dawn. In my basement workshop the radio there is also tuned to WQXR. The only place you do not follow me to is my meditation room, but you are always welcome there should you drop by to visit.

Nov. 22 2009 11:36 AM
John Feaver from 07755

I'm either driving, or reading/writing at home. Sometimes (as right now), I'm listening at work; for now, they are allowing the internet stream through the corporate firewall! I eagerly awaited the 96.7 repeater, but have to say I am very disappointed: the sound is very muddy, like the outputs are being overdriven or something. I've logged my complaint with listener services, but thought to see if others have the same experience in and around Asbury Park?

Nov. 17 2009 11:32 AM
Margaret from New York City

I just happened to tune in to WQXR.
Admittedly, I almost gave up but took a chance and came back for a minute.

What a nice surprise to encounter Annie Bergen's voice back this afternoon.

Apparently it was the end of her time slot at the top of the 4 o'clock hour Sunday afternoon, and I was elated to hear her say she would be back next Saturday at noon !
What a miracle, but now I will turn off the radio until next Saturday. I'm not as pleased with the balance of this afternoon's hosting. Sorry.

Nov. 15 2009 04:05 PM
Sanyi from Brooklyn

Forgive me father for I have sinned;
I have goofed around and written hundreds of Emails to Candice and Nimet at wqxr, instead of writing such to the male announcers of that station. Because of me, the ones who tried to redirect me scientifically to fit their future plans for me, have lost so much government money ,time and effort, and now are risking to loose their jobs too.
What shall I do ?

Nov. 14 2009 05:35 PM
Margaret from Southampton, NY

If I'm not mistaken, this new station was formed about a month ago. I have read quite a lot of blogging on this site which runs the gambit of great frustrations.

Like many of you, I miss some of my favorite hosts that used to work on 'the original' WQXR.

Sad to say, I'm not wild about the sound of voices of the new hosts, and I don't like the amount of short recordings played, or the mispronunciations by some hosts along with their less than professional delivery at the microphone.

The two hosts which remain from 'the original' WQXR, Jeff and Midge, well, they are coping the best they can. Even so, their hands are tied with the programming given them and the stuff they are scripted to say.

I have given this new station a shot, but I'm kind of finished with the thought of supporting it.
I'm sorry to say this. It really is a shame.

Just a word of advice: If you go to some internet streaming stations besides this one I think you will be a lot happier. I did this, and I'm a lot more pleased with what I hear. KING-fm is only one of them; there are many, with good hosts and nice works of music. The hosts are well spoken and professional. Their pronunciations are spot on.
I don't think it's asking a lot of WQXR to have hosts with the same high level in their craft, but I think the management wants a different feel to their new station. I wish them luck.

Happy listening, whether you remain with this station or go elsewhere. I send good wishes to all.


Nov. 11 2009 09:23 PM
Richard S Mitnick from Highland Park, New Jersey

Richard Yentsky-

The video was really good. But people need to be wary- MyYahoo!, probably the neatest and most configurable reader, is having Oops problems. I have seven subscriptions by subject, 30-40 feeds each, and, sometimes all I would see is Oops, Oops,Oops,Oops..... all the way down.

I have switched to Google Reader. It is not as configurable, but it is good enough, and it works.

I do believe that you need to get the Gmail address before you can get the reader.

Nov. 09 2009 10:42 PM
Richard Yentsky from Bellport, NY

hey... if you are still not understanding RSS feeds, go to this YouTube URL:


Nov. 09 2009 09:26 PM
Richard Yentsky from Bellport, NY

Thought I should mention that it's a good idea to subscribe to the RSS feeds on these blogs, because there are so many blogs on this site.

Besides, it's rather amusing to read the idiosyncratic comments and opinions others have attempted to make.

Try it. If you are not familiar with the way RSS works, go to Google and type in "rss feeds".
You will have lots of instructions there.

Nov. 09 2009 09:07 PM
Sanyi from Brooklyn, somewhere....

If I understand right, Candice Agree and probably Clayelle, can not be found, that is why they were "fired". It turned out that they indeed were broadcasting from a remote location in a European country, I don't know what crimes they had done to go underground, but the law says, if anyone is forced against his or her will to commit acts that might be considered illegal, they are not responsible for them. So, they were under involuntary fortitude, and that is why Candice's voice changed a little when I Emailed her, I said to myself, she is emotional.... She was either scared or happy that someone who's lips are not sowed in, knows about her, and she will be out of there. In any case, they were not the only ones, Radio Free Europe had it's studios there too, through satellite it was relayed to Germany, and re broadcasted from there.
Anyone wonders why did I get in so much trouble as a tourist when I went there ? Did I asked to many questions ? Did I recognized other peoples voices ? That remain to be answered, after the state department will sort out the things, if they didn't know about it neither. So... to the state department if they read this, it would be nice if Candice would be allowed to return and broadcast from this country this time, and the way she looks, I am sure she will get at least 100 marriage proposals in a single week, after she shows her face (and body) at the Koschiushko foundation as the real Candice Agree.

Nov. 09 2009 05:59 PM
Richard S Mitnick from Highland Park, New Jersey

For those of you not familiar with RSS feeds, signified by that little orange thingy, you can keep track of all of the comments at WQXR by getting an RSS reader, and not need to click into the WQXR web site and navigate to the comments pages to see who says what.

I currently recommend Google Reader. I like MyYahoo! better, because it is more configurable. But, lately it has not been working.

Everything I am laying out is for Google Reader. But it is all very similar in any RSS aggregator.

You need a GMail account, which you never ever have to use for mail. Then you go to Google Reader and subscribe with your GMail user id and password. You can get both the GMail account and Google Reader right from the Google opening web page. The GMail link is right up top. The Reader link is under "more".

Once you have the Google Reader account, open it. Then open another web page right next to it, and on that page go to the WQXR web site and comments page or pages of your choice. Right-click the orange thing and select "copy link location". Take that to the Google Reader page and left-click on "+Add a subscription", and r9ight click and paste the link in and left-click "Add". Do this for any one or all of the WQXR comments pages.

Save the Google Reader as a bookmark (Firefox, SeaMonkey, Opera) or favorite (IE8).

Then, all you need do is click on the bookmark and all will spill out for you.

You can configure Google Reader for only new stuff, one day, one week, etc.

Everything I have laid out for Google Reader is similar in all of the RSS aggregators. Google Reader is free, as is MyYahoo!. There are pay readers, which you do not need.

Nov. 08 2009 06:51 PM
Sanyi from Brooklyn, NY

The last time I was at the Strand was more then 30 years ago, but I still remember who I have seen there, Dana Hazibulion....

Nov. 08 2009 02:53 PM
Joe Corrao from United States

Music from the Fountainhead...awesome...hey saw u at the Strand the other night...were u there to hear the lecture by the Ayn Rand bio author?

Nov. 07 2009 09:08 PM
Sanyi from Brooklyn, Romania

Also, Candice Agree in the morning, would be divine...

Nov. 07 2009 07:36 PM
rayna from West Orange, NJ

What could be better than that? Steve Sullivan in the morning would be divine. Or Steve Post in the morning - who always made me laugh out loud as I was sitting in morning traffic. Apples and oranges, of course - but each wonderful in his own way.

Nov. 06 2009 09:45 PM
john Johnson

There are moments in this piece that seem very similar harmonically and melodically to Philip Glass.

Nov. 06 2009 09:41 PM

I hope some of the people who were complaining about too much Rameau are listening tonight to David Garland playing the Symphony #7 of Rauutevara (sorry, can't spell it). I seem to notice more variety already & more being played similar to the choices David & Terence McKnight would make on Evening Music on WNYC.
Jeff Spurgeon on Friday morning & David Garland the same evening -- what could be better than that.

Nov. 06 2009 08:27 PM
ML from The Vast Midwest of the US

I'm listening from the Midwest, via Internet stream, while at work. The quality is very good; the stream rarely hiccups. The music is wonderful. I had trouble streaming our local classical station, so I hunted for something else. Found you - love it. Also pledged to WYNC fund drive since I'm listening to your sound. Thanks.

Nov. 05 2009 02:48 PM
Nessa from NYC


On a positive note: I was returning from Fire Island (no QXR out there anymore) late yesterday afternoon, stymied in post-marathon traffic on 116th Street, when I suddenly heard the lovely Scarlatti played by Leon Fleischer. I wondered how such a beautiful piece of music could be on QXR and then your voice came on. Do you choose your own playlist? You must. They wouldn't opt for such elegance. I wish you could influence the others, or at least teach them how to sound as intelligent and soothing as you do. Unfortunately I was distracted by a few tricky driving maneuvers and so missed other credits, but there was excellent non Busoni, non Rameau, non Bernstein, or Dvorak, or Dance of the Seven Veils or those vexing Polevetzian Maidens-type music. And chamber music that sounded like Schubert or maybe even, dare I say his name, Beethoven?

Thank you for being there. I guess I'll have to get into my car to hear your voice and some fine music.


Nov. 02 2009 12:24 PM
William DeBuvitz from Mendham, NJ

I already sent you a message about receiving the new WQXR pretty well in Central New Jersey, but I have a new complaint about the frequency change which you probably have never heard before: My wife and I have a new Honda Accord and it has a screen mounted high on the dashboard that displays the time and the frequency of the FM station we have tuned in. The problem is that when I glance at the screen I see 105.9 which looks like a time display of 10:59. I have to look twice to see if the clock is functioning correctly. With all the problems with distracted drivers these days, we do not need another one caused by the new WQXR! This would have never happened with 96.3 since it does not look like a valid time (9:63). I keep waiting for my "clock" to change to 11:00, which it never does.

Also, regarding the program entitled CHORAL FIXATION: WQXR should ditch this rather dumb and corny title for the program. It could also be thought of as disrespectful since a good amount of music on this program is religious.

Nov. 01 2009 08:53 PM
jjd from Manhattan

I was a regular WQXR listener for many years. I listened almost every day (at least when I was home in NYC).

I am also an audiophile, who listened using a quality tuner (Magnum Dynalab Etude). The old 96.3 WQXR had a rich wonderful sound, often better than many CD's. Right after the switch to 105.9, the sound quality became virtually unlistenable on a good quality tuner. It sounded better on a table radio. The sound became quite constricted and muddy, with a lot of background noise.

I spent over $400 for a Magnum Dyanalab Signal Slleuth. This helped boost the signal and substantially reduced the noise, but the sound quality remained very poor. I have since retuned it.

I have compared the quality ot the sound on the internet, on HD radio, on the built in tuner in my receiver and on the MagnumDynalab all through the same system. The MagnumDynalab sounds best by far (especially on other stations), the HD reception is much quieter, but has the poor sound quality that we have come to expect from HD radio and the tuner in the receiver just gives a downgraded version of what I get from the Dynalab.

So we don't listen to WQXR very much anymore. I do tune in occasionally hoping that there will be some audio improvment. I think I do detect some improvement, but certainly not enough - at least not so far. I keep hoping.

Q2 seems much better (the WQXR internet feed is horrible), but no internet station that I have ever found (even at 320k) matched the old FM sound of WQXR. I once recorded a live MET braodcast with the best internet feed I could find and (simultaneously) with the old WQXR. The sonic difference was quite large. I don't think any MP3 feed would be able to match it

Nov. 01 2009 06:22 PM
Richard from NJ

Years ago I pledged to keep classical music on WNYC. A week later it disappeared. Fool me once. . . .
The new WQXR is barely listenable on air, and unlistenable on the computer. I heard better quality on Radio Moscow short-wave! I would pledge if there were any prospect of listening to live or recorded concerts: e.g. the major US orchestras, chamber music from Music Mountain, the Kosciusko foundation, the Net (Museum that is), Tanglewood, or Europe. As it stands, any money I send would, I am confident, find its way into yet more cheap talk shows aimed at NYC residents or management ego-trips. Perhaps you could subcontract with the BBC, Bavarian radio, France Musique, or even WFMT and turn the station into a relay only, no personnel costs at all. Even this would at least bring better varieties of music.

Oct. 31 2009 10:14 AM
Keith Beesley from Seattle WA/Roosevelt NJ

A tip for NY/NJ/CT listeners who can no longer hear WQXR on the radio: I have a little pocket radio, a Grundig G8, available for about $50. at Radio Shack, amazon.com, and probably elsewhere. In central NJ, 55 miles from Times Square, WQXR and WNYC both come in clear as a bell, in stereo through headphones (with the radio stationary on a desk or tabletop). No, I don't work for Grundig, Radio Shack, or Amazon. Enjoy!

Oct. 30 2009 06:33 PM
Lina P. from New York City

I listen to WQXR everywhere and all the time. Please play Mahler and Richard Strauss. Thank you.

Oct. 28 2009 09:12 PM
john Mayo from goshen,ny

Ditto Karl's comments from Goshen,NY.I I could always get 96.3 in the home radio and in the car. Have been listening for about 70 years- no more.

Oct. 28 2009 09:36 AM
Karl from Orange County New York

I used to listen to WQXR in my car at 96.3 where it could reach into "upsate" NY in the Orange County area. Now, since the move, I can only get the signal clearly from Mahwah down to Newark when I drive on occasion to work.

I miss some of the old announcers and wonder about them. But I am/was neither a fan of NPR or the old NYTimes 'liberal" bias.

I have long much preferred WCPR from Raleigh/Wake Forest, North Carolina, which is VERY AVAILABLE on the internet. Give it a listen.

When I hear the new WQXR I do like the selections I hear and I am pleased that there is still Classical Music coming from NYC but I am saddened that it is the only station I can find from the greatest city in the world!

Dump the "liberal" bent of NPR and become normal, not radical.

I know the intelligence will NEVER be operative so I shall NEVER be a "regular" listener and your ilk is well on the way to destroying this once great nation. Sad.

Keep playing as you contribute to the decline of western civilization and the Titanic ship of the USA sinks slowly and to very many of us painfully into demise.

Oct. 28 2009 08:31 AM
Sean Mahoney from Rye, NY

I saw this on the web, and I think it needs to be see by other listeners of the wnyc "family of stations".


Oct. 28 2009 12:01 AM

Well I for one am happy with the new WQXR. The day announcers are still fine and I like the choices of music. The move pushed me to buy an internet radio and subscribe to Pandora (which I get on the internet radio too) so that I can listen to out of town or out of country classical stations (lots and lots each with a "personality" all its own) as well as creating one's own stations on Pandora for whatever genre desired. The move has been fine but I am also happy I was pushed to go to new avenues for classical music. I'm a contributor and will remain so if the listening remains good.

Oct. 27 2009 02:35 PM
Ursula from Brooklyn

Dear David, I hope you really are reading these comments and using the feedback to help improve the new WQXR.
1. I think everyone will agree that WQXR is a much better experience without the loud, inappropriate, and scary ads ("If you don't treat your cancer at our hospital you will die.")

2. I think everyone will agree that WNYC wasn't exactly supporting the desires of lovers of classical, or serious, innovative, or historical music. (8 hours of Jonathan Schwartz on the weekend is just too many hours.)

3. But the old WQXR certainly played to the lower common denominator within the realm. I wish I had charted the frequency of Holst's The Planets and Vivaldi's Four Seasons (as well as the already ranted-about Rameau and oh, yeah, The Grand Canyon Suite!)

4. I was so thrilled with Q2 in the first few days, but it MUST NOT fall into the same trap as #3. Already, the Q2 world appears to be bounded by Philip Glass, Leonard Bernstein, and Gavin Bryars (a great bunch, but there's so much more!)

5. I love the WQXR announcers, I miss the ones who are gone, but your programming and Terrance McKnight's are excellent, broad, challenging, eye-opening. Don't let them water you down! WNYC is already less interesting, more repetitive, duller by your absence.

6. As others have pointed out, this is an intelligent listener base. The more you force listeners to use the Internet because of reception and programming, the more listeners you'll lose if you aren't really great. It no longer matters to them that this is New York--I stream great music from all over the world (my presets range from Denmark, France, Germany and the Netherlands to Africa and India).

7. I am not being brief because no one else was.

Oct. 27 2009 11:29 AM
Dave from Atlantic Highlands

Since my 10/9 0903AM post I've managed to exchange an email with Clayelle - she's available as and when called on by the station.



Oct. 26 2009 07:43 PM
Lewis Shrady from Irvington, NY 10533

I have been listening to WQXR for two weeks since the changeover, and, frankly the results have been dreadful. There is a substantial bass boost of 10-12 dB in the 50-300 Hz range on the audio feed, making both voice and music thick, muddy, and almost unintelligible. At times the audio feed suddenly lowers 30-35 dB, then pops up with a massive DC transient that leaves my ears ringing with headphones on. I suspect an audio-level compressor with bad attack circuitry is responsible.

Since I began listening to WQXR as a first-grader in 1943, I have never heard audio-feed problems like these before.

WNYC saved and inherited one of New York's storied franchises, akin, say, to Cartier, Tiffany, or Steinway and Sons. Management 101 says that you do not ever compromise the integrity of the brand and drive loyal customers away. If New York Public Radio had been wise, they would have kept WQXR as intact as possible and autonomous at 18th Street, with the entire team carried over, thus reassuring the 70-75 per cent of listeners remaining after the changeover and reduced coverage.

Instead WNYC went out of its way to reduce WQXR to a state of colonial supplication, firing staff members wholesale and reducing the operation to near chaos. High dissatifaction with this new regime may claim another 20 per cent of listeners. This makes absolutely no sense, as pledges will have to come from this reduced pool of embittered listeners, who will not be easily mollified.

All this bespeaks of wholesale management failure on a scale seldom seen in the 40-year history of public broadcasting in the U.S. The leaders of New York Public Radio will indeed have much to answer for.

Oct. 25 2009 05:53 PM

I enjoy classical music very much. Thanks for keeping it on the air in the New York area. I live in Highlands, New Jersey right next to Sandy Hook and the Atlantic ocean so there's no problem with reception.

I don't care for Barogue music, so how about playing less of it. Yes, I know, a lot of people eat this stuff up, but I find it rather boring.

Some pieces of music you ought to be playing are GIAN CARLO MENOTTI'S: Violin Concerto and Piano Concerto, JOSEF SUK'S: Symphony in E major, Opus 14 and one of my favorites, DING SHAN-DE'S: Long March Symphony. The recording with The Hong Kong Philharmonic under the direction of Y. Fukumura is an excellent recording. I never hear these works on the radio.

In conclusion, I just want to ask "What do you call an abortion in Prague? "A CANCELLED CZECH!" And my favorite, "Why do Jewish women only go out with circumcised men? "THEY'RE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR HALF OFF!"
Yeah, I know, keep it civil.

Best wishes,


Oct. 25 2009 09:19 AM
Richard S Mitnick from Highland Park, New Jersey

Kudos to Richard Pigossi for speaking up. 32kbits will not cut it, not for the 105.9 stream, nor for the Q2 stream.

And, it is unnecessary. WNYC had already in place a 128kbit stream for 93.9 from 7:00PM to 5:00AM for Evening Music and Overnight Music.

Don't cheapen the experience.


Oct. 24 2009 06:56 PM
Richard Pigossi from Asheville, NC

How pleased we are that WQXR has survived, but how sad that we can no longer listen to the internet stream through our home music system because the sound quality is terrible. The streaming bit rate is 32 kbps, just a third of the pre-switch rate and nowhere close to other fine music stations on the internet. Why? Q2 is quite the opposite, with high quality sound as well as content. I have sent two email messages to listenerservices@wqxr.org, but neither has received a reply. Hoping this time the message will get through. We want to return to WQXR! Thanks.

Oct. 24 2009 06:28 PM
George Jochnowitz from New York

I'd like more keyboard music. I would especially like Debussy played by Bennett Lerner, Bach played by Wanda Landowska, and Mozart played by Mieczyslaw Horszowski.

Oct. 24 2009 10:27 AM
Richard Mitnick from Highland Park, New Jersey

Marianne -

"...The majority of disappointed listeners are critical of the dismal and second-rate musical selections the "new" QXR has chosen for the playlist...." I do not think that you can back up this statement. I am reading all og the comments, I see lots of people unhappy about their particular issue, music, one or more hosts no longer on tbhe air, reception. I see as more people applauding the music than I see criticizing it.

"...I hope that you will someday have the pleasure of listening for "38 years" to a first-rate classical station...." I think lots of people think that WQXR had long ago lost its luster.

I hope that you will keep listening and, hey, have you become a member yet?

Oct. 24 2009 08:36 AM

Robert Estabrook --

I see that you cannot tolerate the honest expression of long-time listeners to WQXR. How tiresome to attack on the basis that we cannot tolerate the "new" or accept change.

The majority of disappointed listeners are critical of the dismal and second-rate musical selections the "new" QXR has chosen for the playlist. Of course we find it difficult to accept this "change."

As for your statement: "If there's one one note samba that's gotten very, VERY tired on this thread - it's something like "I have this clock radio I got when I got married decades ago, and even after I re-tuned, I'm not hearing the same everything I heard back in August [or 38 years ago.]" Mr. Estabrook, I hope that you will someday have the pleasure of listening for "38 years" to a first-rate classical station. I had the pleasure of listening to one for over 60 years and gained a fine musical education in the process.

Your unfortunate phrasing and your assumption that you are speaking for the majority of people posting here borders on the offensive.

Oct. 24 2009 01:07 AM
Nicholas Gatti

I have found Q2 and am happy again.

Great Stuff!!

Oct. 23 2009 05:44 PM
Nessa from NYC

I'm back to say yes, yes, yes, all right already, to technology and Robert Estabrook. You win. I've ordered an HD radio. It's also an iPod dock. I'll probably be able to switch to Jazz Radio at home now as well as in my car the instant I hear, "In the next hour we'll hear The Dance of The Polevetsian (sp) Maidens by Borodin..... and a little something by Rameau...."

Thank you to our Founding Fathers for the First Amendment.

Oct. 23 2009 03:28 PM
Robert Estabrook from Madison Sq. Park

David -

I really thought a blog required SOME input from the so-called blogger. It's been a while.

Instead, we have literate graffiti, to a large extent - or the equivalent of pre-schoolers' temper tantrums. Lissen up, folks - the 3 most obvious "formulas" - salvaging the core of the WQXR playlist ... or the WNYC version ... or a hybrid would probably each get 30% or so of those who care the least little bit - and that's probably about 30% of those who listen to the new creature more than an hour a week.

Yes, it looks like the decisionmakers - given WNYC's style these days, only the FBI or FCC could learn who they are - have made a decision to be true to the mantra that they saved a (the) classical music station. That is, they've gone with the WQXR family to a VERY significant extent.

If there's one one note samba that's gotten very, VERY tired on this thread - it's something like "I have this clock radio I got when I got married decades ago, and even after I re-tuned, I'm not hearing the same everything I heard back in August [or 38 years ago.]"

Right! And the subways don't have rattan seats any more. New isn't always better, but neither is OLD. Change *IS* the way of the world.

Whatever music you like, things like HD radios and the internet let you listen "for free." (I don't think anyone's commented on the fact that the WQXR "operation" and listeners have been spared the water torture of a pledge drive - ditto, those who partake of Q2, whether the stream or the broadcast. I'm guessing that Mr. or Ms. Silver Palate must be a classical music lover - maybe he or she is consulted as to the playlist.)

But, PLEASE - let David be David and let Terrance be Terrance!

Or "buy them out" - any listener who's willing to settle for their "voices," without their brains on board simply can't be taken seriously. The thought that the station says to Jeff S. - "don't change ANYthing - they love you out there" [and, yes, I'm among "them"] ... but says to David and Terrance - "alter your personality, and alter your taste" ... is painful - and probably something like the new reality at the station.

Oct. 23 2009 01:53 PM
Marilyn Wilmot from New York

Hi, David - I have been a WQXR listener for many years. From time to time, I used to struggle with reception on 96.3 (I live in Manhattan...), so last year I bought an HD radiio. It has been a godsend. I am able to hear 105.9 quite nicely at all hours of the day. Though I always enjoyed hearing Midge Woolsey in the evening hours, I am happy that you and Terrance have found a home on the new station. And, I think it's great to be able to hear Midge during the daytime hours. She is a wonderful companion. Please tell the folks at WQXR that there are many of us who really appreciate the efforts they are making to keep classical music on the airwaves.

Marilyn Wilmot

Oct. 23 2009 12:09 AM
Richard Mitnick from Highland Park, NJ

Frank F.

Ad hominem attacks leave a bad impression the the attacker. There are better ways to address personal likes and dislikes.


Oct. 22 2009 11:17 PM
Steve Norquist from Minneapolis

I was shocked by the historically misinformed reference to Ives' lack of formal training during the intro to his 2nd Symphony tonight. Ives was thoroughly trained by his bandmaster father & held professional church organ jobs in his teens & 20s, including a job at Central Presbyterian Church in NYC. He studied music while at Yale - organ with the famous Dudley Buck, and composition with the even better known Horation Parker, from whom "he received a fine classical training" (Baker's). No autodidact he.

Oct. 22 2009 09:38 PM
Richard Mitnick from Highland Park, NJ

I have seen several ad hominem comments on this specific Comments page, aimed especially at Midge and Terrance. We do have the First Amendment, but there is no value in personal attacks.


Oct. 22 2009 05:00 PM

Just improved my reception significantly. A friend advised me to attach a cable from my cable company to the "ohm" receptor on the back of my Cambridge Soundworks radio. I got a splitter and a 50 foot long cable (the longer the cable the better the reception) from Radio Shack and attached it to the radio. At first things were worse than ever, than I flipped the antenna switch from "external" to "internal" and it improved. When I draped a piece of the cable over the radio - voila - excellent reception. (I'm only 7 miles from the transmitter).

By the way, it's legal to attach any peripheral to the cable company's box.

Hope you will have the same luck. Advice came from a western university's posting on the internet. Sorry I don't remember the site.

Now if only they'd play more of the great Baroque composers. Dame Emma Kirkby singing Dr. Arne's "Morning" (which I first heard on the "old" WQXR) for instance would make a lot of listener's happy.

Happy again. in Washington Heights

Oct. 22 2009 01:36 PM
Jim from Manhattan

I glanced through the DMCA summary and did not find any specific mention of advance playlists being illegal. Perhaps I missed it. Can someone tell us where to find it?
If advance playlists were legal for the "old" WQXR, why are they illegal for the "new" WQXR?
I still miss Clayelle. Always will...

Oct. 21 2009 11:38 PM
jay from home

If you ever expect the new 'QXR to revert to it's original format of real classical music (as in the olden days 10, 15, even 20 years ago), forget it. move on to CD's, Ipod's, internet stations, etc.

Radio is a business. It's success is based on how well the finances come out at the end of the fiscal year. It wasn't always this way, but it is now.

There's no denying that the management of WNYC has done very well since taking over from the city in '97. The finances have shown that. They will now apply the same concepts to the new 'QXR. And they will do just as well.

You may not like it, but they don't care if you do or not. Enough people will like it to get them where they need to be. The format as they're currently running has proven to be quite successful for the public stations across the country. Many stations have increased their membership rolls 50% or more. Why? Because there's a whole world of people out there who like classical music as it's currently being presented. Making the format more mass appeal increases the number of people that will listen. At pledge drive time, that translates to more income, which translates to a better bottom line.

So, stop complaining and move on. You're wasting your time and effort if you think your complaining will change things. They know what's going to happen. You aren't part of that outlook.

PS: half a mil for a public radio CEO's salary isn't bad at all. New York City is the number 1 broadcast market in the country. Look at what other pubcasting CEO's make around the country. The CEO at WHYY in Philly is close to 700K. That's in market number 8! There's at least three more between him and Ms Walker. 'NYC's getting quite a bargain with her in the driver seat.

Oct. 21 2009 11:33 PM
Ross from Stamford

Thank you, John! With classical radio stations dropping like flies all over the country, it would have been absolutely criminal if WQXR had gone under. I applaud WNYC's effort wholeheartedly and look forward to supporting the new WQXR in the months and years ahead. Go, David....and Terrance.....and Jeff and Midge and Kevin. You guys are great!

Ross Boniol

Oct. 21 2009 11:25 PM
John from New Jersey

Hi, David - Please know count me among those who are extremely grateful that WNYC was daring enough to make this bold move and save WQXR from total extinction! I'm glad that you and Terence are holding down the fort in the evening hours and thrilled that some of my favorite announcers like Jeff, Midge and Elliott are still on board. I realize that it was a major undertaking to make this move and as a listener I am very appreciative of your efforts. Keep up the good work! John G.

Oct. 21 2009 11:01 PM
Richard Mitnick from Highland Park, NJ


You might be near 80, but you are doing fine on the computer. You can listen to 105.9 a bunch of different ways on the computer, you can see them on the web site.

If you need help, come back, I will find you.


Oct. 21 2009 04:13 PM
Richard Mitnick from Hi

Peter Kraus-

Re: advance playlists, I am really shocked if you got them, that is in violation of Digital Millenium Copyrights Management regulation, because people with mp3 recorders can see what's coming and record it.

I do not know about WQXR, but all of the PubRadio stations where I have or had a membership adhered strictly to this ruling.

Of course, now, at 32kbit MONO, who would want it.


Oct. 21 2009 04:02 PM
Peter Kraus from Westchester

Yes, I still enjoy the music on WQXR, and the reception is fine in Westchester...but I'm annoyed that I cannot preview days in advance the playlists like the ones that were available on WQXR.com. And I'm also annoyed that my two e-mail messages to the station have not been answered. Why don't I get an answer, and why are the playlists not available IN ADVANCE?

Oct. 21 2009 01:17 PM
Roberta Strauss from New Jersey-Bergen Cty.

I could cry every time I turn on the new station at 105.9. The reception is very faint and I am afraid to change stations for fear I will not get it again on the one radio that I have that will receive it. I live very close to NY but still have problems.
I find that some of your hosts talk down to
listeners. I have been a fan of QXR since I was very young. Now I am almost 80 and sorely miss Clayelle and Annie. Midge talks down to audience.
Right on Elliot and Jeff, Glad you are still around.

Oct. 21 2009 10:58 AM
Bro. Francis Dolphin, M.M. from Cochabamba, Bolivia

This is to let you know that I hear you loud and clear here in Cochabamba, Bolivia.
I am sadden to know that regular listeners of WQXR don't have that opportunity in the New York city area and that the reception is poor.
I am sure that a lot of long time listeners are leaving for other classical music stations for this reason.
I hope that something can be done soon about this problem of good reception.
I am listening to WQXR on my computer.
I hope that the signal will improve soon or you will be loosing many other listeners to classical music.

Oct. 20 2009 09:40 PM
martha walker from New York City

Yes, Richard.
Good acoustic speakers on my computer are paramount to me, but I also want the ability to fill other places in my home with good music, so that is why I use the cable connected to the stereo system. I thought others might have similar needs in their offices or home.
Thanks for those other stations you mentioned!
It's great to have more choices... and perhaps more challenges of exposure to all kinds of music. We all have our favorites... and difference is what makes the world go round.
I will try to stay away from the topic of that station in "Newark and New York". LOL

Oct. 20 2009 08:19 PM
Richard S Mitnick from Highland Park, New Jersey

When you guys go to KUSC, of which I was a mamber from right here in NJ, or WWFM, whatever, you are going to find a dullish sameness to what they all do. I have been an active member at KUSC, at WCNY, Syracuse, NY, and at WCPE Winston-Salem.

You will find that the new WQXR will be more interesting, more challenging, than any of these, while remaining within a traditional Classical Music framework.


Oct. 20 2009 08:04 PM
Richard S Mitnick from Highland Park, New Jersey

Egad!! You folks are getting creative. You might think instead of buying a cable to go from the computer to a stereo system, bu really good computer speakers. Bose, Klipshe, I have two sets of 2-way Bose and one set of Logitech 3-way with a huge sub-woofer.

Oct. 20 2009 07:59 PM
Tuckerman Jalet from Stamford CT

Hi, David.
I'm glad to hear that you have survived the game of radio musical chairs that resulted from the purchase of WQXR. Too many of the WQXR "regulars" were less fortunate.
In Stamford, CT, I receive you on both 105.9 mhz (barely) and on WNYC's HD-2 stream, which is cleaner than the 105.9 analog signal but is subject to random dropouts. I do not access the WQXR internet stream because my internet access is via public library computers. Still, it is pleasing to continue to hear your radio voice and wry comments, not to mention your broad musical tastes. I particularly enjoy the film music you play. Keep up the good work!

Oct. 20 2009 01:43 PM
martha walker from New York City

Oh, this is great, Nessa!

I will add KUSC-fm to my list of classical stations online.

There are many others, anyone who has a favorite keep them coming. We don't have to rely on "Newark and New York" anymore.

"Letting go" is cathartic indeed. So let the new QXR go the way they want. They are not listening to us. They will eventually learn we don't need them.
Go to a Radio Shack and buy a 6-ft audio Y-cable (1/8" stereo male to dual RCA-phono male cable).

With this cable you can connect your home stereo system to the headphone jack of your computer. Any room in the office or home with speakers can have your favorite online streaming. Click on the best streaming at 128 Kbs with one of the broadband choices (if you have a high speed connecton) which many stations provide.

Oct. 20 2009 01:35 PM
Nessa from NYC

Bless you, Martha! WWFM it is! I'm listening now. Also KUSC in LA on iTunes.

Goodbye QXR.....

Oct. 20 2009 12:50 PM
martha walker from New York City


Someone suggested earlier that we visit WWFM on the Internet. I tried it and was quite pleased.

On the subject of sound quality: WWFM streams at 128 Kbps (while the new WQXR is streaming at only 32Kbps).

So there is life after WQXR... since the original one died, and now we have an impostor in charade on the right hand side of the dial.

Go to: http://wwfm.org/

and support a station which you truly enjoy.
Google streaming audio FM and find how many, many choices you have for classical music. If you don't like what is played, then switch to another and another station...
then send your dollars to the one you like the best! It's a free world.

Don't let the management of WNYC make you think they are saving classical music in New York or correction: "Newark and New York", as they say.

Oct. 20 2009 09:46 AM
Nessa from NYC

I wonder if anyone is listening to US? Us listeners, that is. (Someone told me about all the wonderful offerings on Sirius Radio, but the antenna won't work where I live, facing a courtyard.) Is anyone listening to us do you think? Or to paraphrase a line from Philip Roth: Are we talking to the wind?

Oct. 20 2009 07:19 AM
James Wade from Yorktown Heights, NY

Apart from the fact that I am furious about WQXR's puny signal (which I can't pick up with an elaborate antenna that pulls in all the other public stations just fine--WNYC, WFUV, etc--)the video streaming of QXR is lousy with a great deal of noise and hum when channeled into my amplifier. YOU'VE TO GO ABOUT 10 MILES SOUTH of Yorktown Heights, NY to pick up an open air transmission. The Q 2 internet transmission is superior. Why on earth did QXR (long after it trashed its vinyl library) sell out to a Mickey Mouse power restriction? I don't want to listen to the MET opera on this lousy connection. The Toll Brothers should cut off their funding.

I am not about to spend $ 200 on a radio I don't want. And I have been listening to QXR for nearly 40 years. This is a mess. Even the internet connection is lousy. The New York Times ought to be ashamed of itself. Boy, do I miss WNCN and the good old days of "Listening With Watson." And boy do I miss Nimet Habachy, who had more knowledge in her little finger than anyone. I am listening right now via my computer and the audio quality is horrible. You've ruined the only real classical radio station left in NYC. Shame on you, Pinch Sulzberger.

Oct. 20 2009 02:46 AM
Jon from Chapel Hill NC

For the WQXR fans moving to the new channel, and for fans of QXR prior to the move, some history,via this quote from a McIntosh Labs engineer who designed the famous McIntosh MR78 tuner, which was totally inspired by a listener's desire to hear WQXR in Hartford CT:

"Return to 1970, you are in Hartford CT. You want to listen to your old favorite, WQXR in New York City, a 30 microvolt signal on 96.3. You would assume that almost any good tuner would suffice, but it isn't so.
Hartford has (a) powerful local station, WTIC, 96.5. [ edit] WTIC will obliterate WQXR's [ edit] signal because no tuner in 1970 had sufficient front-end dynamic range and i.f. selectivity to tune WQXR in the presence of WTIC's overpowering signal. What do you do about this problem? You want WQXR. You complain to your local McIntosh dealer who then yells at the McIntosh sales rep. Finally, I receive the demand "Design an FM tuner that will pull WQXR in Hartford!!" The MR 79 came to be as a solution to this reception problem"
--Richard Modaferri's paper in January 1979 Audio Magazine about his MR78 tuner design. (google WQXR and MR78 to find his paper)

Oct. 19 2009 11:26 PM
martha walker from New York City

You make some very good points.
The purchase and the changes to both stations have not gone well, or one might say the execution of the change has been a failure.

regards, martha
(the other ms. walker)

Oct. 19 2009 11:25 PM
Patrick from USA

I can't imagine how well WQXR is going to do with a mere 600 watt signal, and that WNYC paid 15 million dollars for 600 watts is mind blowing to me, and now they come to the listener to pay for this poor investment. My guess is that WQXR will not survive unless it is of higher power (the famed WFMT has an antenna at the same WQXR height and has a power of 6,000 watts---same as WNYC)
Listening online, I hear a LOT of compression on the WQXR audio, and when a piece ends in a gradual fade, you can hear lots of studio noise as the announcer turns on the mic, and then brief distortion when the announcer starts to speak. I don't know what on-air sounds like since I cannot hear the on-air signal. But the compression pumping on the stream needs to be fixed for sure. I've read comments here too about the WNYC GM's income and am really surprised at that number. Maybe NPR Washington HQ people make that kind of money, but NYC, a local station and three audio streams hardly warrant such an income. Something is wrong here, given the limited scope of management that WNYC and its streams and a 600 watt QXR represent---there are bigger classical/NPR stations out there I'm quite sure, and those GM's are not making 500K a year. No need to pledge to pay that kind of income in my view---its not going into programming. Love David's old show, hope it returns.

Oct. 19 2009 09:48 PM
Kelley Mondesire from Wall Street

I am a Doctor of Acupuncture in the Wall St area and I have been playing WQXR in my treatment rooms for years. My patients find the musical selections to be comforting and quite relaxing.

Oct. 19 2009 05:51 PM
Pamela Johnson from Brooklyn, NY

QXR has morphed into a bland, "elevator music" station with announcers who don't seem to have a clue about classical music of ANY period. And, the loss of Clayelle Dalferes is very disturbing. She never spoke down to her listeners and was pleasantly knowledgeable about music without being pretentious. NYC is presumably the cultural capital, but it's shameful that your devoted listeners have no real choices anymore. Does anyone remember the golden days of WNCN and DeKoven? Stop pandering to mass appeal!

Oct. 19 2009 02:53 PM
marianne from Washington Heights

The commentors bashing the "old" QXR have me puzzled. Did you actually listen? or are you friends, relatives or groupies of WNYC employees coming to their rescue.

The musical choices on this "new" QXR are often laughable. It's like listening to one of those $1 CD's of the greatest,etc. Second-rate american composers galore-- Ferde Grofe (ugh) and Bernstein everywhere. If Bernstein conducted it, it's going to be played. The best the world had to offer is getting short shrift. Only 1 and 1/2 minutes of Pergolesi but 30 minutes of Gershwin. 20th century music no one wants to listen to is all over the day.

Management, please check Archive Music to see who is buying which CD's. I'm sure sales have plummeted since you have assummed stewardship of this station. (listeners - Archive gives about 10% of its sales to the station, am important source of income.)

Why this emphasis on american composers and conductors and orchestras? Classical music lovers are not prejudiced in this way. If you are prejudiced in this way, what will be next?

Oct. 19 2009 01:42 PM
Maya Dupuy from Manhattan

Thank you for the tip to visit WWFM!
I just did. I also had the pleasure of hearing their NPR news at noon.

The best action for me is to take a break now from our new WQXR.

It is not necessary (and perhaps bad form) on this blog for me:

to explain my music background,
to substantiate my opinions of music listening, to make suggestions what composer others should be acquainted with.. or
to discuss my bio of listening in the past... because this blog is not "about me". LOL

I love the many options via cyber streaming, and how my choice of monetary contribution doesn't have to be to a New York station, but rather to an organization which I feel is most deserving.

I send all of you other bloggers good wishes on this beautiful sunny day.
Once again, THANK YOU PHIL,

Oct. 19 2009 12:34 PM
Faith Frankel from Annandale, NJ

I especially miss "Reflections from the Keyboard: The Piano in Comparative Performance" with David Dubal. Why, oh why did you let that popular program go?

Oct. 19 2009 10:45 AM
Phil Joiner from Levittown, PA

I have been tuning into another great station on the internet. It is WWFM The Classical Network. They are doing multi-casting on HD so now also have a Jazz Station available on the web. www.wwfm.org

Oct. 19 2009 09:48 AM
Richard Mitnick from Highland Park, NJ

I think playing Hildegarde last night, especially with Kronos, was outstanding.

We need a new motto: "1000 years of new music".

Oct. 19 2009 09:29 AM
Frank Feldman

Count your blessings Helga Davis hasn't broken her way into the studio yet. Nice to hear Steve Sullivan again. Miss Clayelle Dalferes.

Oct. 19 2009 12:34 AM

I am ever so grateful, delighted and relieved that David is tranistioning to QXR. What would radio be without him? His exquisite taste, fine sensitivty to the music and artists....and that wonderful mind and voice! Yes, I am an unabashed fan.

Oct. 19 2009 12:32 AM
Maryellen from Brooklyn

I don't like the evening programming during the week at all. After 2001 when WNYC dumped most classical music to be relevant, I fled to WQXR at night top avoid David Garland's "difficult listening" music. Now there's no escape. Even hydroxotone was better than what passes for classical music on the WQXR reconstruction. Don't expect any money from me.

Oct. 18 2009 11:00 PM
Desmond T. Burke from Toronto, Ontario

I've been listening to you folks via the internet when I have a chance over the last few weeks in the evenings and like what I hear.

The venerable CBC up here gutted itself a year ago or so, leaving classical music fans with few choices but to head into the internet.

I did listen a while back before the change and while I enjoyed the old programming, I think I prefer the new iteration.

Many thanks.

Oct. 18 2009 07:35 PM
Robert Hordos from Jericho, NY

I'm getting used to the changeover from 96.3 to 105.9. No problem on the internet but radio is limited. I get in my cars due to a powerful digital signal, but in the house, it's internet only. My computer is hooked up to my stereo, so when I'm home by myself, my house is like a concert hall.
Keep up the great music.

While listening, I enjoy reading. The music provides the perfect background to escape into my books.

Oct. 18 2009 06:34 PM
Nessa from NYC

Trust me when I tell you 105.9 is MUCH worse than the old 96.3. I actually had to turn it off today. It might not have been on period instruments, but at least they used to play the Trout on the old station. I get the way they program the AM shows for breakfast and getting the kiddies to school. Maybe I'm romanticizing, but I do remember during the day, listening to great big sections of wonderful music. I don't listen to the radio at night. Perhaps you're right. Change is difficult. But this is definitely for the worse. Glad you've heard something that excites you. I hope I do.

Oct. 18 2009 05:29 PM
SuzanneNYC from Upper West Side

Well I definitely like the early vocal music playing now (4:30 ish). So I'm hopeful.

Oct. 18 2009 04:41 PM
SuzanneNYC from Upper West Side

I love Schubert! But did you ever notice that only the same few pieces are programmed over and over? Mostly the symphonies and the shorter piano music. But there's so much more! Have you ever heard the Trout Quintet on period instruments? By the way I hope the "new" QXR continues to broadcast concerts from the Frick -- another opportunity to hear great music and wonderful performances. I would tune in for that.

Oct. 18 2009 04:17 PM
SuzanneNYC from Upper West Side.

Well I exaggerated somewhat. I've listened to WQXR pretty much my entire life -- since I grew up in the NY area. As a kid it was on at home and in the car -- and I spent many happy listening hours not to say years. Later, there was WNCN (does anyone remember David Dubals fabulous series exploring the complete piano works of Chopin, Liszt, Bach's WTC and Beethoven Sonatas?). Plus my own developing musical interests including both early and contemporary music. Of course I turned to WQXR from time to time -- particularly for the Met Opera broadcasts. But mostly I found WQXR's programming just too tame for my taste -- their playlist hadn't changed much from what I remembered as a child and yet there was so much more music out there. They also followed that dreadful path that radio went down in the 90s -- no vocal or choral music (except at Christmas), easy listening Baroque, no marches or waltzes or whatever in 3/4 time (don't ask me why, I have no idea). I would sometimes listen in the evenings if I wanted something familiar but hardly ever during the day. I just wasn't looking for musical wall paper. But people get attached to their radio habits and change is difficult. I have to say, judging from what I've heard this afternoon -- aside from Choral Fixation -- the music is pretty much what I'd expect to hear on the "old" WQXR so I'm not sure what everyone is complaining about. The new weaker signal is most unfortunate -- which I gather was part of the deal to purchase the station. Hopefully they can do something to extend its reach in the coming months.

Oct. 18 2009 04:04 PM
Nessa from NYC


Since you didn't listen to the "old" QXR how could you know how much worse the 105.9 version is? And my interest is in music. All music. Not just limited to tonal, atonal etc etc. And I know a great deal about music even though I'm NOT in the music business. I'm sure there are many others like me. I do have to confess a weakness for Schubert. Or is he too 19th Century for you?

Oct. 18 2009 03:11 PM
SuzanneNYC from Upper West Side

Intention is in the ear of the listener. I rarely if ever listened to the "old" WQXR -- and I'm in the classical music business. It was mostly a boring mix of the same old standard repertoire from the 18th to the early 20th C. A tiny fragment of the vast world of music out there -- including early music and "new" music. Just because it's tonal doesn't make it good. At least WNYC had a committment to the music of our time. That's what I miss. If you want to listen to only the familiar, go to Pandora and make your own radio station. I agree it won't be easy for the "new" WQXR to meld the adventurous and eclectic mix of WNYC's programming with the standard repertoire playlist of the "old" WQXR. I hope they can gradually make a new mix that works. Meanwhile, I'm glad they've got 2 hours of choral music -- absent from most classical radio playlists. It's a start.

Oct. 18 2009 02:58 PM
Maya Dupuy from Manhattan

You have spoken to us with a 'pat-pat' on our little heads like you would to a child... and sent us along our way referring us to a URL, as if that solves all of the problems with a voice of calm.

With all due respect, you have over simplified the situation and missed many of the point(s);
programming for one.

I encourage you not to attempt placation toward everyone here who has voiced their dismay, their disappointment, their anguish and their frustration with the changes.

I am grateful to you, for you were trying to be helpful, I'm sure, but
again with respect, it comes off like "Pollyanna" wearing rose colored glasses.


Oct. 18 2009 02:50 PM
Nessa from NYC

I've read the statements of intention. They do not address my complaint. The music programming is worse than on the "old" QXR and the announcers sound like the pod people in "The Invasion of The Body Snatchers." I have not read anything anywhere about improving any of this. Simply that they expect us to give them money. I suppose the person we should be bombarding is Manny Ax who is the chief fundraiser. I think he knows the difference between late Beethoven and Borodin.

Oct. 18 2009 02:40 PM
SuzanneNYC from Upper West Side

Whew! What a lot of anger and misery. Instead of laying blame and pointing fingers, find out what WNYC has to say about the acquisition of WQXR and the new signal. They are certainly aware of the problems but are restricted by the FCC in what they can do to remedy the situation. Read about it here: http://blogs.wnyc.org/listenerservices/2009/10/16/listener-services-forum-wqxr/

Oct. 18 2009 02:01 PM
HK from Stratford CT

Having read some of the screeds below, all I can say is ... wow. The depth of feeling for WQXR is sobering. All I can say, for now, is that the new regime is a whole lot better than having QXR simply fold up overnight as WNCN did (THAT was a shock).
Stratford, CT was always "fringe" for 96.3 and the new frequency is out of the question. So I've been listening over the web for a long time; not an issue for me. Bu the sound quality could be better (rather tinny at times, esp. the hosts), as others have said.
What do I do while listening? Classical music is one of my two main relaxations; the other is building scale model aircraft. The one is auditory, the other visual/manual; so I can do both simultaneously. I do a little web surfing while listening, but mostly I'm painting or assembling plastic.
David, you are new to me and I wish you and the new QXR much success. TBH, I find your style rather too mannered (for lack of a better term). Talky and laid back at the same time; quite a feat! I'm very used to Midge's style in the evening; I find it interesting that the WNCN vets seem to have "pulled rank" and taken what (I presume) are the prime listening hours, with those coming over from QXR relegated to daytime.
I imagine that the next year or so may be VERY interesting. Good luck to us all.

Oct. 18 2009 12:55 PM
STOOMZEE from Northport, NY

Nessa - Try the "Moonlight Sonata" on my music page! It's a great one from youtube with a wonderful slideshow video...

Northport, NY

Oct. 18 2009 10:13 AM
Nessa from NYC

I am thrilled there are those of you out there who feel the way I do about the programming. Clearly management doesn't give a hoot. Just patting themselves on the back for "saving classical music." Did anyone happen to catch the WORST performance of the "Moonlight Sonata" yesterday morning. I thought the piano was out of tune it was so BAD. And did anyone happen to catch at almost the same moment Eliot Forrest smarming his way through his experience at Newark Airport????? "Rhapsody in Blue" playing as he sees the skyline of New York across the river? I lost my lovely breakfast of fresh figs and Fage yogurt.

How much more Dvorak, Borodin, Dance of The Seven Veils, Pepe Romero are we going to have to stomach?


Oct. 18 2009 08:37 AM
Maya Dupuy from Manhattan

I'm sorry, dgg...

but it is NOT intelligent programming... not in the least.

Oct. 17 2009 09:35 PM
dgg from New York

People!People! Get lives!!! No more Hydrox-o-tone adds....what more can you ask for??? Sure I could do without that dreadful "Pipe Dreams" program or whatever it is that was on this morning.....but, hey, this is still really intelligent programming!

Oct. 17 2009 08:50 PM
Maya Dupuy from Manhattan

HATE is a very strong word.

I know this, but I have to say that I absolutely hate the new WQXR.

Why did "they" do this?
W H Y ?

This new station is not working for me and for all of the reasons expressed in these blogs. I don't need to list again the reasons as others have said them so eloquently before me.

I just don't get it !!!!!
I just don't understand what taste level the management has.. or what brains are behind the choices they made.

It is lunacy to think WQXR can exist now... and to be honest I DO NOT WANT FOR IT TO EXIST in this way as it is today.
I would rather it fail, because it is failing miserably already. It has failed New York and the listening public beyond.

It didn't have to be this way. If we ever get justifications from management, their explanations will never satisfy me for making these deplorable changes !

Oct. 17 2009 08:04 PM
Warren Yost from New York

I thought I would never hear a performance of Chopin's F minor Fantasy worse than my own attempt in 1962, but finally I have
today, as QXR presented the insensitive,
bang-it-out rendition by Pollini. Who selects these performances anyway?

Oct. 17 2009 05:25 PM
Bob Carmody from Manhatten

I cannot bear the new QXR. It is playing much of the obscure classical music the old WNYC used to play, with a hissy weak signal, commercials when you say listener-supported, no news ON the hour, and an talky staff in the evening that does not sound comfortable.
I was able to survive the death of classical music on WNCN, the death of sometimes dreary classical music on WNYC, but don't think I will survive the death of WQXR.
Good note, I am listening to my classical CD's now.

Oct. 17 2009 01:47 PM
Shawn R from Mendham, NJ

Ironically, someone at the new QXR (WNYC) is NOT LISTENING.

For almost ten years, I have listend to WQXR as a "student" of classical music. My day is not fulfilled until I tune into WQXR for some relaxation, education and background to the wonderful world of classical music.
Now....this has all changed and disappeared.

The new management should "tune-in" to these blogs and absorb the real listener's comments and wishes. It seems that noone is going to donate a dime until some improvements are made at QXR.

We need:
1. An increase in the frequency strength. I propose taking 1/2 of Ms. Walker's salary to get this going.
2. We need a daily playlist regardless of the licensing agreement. Let's hear and react to the listener's cries for this.
3. We need to bring back Clayelle, David Dubal and all the previous QXR regulars.
4. We need to reschedule Terrance McKnight out of evening listening and go back to Midge Woolsey or Clayelle.

Management should remember that the "listener is always right" and this is where their salaries all come from.
Let's get some answers back and some improvements made.
Thanks in advance

Oct. 17 2009 01:17 PM
mike stone

Bad static today (10/17/09) on an excellent Tivoli radio with an antenna. 15 blocks from the transmitter in Manhattan. Tell me how this station has any chance of surviving?

Oct. 17 2009 12:51 PM

Okay, I'm just going to become a nerd who posts on this every weekend. Throwing in my hat with those begging for the old Evening Music to keep its character. What the commenter below said about needing the salty, crunchy, bitter etc. tastes of Evening Music programming along with the rich, soft food of QXR was perfect. Why can't the new QXR have some of both: canonical classical music during the workday and most nights, and "eclectic" for a few selected nights a week? Yes, having to remember when one's own favorite kind of programming is on isn't an ideal solution, but neither was the combination of music programming and talk on NYC.

If I had it in writing that Evening Music would remain intact: same freedom of music selection, same license to talk about it freely--I would donate a large (well, large for me) quantity of money to the station right now. Have always supported WNYC and want to continue to do so -- but please don't take my music!

Oct. 16 2009 10:59 PM
christine potter from Valley Cottage, NY

Tonight's show sounds fine. Reception was a little spotty as I drove home from my own internet radio show (dreaded rock and roll) up in Garnerville, NY to Valley Cottage, NY, but once I got within a couple of miles of my house, the really lovely Vaughan Williams (I know that was the show before yours) was coming in quite clearly.

I'm a longtime fan. And my folks put QXR on a little bakelite radio next to my bed every night when I was a child. I used to be afraid of the Symphony Hall chimes, but that's between me and my next therapist. It seems right that you are doing the show you're doing. One can play traditional classical music without being a Sell Out, and one can stir up the tradition without trashing it. I posted on Terrance's log that he should hang tough, and so should you.

Chris Potter

Oct. 16 2009 10:43 PM
Connie from Westchester County

Enfin! Moi, je vous ai trouves!

Please, Messieurs, David et Terrance, do not abandon us..."Je vous implore".

P.S. Dear David Garland,

Are you going to read Poe on Halloween? (Please do.)

Oct. 16 2009 10:33 PM
Bob from Brooklyn

I just heard Spud by David Lang.

I thought this "stuff" was to be relegated to Q2 along with Cage-Monk-Oliveiros-Reich.

The majority of the WQXR listeners are more conservative than I am.

Why not play Peteris Vasks here? Much better than Lang!

Please keep the ultra radicals on Q2. There are lots of 20th Century composers to be played on WQXR like they did 20 years ago!

We do not have to have the same 500 or so CD's repeated over and over like 96.3 did.

Thank you.

P.S. you and Terrance are doing a much better job with actual classical music!!

Oct. 16 2009 10:10 PM
Nicholas Gatti from Northern New Jersey

How do you like the change, David?

What are some of the challenges and what are some of the joys?

Oct. 16 2009 09:20 PM
George R Blessing from Flanders, NJ

In June I lost my network TV stations. I refuse to use cable but FCC tells me I am in a dead zone - so no TV. Now I've lost my QXR signal. I am 85 and have lived all these yrs to QXR. It doesn't sound the same on the internet. That's progress???

Oct. 16 2009 07:26 PM
WaltX from New York City

What a disgrace that New York City, the so-called cultural capital of the US, does not have a decent classical music station with an adequate signal and a useful playlist! Unlike Santa Barbara (KDB), Wake Forest, North Carolina (WCPE), Washington, DC (WETA), and that cosmopolitan hub, Tempe, Arizona (KBAQ) --- all of which have very good classical music stations on the internet with diverse offerings and a full-day playlist. Even Trenton, New Jersey (WWFM) has more interesting classical programming than this new 'QXR. I refuse to even turn on WQXR until they bring back the playlist and improve the selections. This is the death of WQXR; it is sad.

Oct. 16 2009 04:04 PM
J Peter Stillman from Murray Hill, NYC

Delighted to now have you on Public Radio. No longer do I have to walk around with my wand to zap off those noisome commercials. I'd like now to become a sustaining member, but first some requests. Please get rid of Bill McLaughlin. He talks too much. Experienced listeners don't need abbreviated pieces played and reentry into music 101. Please a minimum of radio talk shows.

Why listen to radio? Because its better than trying to devise your own random playlist on an ipod. Your choice of music is excellent and your traditional hosts I love to hear. Without the commercials it's even better. WQXR is beloved to New Yorkers. Now we just have to figure out how to finance it. Please make me a sustaining member.

All the best in the endeavor. We're all in this together.

Oct. 16 2009 03:38 PM
diana from nj

I agree with you, David, radio brings so much into one's life, including the connection. If this change means we will lose the eclectic mix that was your and Terence's show, then we've lost wnyc. And if the new programming is going to be even more repetition of top few hundred chestnuts QXR tended to play, then we've lost QXR as well, because even they played vocal music once in a while. The same old same old instrumental, eg, Vivaldi (shudder!) is a sure recipe for suicide.

Oct. 16 2009 10:00 AM
Aimar Labaki from São Paulo, Brasil

As I listen it through the web, the change at the dial didn't afect me.:-)))))
But, without the playlist, I'm not sure I'll stay tunned - or on line.

Oct. 16 2009 09:54 AM
STOOMZEE from Northport, NY

Get all your classical music (including QXR) at Stoomzee.com. - Music page...
Radio Stations, links, movies, etc.

Northport, NY

Oct. 16 2009 09:48 AM
Harry Buschman from Westbury, LI

A pox on the NY Times. They've done you in. Can't hear you out in LI without background hiss. After 50 years goodbye QXR

Oct. 16 2009 09:40 AM
Nessa from NYC

I have been a devoted QXR listener all my life. I am devastated by the change that has taken place. The music is dreadful!!!! Like the waiting room in a dentist's office. MUZAK, God help us!!! Bland instrumental versions of popular themes, unimportant composers, film scores, wallpaper, probably written for just that purpose, background; courtiers using chamber pots waving lace-trimmed hankies.

I'm back in the city. I can only say the new station is a travesty and I will not support it. It's 8:34 AM. Listen to what's playing! A harp version of Ave Maria. Oy! Back to my iPod and late Beethoven.

Nessa Hyams Picker
Granddaughter of Sol Hurok who knew good music when he heard it.

Oct. 16 2009 09:19 AM
Renee Kertesz from S. Orange, N.J.

As a devoted fan of your and Terrance McKnight's programs, I was somewhat uneasy about the move; but when I turned on WQXR and heard your voices, I was home!

Oct. 15 2009 09:53 PM
Lynne from South Orange, NJ

Clayelle, where are you? How i miss hearing you speak!

Oct. 15 2009 09:43 PM
Diana from New Rochelle, NY

And what happened to Clayelle? One of the above commentors said she was let go along with David Dubal and others.

This is a crime, really. Clayelle had such a presence and well-spoken; a real joy to qxr for many yrs, along with Nimet, another treasure also let go, I guess.

Wnyc made real mistakes letting these people go. I see that lots of listeners are extremely upset by this.

Bring them back.

Oct. 15 2009 09:33 PM
Richard Hall from Neptune, NJ

Nicholas, you are so right and you make the best argument for leaving Evening Music and Spinning on Air as they were on WNYC and keeping the old WQXR format on that station. Maybe then listeners of both the old stations would feel like sending money.

Oct. 15 2009 04:54 PM
Nicholas Gatti from Northern New Jersey

Oh dear. "Look what they've done to my radio show, ma."

People forget that it is the radio "Show" that caused us to migrate from WNYC to WQXR. We were excited to follow Terrence and David to their new home. Excitement that is dissipating rapidly.

I don't need more "Top 40" classical music. I can listen to popular classical recordings at home on a cd player or buy it from an abrasive television pitchman ("Classical Classics" et al ad nauseum).

It is the insightful commentary and selection of interesting and sometimes obscure composers and performers that cause me to tune into any specific DJ or show. The smashup mix of early music, classical music, modern music and a little avant garde. Where else could I get Gesualdo, Cage, Adams and Bang on a Can All Stars all in the same night?

We listen to Terrence and David for THEIR OWN interesting playlists! We listen for their personality infused selections. We trust their tastes.

Please don't lobotomize the most interesting pure MUSIC show that was on the airwaves. . . Evening Music.

Oct. 15 2009 04:32 PM
Jim from Manhattan

I do not notice a significant difference in the quality of your broadcast signal, probably because of my location near Union Square. But where is your daily advance playlist? Being able to see what I just missed is not terribly useful. And where is Clayelle Dalferes? Listening to her lovely, cultured voice navigate smoothly and confidently through a sea of sometimes difficult foreign names was one of the most enjoyable features of listening to WQXR. Whoever decided not to retain her should be looking for alternate career opportunities. Please bring her back and re-instate the old playlist!

Oct. 15 2009 02:42 PM
marianne from W Hgts

We've been encouraged to listen to WQXR on our computers. I used a website that calculates the cost of operating various devices in the New York City area. Remember that we've all been asked to lower our energy use.

Here's the results for 24 hours of use per mo/yr

Clock/radio 3KWh/mo $0.54 mo $6.48 yr

computer w/17"CRT 149KWh/mo $27.00 mo $324 yr

computer w/17"LCD 112KWh/mo $20.00 mo $240 yr

laptop 33KWh/mo $5.94 mo $71 yr

Seems like expensive, irresponsible advice.

Oct. 15 2009 01:52 PM
Robert Gulnick from Bergen county N.J.

So far,so good...reception in the car is,
for the most part, great. At work, a Tivoli
Audio Model One pulls 105.9 in fine. At
home, I had to pull out a secret weapon;
a KLH Model 21, and now, reception is fine! Towards the end, 96.3 was like listening to an AM station, commercially-speaking.Good riddance! However, I very
much miss Bill J.,Annie, Candice, and
above all, Clayelle...

Oct. 15 2009 01:44 PM
Bob Barber from Brooklyn, NY

Best wishes at your new gig. I hope it all works out to your satisfaction. Change can be difficult. For many years I've listened to Spinning On Air while cooking dinner, often slowing down preparation so that I can enjoy the music longer. Was shocked to turn on WNYC Sunday evening and hear talk. There is already too much talk. Now I see that Spinning has moved to 8 on Sundays. Hope that works out for all, but I'm done cooking by then. Will have to listen to archive on line. Look forward to listening to the new Evening Music on QXR weekends. I'm sure you will be playing stimulating stuff. As always. That is, if I can get the signal. So far its pretty iffy. Even in Park Slope Sad. -- Bob

Oct. 15 2009 01:37 PM
John Tardy from Somerville, NJ

As are other listeners, I am very disappointed with the results of the switch. Most of all, it appears that I can only listen to WQXR on the internet, none of my radios pick up the good signal we were used to, some simply hiss when tuned to 105.9. While the internet is OK, it is not a practical solution for us.

Oct. 15 2009 10:32 AM
John from Manhattan

When does the station intend to answer these very legitimate complaints? You will surely be losing so many very faithful and valuable listeners.


Oct. 15 2009 05:54 AM

From all the negative posts in this forum, one wonders if the great transfer-merger is going to work. On the one hand, you have long-time WNYC listeners decrying the fact that their hosts, Garland and McKnight, can no longer play their "eclectic" music.

And, on the other hand, you have a lifetime WQXR listener saying that he wants only "dorky, canonical classical stuff." I'm with him, since I'm also one of those lifetime WQXR listeners.

Where in the world will this all lead? Given the bad signal at the new WQXR location, are we destined to lose this station, after all?

Oct. 15 2009 12:36 AM
CRUSHED from Northen New Jersey

It's sooooooooo bad! Im crushed. What a great formula qxr had-- and now this? It doesnt make sense. I switched off for good earlier this week. Poor Jeff Spurgeon-- you can hear the embarassment in his voice. Its painful to hear. Again, another fine NYC institution destroyed. Up their with the demolition of the old Penn Station.

Crushed in NJ

Oct. 14 2009 10:46 PM
STOOMZEE.com from Northport, NY

Maybe NY Times will buy WQXR back!

Northport, NY

Oct. 14 2009 10:33 PM
marianne from W Heights

I just read that Ms. Walker, CEO, makes
$508,520 per year. What a tidy sum. I hope she makes a big donation to WNYC each year because they are not going to get my cash.

Oct. 14 2009 09:46 PM
waltie from New York CIty

Thank you, corporate greed and 'QXR, for changing my lifestyle. I have listed as "Favorites" or "Bookmarks" on my wonderful 10-inch HP netbook computer several classical stations that have actual full-day playlists, just like the old WQXR used to have before it was eviscerated (KBAQ in Arizona, WCPE North Carolina, WETA Washington DC, etc.). Now, when I get up in the morning, instead of turning to WQXR, I scan these playlists to organize my listening day. It's a much more diversified experience than the pablum which WQXR seems intent on feeding us. PLEASE, WQXR, bring back the actual playlists, or you will surely go the way of the dodo, a fate you will deserve. Incidentally, the HP mini 110-1030NR netbook, combined with Bose Companion 3/Series 2 computer speakers, delivers a fantastic sound quality for classical music (as well as rock)--much better than the Bose home entertainment system or many stereos.

Oct. 14 2009 09:20 PM

I find myself turning to more talk radio on WNYC at night, but even then it's too much talking. I miss "Evening Music," where I would hear pieces I had never heard--I would, ya know, be engaged or surprised or would have some sort of emotional response besides a yawn. This is a tough move, because by trying to please mostly former QXR listeners, and almost no WNYC "Evening Music" listeners, you have pleased almost no one.

The new "Evening Music" airings I've heard all feature fairly traditional classical music works. There are plenty of options for that playlist elsewhere. One look into iTunes Classical radio section proves that.

One saving grace is David's "Spinning On Air" on WNYC. But even David and Terrance sound like they're filling in for QXR hosts who are out. It's the pretentious and annoying "I'm better than you because I am about to utter, 'sonata' or 'symphony' in the context of a composer who has been dead for 400 years' tone. You're not saving someone's life--you're just playing classical music.

What happened to the musical conversations that unfolded during the evening? I felt like I used to gain something from the listening.

I don't hate classical music, but the inclusion of lesser-known pieces or composers was what led those conversations, and made for unique radio.

Besides NPR news, this was the reason I supported (and currently support) WNYC. I heard something I hadn't heard before, in a way that engaged me.

Oct. 14 2009 05:28 PM
Lynn from NYC

I listen to nothing but QXR. In the last few days, I heard Invitation to the Dance twice already. Please play some Richard Strauss and Gustav Mhler. Thanks.

Oct. 14 2009 04:48 PM
Richard Mitnick from Highland Park, NJ

Hey 105.9 listeners who are listening on the internet:

Winamp, my player of choice is reporting the 105.9 web stream at 32kbit MONO! This is not to be tolerated.

Minimum acceptable these days is 96kbit stereo.

WNYC with Streamguys definitely has this capaibity, they used a 128kbit stream for Evening Music and Overnight Music for WNYC, so it is there.

Start bombarding listenerservices@wqxr.org with demands for decent service for the 105.9 stream.


Oct. 14 2009 03:07 PM
martha walker from New York City

Did anyone see this on the Internet ?


(copy and paste it in your browser and visit the site ! )

Just remember where the money is going the next time WNYC begs you to support the important work that they're doing.

Oct. 14 2009 02:33 PM
Stu from Fairfield CT

I cannot listen to WQXR anymore.

I want to, but I can't.

I live in Fairfield CT, which is 50 miles from mid-town. For the past 15 years I had 96.3 tuned-in 12 hours a day all over the house...it was in the background all day long. (My wife and I both work from home.)

But no longer. I have to drive 15 miles south (Stamford) to hear WQXR.

I have switched my dial to a couple of CT-based stations. If WQXR would broadcast a stronger signal, maybe I would re-tune-in.


Oct. 14 2009 01:48 PM
Henry from Manhattan

A Revelation:

My listening to the new WQXR has slowed to a trickle. Perhaps it will stop altogether.


The new broadcasting offers a medley of hiss, crackle and static... scripted announcements about a sponsoring law firm or Silver Palate jams and oatmeal. Ironically the hosts proudly announce their new station is publicly supported and "commercial free" ? ROFL

I even stopped wishing for former hosts we grew accustomed to hearing.

"Throwing in the towel", you ask ?

NO... I'm making a shift.

Conclusion: I now see this change in broadcast history as a new chapter; a time to move on and to experience classical music differently.

How differently?

I will simply leave WQXR and WNYC behind. I will frequent more concerts of symphony orchestras, music ensembles and other live venues. I will support the artists in music halls. I will expand my CD library and listen to recordings on a very reliable home music system and with the 'surround sound' speakers of my car. I am going with crystal clear acoustics all the way !

Today I stop strolling the lane of QXR memories.
Will I support the new public station?
To be honest, I don't think so !

A blogger suggested a pledge of $9.63 in protest to the new regime

... or even 96.3 cents.

How about sending 96 pennies in the mail to Laura Walker ! ?

On second thought: what comes around goes around. The management will eventually experience their own medicine.
They have done me a favor or sorts, and my energies will go toward enjoying my new chapter of classical music without the static or the aggravation.

Oct. 14 2009 01:32 PM
Suzanne F from Lower Manhattan

Another metaphor: This is just another corporate merger. Unfortunately, it is the weaker (i.e., less adventuresome) partner that seems to be calling the shots, because that partner was seen as having the greatest market potential. But my guess is that the people who listened to WNYC for music will now stop giving, and those who listened to WQXR and never had to give will continue to not give. In other words, as with so many other corporate mergers, the (actual but unstated) aim is to cause the unwanted partner (classical music) to wither away and die from lack of support.

Oct. 14 2009 11:39 AM
Suzanne F from Lower Manhattan

Listening to the "new" WQXR on the radio is like eating too much soft, rich food. I am overdosing on the musical equivalent of schlag. I want -- no, my system NEEDS -- the crunchy, tart, bitter, chewy stuff that WNYC played at night. My heart goes out to David, Terrance, and Nadia who are now programming pap instead of healthy fiber.

Oct. 14 2009 11:26 AM
waltie from New York City

The selections are painfully boring, repetitive, predictable, and monotonous. Where is Schoenberg, Martinu, Rautavaara, Webern, Penderecki, Schnittke, Zemlinsky, Takemitsu, Anton Rubinstein, Alkan, Bloch, Roussel's chamber music, Milhaud's symphonies, Donizetti's string quartets, etc etc? Add to that the static and the elimination of a full-day playlist, the dumbed-down WQXR kindergarten has virtually self-destructed. The didactic, hosted talk shows are an annoyance. Just by taking away the playlist, you will lose 70% of your audience, a fate you will deserve.

Oct. 14 2009 10:55 AM
Rayna from West Orange, NJ

Ah, David, it is breaking my heart that Evening Music has been axed. I hope the board is reading these comments because I can't bear the insipid pieces I'm hearing at night without your personality, insights, and interesting music choices and commentary (ditto for Terrance).

I stopped supporting WNYC when they went to daytime talk and had high hopes for the QXR thing. But alas, I can't support WQXR either until they bring back Evening Music and stop playing drivel during the day like "On the Trail" from Grand Canyon Suite.

Where is my chamber music? Where are my knowledgeable and literate hosts? I could just cry. But hope springs eternal - maybe somebody at the station is listening to us.

Oct. 14 2009 10:47 AM
Sean from Newburgh, NY

Does anyone have any suggestions for a program in the evenings that is similar to the original Evening Music? I can not deal with anymore talk in the evening, and QXR just doesn’t cut it. And while Q2 would suffice for background music (much like a Pandora), the host’s explanation of the pieces is what I most enjoyed from David and Terrance.
My listening to WNYC has dropped considerably to the point where membership is no longer feasible. Please respond with any suggestions for alternatives.

Oct. 14 2009 10:02 AM
waltie from New York City

Goodbye WQXR! Without a genuine, full-day playlist, the station is next to useless. Please bring back the full-day playlist (not the "real-time playlists" you slickly boast of). Several internet classical stations, such as WETA (Washington DC), KBAQ 89.5 FM (Arizona), and WCPE (North Carolina) have more diverse programming AND genuine full-day playlists, so who needs this dumbed-down version of the old WQXR? For those still addicted to WQXR who live in dense urban areas with tall buildings, the Magnum Dynalab Silver Ribbon Antenna (Model SR100) works best to enhance the signal and reduce static - see online reviews.

Oct. 14 2009 01:11 AM
Frank Feldman

Laura Walker-she's a CEO, come on, she doesn't give a damn what she's got on the air. She cares about money and money only. Would it be the right thing to do, i.e., in the interest of the PUBLIC, to devote 93.9's bandwidth to MUSIC and to have talk on 105.9? Of course it would. But WNYC is not public radio, it is corporate radio, run by a businesswoman who couldn't care less about listeners and the quality of their experience. What a sad world it is in which Leonard Lopate has two powerful radio frequencies devoted to his scripted pontifications and Johann Sebastian Bach a single inadequate one.

Oct. 14 2009 01:02 AM
marianne from Washington Heights

Very repetitive playlists. So many second-rate composers. A definite policy seems to be in effect to play American composers, American orchestras, and American artists. Please drop the policy.

Every day and throughtout the day, too much Grieg, Dvorak, Berlioz, Bernstein (horrors), Poulence, Debussy, Gershwin. I love Chopin, but the station seems addicted to him, or is he a handy "fill-in" for short time slots.

Not enough of the great European musical groups. Not enough of the Baroque (I love Bach, Mozart and Haydn but there are about 1,000 others from this period to choose from)

Too many second-rate contemporary composers. I attend about 20 NY Phil concerts a season, so I'm well acquainted with contemporary music. A contemporary piece is played it at the beginning of just about each concert, because the hall would be emptied if it was played at the end. Nothing but polite applause.

I keep turning off the radio. Then I'm disappointed to find that I missed the 3min playing of Pergolesi. No advance playlist for the listener.

So disappointed. Is management reading these statements?

Oct. 13 2009 11:43 PM
marianne from Washington heights

Switching talk WNYC and classical WQXR frequencies is a great idea; but it will not happen. CEO and President, Ms. Walker's claim to success is based on the fact that she tripled the listener base since taking office. (how can they determine that, by the way?) If the frequencies are switched, the listener base on the weaker station will automatically be diminished because of its limited range (and don't we know it) and the static and poor reception. That spells failure, not success -- since it's numbers of listeners that matter.

Oct. 13 2009 11:19 PM
Caroline from Brooklyn

Re: signal strength - here in park slope, after much antenna acrobatics, I managed to get a passable signal. So, Brooklynites, it can be done!

Re: music selection. I have to admit I don't like tuning into WQXR in the middle of the night and hearing something that's not classical. We (WQXR listeners) listen to this station for the dorky, canonical classical stuff.


I do really really like that within the canon the *new* WQXR is branching out a tiny bit. As in - more chamber music! more concerti! and fewer repetitions of Ravel's Bolero!

When I moved to NYC from Buffalo almost solely for the classical music scene, I was, I admit, shocked and appalled that the only classical music station in the city was so much worse than Buffalo's WNED. I was used to at least one chamber work an hour, and when I got here I found I was stuck with the kind of stuff that gives classical music a bad reputation - orchestral suites, scene change music, the most insipid stuff I'd ever heard. But now! I just heard a wonderful sonata, and woke up the other day to a great string quartet. Bravo for that!

Oct. 13 2009 09:44 PM
ahindenburg from bayville ny

all you hear is static intersperced with some music. Not worth listening to.

Oct. 13 2009 08:57 PM
Wini from E. Village, NY, NY

When you listen online you get a commercial before the music starts (or simultaneously --even worse).

Oct. 13 2009 08:49 PM
martha walker from New York City

Arnold Messenger, yours is a brilliant idea !

You mentioned how the pledge drive coming forth will be our election, euphemistically... and that we should pledge just $9.63 to demonstrate our appreciation for what they have done to our QXR.

I even have a mind to pledge 96.3 CENTS !

As Narro says, there certainly are alternatives on the internet, however Laura Walker's 105.9 is not one of them. Have a good evening, friends.

Martha Walker - "the other Ms. Walker" LOL

Oct. 13 2009 06:42 PM
narro from nyc

I live near Columbus Circle and have lousy reception with lots of statics. The internet reception gets cut off every few minutes.

There are dozens of classical radio stations around the world that have much better and clearer, and stabler internet signal. Who needs WQXR.

The reason I sent a contribution to the new WQXR is because it is our local on-air classical music station for local flavor and news. If we cant get an adequate signal there is no reason for its existence for classical music, better make it talk radio. For internet radio there are many choices.

Also dont call it "classical music", call it "serious music" station and have more modern serious music as well as the old classics.

Oct. 13 2009 05:42 PM
arnold messenger from Brooklyn

To Martha & Others -

WNYC has had - certainly for as long as the other Ms. Walker has held her current position - a very corporate "Don't explain, don't apologize" public face.... Is that - maybe - the tiniest bit ironic from ... a public radio station?!

Forget the stand-in idea - there's an election coming up, euphemistically known as a pledge drive.

I'm sure the station management has focus grouped things to a fare thee well, but I believe I heard Ms. Greene (of the Greene space funders) in a sound byte on opening night, saying that she expected that the money she and a few others had laid out to buy what it did (to me, precious little that they could not have procured just as easily after the NY Times bonfire flamed out) would be "defrayed" by the listener community in short order.

Of course - unless she summers in the Hamptons - she neither knows nor cares that WNYC said - by virtue of their actions and inactions - something unprintable to the good people of Long Island last week.

Ditto, to many people just NORTH of the city line and a whole heckofalotofus IN!! NYC.

Maybe, there should be a suggested (by us, the aggrieved ones!) donation level - $9.63 for the next year springs to mind - that would send a message to "station management" of just how much we fell we've been shortchanged ... so far!

Paying $50 or $100 just after you've been ... treated badly ... isn't MY idea of reasonable!

Oct. 13 2009 04:25 PM
Steve R from Nassau/Suffolk

I live in Nassau county and commute to Suffolk. I USED to listen to you both to and from work - an hour each way but no longer can as there is no reception past the county line.
Please consider some sort of relay station as someone here mentioned, so as to boost the signal strength.

Oct. 13 2009 02:50 PM
martha walker from New York City

you asked, what happened to Candice Agree and Clayelle Dalferes?
And other people posted questions here asking about Annie Bergen.

Well, Candice Agree, Clayelle Dalferes, Annie Bergen, Bill Jerome and many, m a n y others behind the scenes were "let go" when The New York Times sold WQXR. The new ownership decided not to employ them full time, or in many cases, not at all. They are all very talented, indeed, and perhaps we will hear them somewhere else.

This topic is one of the big elephants in the room which no one is really talking about or explaining to us, the listeners. The station is trying to raise money from us now, but many listeners cannot even hear the station on their radios.

Internet listening was offered as an option (it has its disadvantages) and still others hear the programs via a weak radio signal. Some will contribute to the new station, but the future of a listener supported radio is undetermined. No one really knows.

Time will tell, but you don't hear any explanations from management or the existing announcers about what is truly being addressed to remedy the problems that many folks here are saying in the blogs.

Oct. 13 2009 01:07 PM
JoAnne Manse from NJ

What happened to Candice Agree and Clayal Dolphres? (I am sure I have misspelled their names, sorry).

Oct. 13 2009 12:03 PM
martha walker from New York City

I really wonder if management of WNYC/WQXR really cares about all of our comments.

How about we do a stand-in right in front of the big windows at Greene Space?
I feel the urge to take our cause to the streets... protesting outside the doors.

Oct. 13 2009 12:23 AM
Wini from E. Village, NY, NY

I feel bad for all of the folks who've lost the ability to get any classical music on the radio. I've been listening to clasical radio in NYC my whole life, and I know how important it is for many of us. Although I can hear the new QXR, the sound is awful -- both on the airwaves and online. It's an insult to play Mahler symphonies or a Schubert string quartet with such low fidelity.

There are alot of issues involved in this change, but most involve decisions made by economic necessity. One which did not is to remove the limited hours of music from WNYC and to merge two audiences into an inferior hodge podge. Having two stations, including a strong FM signal, of almost entirely talk, much of it repeated, demonstrates the lack of respect the NYC management really has for classical music listeners--despite their unconvincing protestations. (I think J. Talyor hit a lot of nails on the head - thx.) NYC and QXR had two fairly distinct audiences, and both deserve to have their listening needs met. Unfortunately, I don't know if that can be possible, ie, if it's possibe to upgrade the QXR signal. I think the only viable solution to the current situation is to move the talk to 105.9 and make 93.9 the classical station -- as others have suggested. Otherwise, classical music radio will die in the music capital of the world because WNYC/QXR will not get donations from the disappointed listeners.

Oct. 12 2009 11:03 PM
Frank Feldman from Fair Lawn, NJ

I for one HOPE that evening music turns into a circumscribed and cautious show. I'm only being slightly facetious. Perhaps WQXR can use its non-commercial status as an opportunity to play more entire Mahler symphonies and Wagner operas and Bartok quartets and Ligeti and even Boulez and obscure and not so obscure Rennaissance choral music, etc., etc., you get the idea-but NOT to program every latest piece of drivel that comes down the pike. PLEASE leave that to the stoned out college stations down at the bottom of the dial. One in particular comes to mind. Please challenge your core WQXR listenership by looking to the nooks and crannies of the ACCEPTED canon of Western masterpieces of music, lesser known works, lesser known composers, etc. But please, no shmucks and amateurs and poseurs. PLEASE!!

Oct. 12 2009 10:13 PM
David from Monmouth County, NJ

Reception is definitely worse. I can't pick up 105.9 very well in my car. It isn't quite as bad as the switch to digital TV, (got Channel 13 back for a few months, now it is gone again) but it is not good.

I really miss Bill Jerome, Candace Agree, Annie Bergen, and most especially Clayelle Dalferes! (what a voice!)

The least you could do is restore WQXR's characteristic chime at the top of the hour.

Oct. 12 2009 09:53 PM

Why do I listen to the radio? Because of David Garland and Terrance McKnight, and their unique, eclectic, adventurous programming (the talking part too -- I loved that listening to Evening Music was like sitting in on a seminar, and one always learned something.) I haven't yet heard Evening Music since the move, but I'm begging the WQXR powers that be to leave these wonderful hosts alone and let them program whatever they want for their few hours on the air. If Evening Music turns into a circumscribed and cautious show that's trying to please everyone, it will lose many devoted listeners, and I for one will lose one of my favorite things about NYC culture. You have all day, every day to program "uplifting" classical music. Please leave a space for musical exploration on NYC radio!

Oct. 12 2009 09:27 PM
Howard Levine

I have been a WQXR listener since 1961. I live on the south shore of Nassau County and my reception has been poorer since you went to 105.9. I hope there is some way to boost your signal.

Oct. 12 2009 08:28 PM
victor buckman from RIVERDALE, N.Y.




Oct. 12 2009 08:19 PM
jessie from Beacon, NY

Not to repeat what 100+ have already mentioned but... I miss Evening Music! I'm in Beacon, NY and travel west across route 84 every evening and have not been able to even get a faint signal on 105.9... Hoping hoping that you will find a way to increase the signal. Best of luck with all the changes, I'm sure that in the end all will repair itself.

Oct. 12 2009 06:41 PM
Paul Eschenauer from Nassau County, NY

We have lost our classical music station with this change over. I only get some music with rock and static mixed in and have totally lost it in the car. We are only 30 miles in Nassau County. I have called the station but no one calls back. What a loss to classical music lovers. I hope that this will be addressed but I doubt it.

Oct. 12 2009 05:14 PM
J. Taylor from Manhattan - Upper West Side

Thanks for the info about classical WETA in DC.

I visited their web site and they have a playlist which tells listeners what they will hear in the coming day of broadcast (just the way WQXR USED to do).

I'm delighted to know about WETA. Thank you for this info. I think I will listen to them now and support them !

My other comments are listed on this blog below. (dated 09-11-09)

J. Taylor

Oct. 12 2009 03:26 PM
Lisa from Gowanus, Brooklyn

Just wanted to say THANKS! I'm here in Brooklyn (near Park Slope) and the reception is just fine. More importantly, the music is really terrific. It's soothing, it's inspiring. Listening to David Garland over the weekend was such a treat. I had been getting more and more unhappy with the commercial WQXR - really how many anti-aging and sexist face cream commercial did we need to hear in a given day? And the music was not particularly interesting. Instead, I found myself watching way too much TV. Now, I have a reason to keep my radio on. Can't wait to hear Terrence this evening.

Oct. 12 2009 03:00 PM
maria lewis from Glen Cove, NY 11542

I tried to support WQXR on line with my credit card on 10.9.09 but it didn't go through. So I tried again yesterday asking to do it by check, talk about trying to be "green". Anyway, I.m thrilled to say that my reception of WQXR on the radio in Glen Cove, NY is great today, for two days I had to listen on the computer because I couldn't stand the hiss. Then I tried two other radios (rejects from my children when they moved to San Francisco and Australia) and found one that receives the signal great.

I'm an artist and art teacher, so classical music is a must both when painting and teaching, it inspires us.


Maria Lewis, www.lewisarte.com

Oct. 12 2009 02:40 PM
Chris from Arlington VA

WNYC should be commended for making the best of a bad situation and preserving classical music broadcasting in the immediate New York metropolitan area. At least, they are trying to preserve a wonderful cultural institution. Meanwhile, in a show of embarrassed silence, the New York Times has not even announced the advent of the new station.

In contrast to half a century ago, Public Radio has brought classical music broadcasting to most metropolitan areas. The democratization of classical music broadcasting is a great achievement. However, those who loved the old WQXR, with its technical innovation, strong signal, dedication to musicianship, and inviting elitism want something other than just another public radio station. These high expectations are less direct criticisms of WNYC as they are an indication of frustration during a historic juncture.
I am one of many who petitioned the FCC to address the signal quality issue. A Peter Doyle, of the Media Bureau dismissed our concerns by citing the Supreme Court WNCN ruling which stated “the public interest is best served by promoting diversity in entertainment formats through market forces and competition and competition among broadcasters. “ Now our public money is partly paying for a cobbled attempt to restore diversity! So much for the FCC!
There are some simple things the new WQXR staff can do to to make it a real ‘flagship’ station. The first thing is to increase the MP3 bandwidth to at least 96 Kbps! There is a noticeable difference between the fidelity of WQXR's former stream at 96 Kbps and the present one. Perhaps it could be posted as an option on Reciva.com. There is much competition for internet listeners. Signal quality is a large factor in their listening choice. The second thing would be to emulate Connecticut Public Radios use of repeater/translator stations for each community. It sounds like they surely need these in Long Island and Southern New Jersey! Next would be to cultivate the best announcers and musicologists available. DeKoven, William Watson and our contemporary David Dubal have done much to increase our enthusiasm and knowledge! The Q2 stream is adiversion of resources. It assumes that classical music should be made more au courant. Don’t forget it took Bach 110 years and Mahler 50 to be ‘rediscovered ‘.

Thank goodness I can listen to WETA's direct FM signal in the Washington, DC area! Their programming has been getting much better, with more new discoveries from the classical corpus. That is where I will park my dial, for now.

The only thing which would get me to listen to WQXR would be the reinstatement of David Dubal and Annie Bergen. (HINT It would be great if she could come to WETA!)

Oct. 12 2009 01:27 PM
walter s from undisclosed

Reception fine in Morningside Heights!
Missed you on Sunday night-were you on
wnyc as opposed to qxr?Love radio always feel i am not listening alone-there is at least the announcer;also enjoy having another person select the music,though how often will the strauss waltzes be played-already too many too often!
good luck to you and the rest of the gang!

Oct. 12 2009 11:00 AM
Distraught from Manhattan


What happened to the hourly chime that WQXR used to use? This was one of the little things that never changed in my 30 years of listening to WQXR and made the station feel like home.

Please help bring it to our new home.

Oct. 12 2009 09:30 AM
Frank Feldman

I know it's no fault of yours, David, and that you're almost certainly bridling against it as well-but I simply cannot believe that WNYC is devoting even its overnight precious bandwidth to the Brian Lehrer show, et al-TALK RADIO! It's absolutely criminal.

Oct. 12 2009 12:44 AM
Frank Feldman from Fair Lawn, NJ

I am deeply saddened by the loss of bandwidth, but understand the sad economic facts which prompted it. I'm in Fair Lawn, NJ. I have found that my expensive Onkyo receiver won't even recognize 105.9 as worthy of stopping at when it scans the dial. (Perhaps I'll take your advice and run coat hangers around the house.) But my little transistor radio get crystal clear reception. Go figure! I'm happy you're keeping Spinning on Air on WNYC. It's more appropriate there, in my opinion. I also think your film score show, much as I admire it, is more appropriate there too. In any event, I'm glad to be still able to hear you! I appreciate that you have reined in the overnight hosts to be sensitive to the more traditional tastes of your average WQXR listener as well.

Oct. 12 2009 12:33 AM

Thank you J. Taylor for your intelligent analysis.. Let's hope the executives read it.

Instead of the "renaissance" of WQXR as it has been described by the CEO, it seems more like the decline and fall. The best music seems to be played when we are all asleep. (midnight to the early hours of the morning)

The Chair of the Board of Trustees founded MTV and the President has an MBA from Yale. I don't think there's a musicologist on the staff.


Oct. 12 2009 12:25 AM
Nancy Lucht from Greenwich, CT

105.9 does not come in well here in Greenwich, either at my home or driving around--fades in and out with a lot of static. Also, I looked at your playlist and found that the hour played obliterates the name of the piece, and part of the composer's name). That certainly should be corrected. I'd also like to see the playlist for the entire day so I'll know what's coming up. I miss Clayelle too.

Oct. 11 2009 09:45 PM
Robert Katz

I was listening to WQXR on 103.7 90 miles north on the Taconic Parkway today and further south on 105.9 north of Lake Mahopac! 50 Miles north of NYC. When I went down the mountains towards Peekskill I lost the signal . Maybe a good antennae will help listeners provided the are higher up in the hills.

Oct. 11 2009 08:40 PM
Gene Bobeck from Moscow, Idaho

I learned about WQXR from the 10-12-09 article in the New Yorker and I was pleased to look up WQXR online, finding it immediately available. David Garland is sitting in my lap(top) across the distance of 2,627 Google miles, New York to Moscow, Idaho.

Next I'll try to wire my Mac to my home theater system to enhance the classical and jazz offerings of our local NPR stations.

Those of you who can’t receive a good signal, remember that FM broadcasts line-of-sight. If your receiver can’t “see” the transmitter antenna you won’t receive the signal.

If anyone is thinking of moving to Idaho, stay home. Carnivorous animals abound amidst our beautiful mountains, rivers, valleys, plains, farms and ranches. We have a handful of good folks, too.

Oct. 11 2009 07:41 PM

Hello, David!

I've been listening to you since my Brooklyn days in the 1990s. I'll always be grateful to you for really getting me into Mahler, one week (or ten days, I suppose) when you went through all the symphonies in a stretch. About midway through I was possessed by Mahler and remain so to this day.

So happy that wnyc-fm is back in action on a full-time basis! (Oh, and I listen online in New Haven, btw.)

Looking forward to many years to come!

Oct. 11 2009 05:18 PM
John Russo from Upper Manhattan (Inwood)

I started listening to WQXR about 50 years ago - in the days of Abram Chasans and Bill Straus. I'm very glad it's still around and get it just fine in upper Manhattan (Inwood). But if the signal is so bad as people say farther out - at least one teacher in the school where I work in Nassau County will be disappointed - as she often had it on for her 4th grade students. Rather than lose you audience (not beneficial for you OR us) it seems logical that the first thing you'll want to do is find a way to boost your watts and fine tune the aim of your signal!

Oct. 11 2009 05:08 PM
Lawrence Brown from Larchmont, NY

Except for when I'm driving, I can't do much when I'm listening to music worth listening to. So while I began to work on what needs attention on my desk, I'm was listening to your playing of Renee Fleming singing Scheherezade (sic?) & now Respighi's Ancient Airs & Dances while writing this. I grew up much as Simone Dinerstein described, with my parents' radio also permanently tuned to WQXR. As a teen I used to look forward to the monthly program guide we received in the mail, (does that date me?), so that I could circle what I wanted to hear & make sure I was around to hear it. Over the years the loss of classical music airtime (e.g., WNCN, WNYC's & WBAI's reduction of classical music-time, not to mention the loss of outstanding music programming personalities such as Tim Page, Bill Watson, Sarah Fishko, James Irsay, The Laughing Cavalier, etc.) in this metropolitan area has been significant & sad. So, I was not looking forward to this next "reduction," especially as it involves a parallel reduction in signal strength. I'm relieved to find that WQXR is coming through loud & clear on my FM radios at home in Larchmont. However, as I travel in the car, it's too often too weak to really enjoy. But, except for the occasional classical music spots that remain on WBAI & WKCR, WQXR now has a monopoly on classical music broadcasting in the NY metropolitan area. I'll be feeling my way through the new contours of the new WQXR/WNYC landscape. I'll be supporting the station materially, & I wish us all luck in keeping this minimal level of classical music in the NY-area from shrinking even more.

Oct. 11 2009 04:34 PM
Madeline from Manhattan

I am so pleased that WQXR is now part of the WNYC family. Especially love, love, love Choral Fixation! To that program addition I say Hallelujah!

Oct. 11 2009 04:31 PM
Jacquie Herz from Stamford, Conn

I live in Stamford, Conn. and I have been listening to WQXR for about 30 years. So, it is with great disappointment that I am unable to receive transmission from your new station. WQXR was my only source of classical radio both at home and in my car.

Will you be increasing transmission in the near future, or is this it--a radio station that crackles and fades in and out.

Oct. 11 2009 03:55 PM
Barbara K. from East Brunswick, NJ

I was hoping for stronger reception with the change. WRONG!!! Reception is worse than ever and my bonus is that I pick up radio messages from planes, giving their headings, etc. You are a very prestigious group; please don't lose my respect by not caring if people hear you. Why broadcast at all? Please give us what we have learned to love without a lot of static and drift. I listen to relax, not to be annoyed by adjusting the tuner continually. DO SOMETHING!!!!!

Oct. 11 2009 03:30 PM
John Scott

Quelle dommage! I live on the south side of a lower fifth avenue building...your empire state tower is on the other---but my reception, never terrific before, is now plain awful. Same receivers, same apartment, much worse reception. No fair! What can be done?

Oct. 11 2009 02:23 PM
Linda from Western Suffolk

I like many of those posting here was fine with the conversion. I sensed that the Times just wanted out of the business and wonder why after so many years they didn't find a way to make it work. I've been listening to WQXR for over 30 years. Now in western Suffolk county its a weak signal with a horrible persistent hiss. I even had it driving through the Brooklyn and Queens yesterday. I hope that NYC can improve the signal, because I won't be able to listen unless the do.

Oct. 11 2009 01:49 PM
J. Taylor from Manhattan - Upper West Side

radio station executives, READ CAREFULLY...


• you saved classical music on the radio in new york.

• there are attributes of internet streaming as an alternative to receiving a good signal.

• you are free of commercials.

• you saved WQXR.

• you see great attributes to the playlist as it exists now.

• you believe the merger of two stations and their hosts is a good thing for your listeners.


• you did not save classical music on the radio... the radio reception is very poor, even in manhattan, and even in the area close to the source of the signal. music of any kind needs a static free reception, but especially classical. you did not serve the public well and you are not saving classical music on the radio.

• internet streaming and its technology is wonderful, HOWEVER, it does not replace radio in the home when a listener wants to hear a station throughout the home or remotely from a car or by way of a portable device outside the home.

• free of commercials does not mean you provide announcers script and have them read aloud about law firms and oatmeal etc.

• WQXR was not saved. It was mutilated. One could describe it in a coma state now, on life support with no money and offered to a listening audience which does not want to contribute to its present state of existence.

• the playlist displayed on the web shows us what WAS played... past tense! there is no program guide showing what will be played in the future. the only true playlist on your web site is a photo of a program printed and sold for 10 cents; it was a program guide for the month of June, 1936 !

• you have brought about the marriage of two different stations with listeners who liked their stations just as they WERE. it is pure idiocy to think how taking a portion of announcers and mixing them together in a new station and combining formats from the distinct and original formats of each station that you might improve and enrich what people have liked in the past. the result is mediocre at best and aggravates both listening audiences. there are unhappy listeners from both WNYC and WQXR.

Oct. 11 2009 01:29 PM
J from Vernon, NJ

For me, Oct. 9, the date of the merger, is the date most of the music stopped. I can only hear QXR driving in my car getting closer to NY. Who needs radio?
Lots of people. My radio at home was always tuned to WNYC when home. I can hear it in the kitchen, downstairs, and in every room. It is unrealistic to have your computer on all that time. I cannot get QXR on 105.9. But maybe they are working on it, eh? Funny I got the money drive direct mail, a day a day after. Well, WNYC, I will listen to you now and then, and it was a nice long 25 year run.

Oct. 11 2009 11:39 AM

Elliott Forrest is the best!!!

I used to be able to go out on sat or sun morning but now i have to stay home until NOON to hear your show (no reception out here).lol...

I'm Grounded, but loving it!!!

Northport, NY

Oct. 11 2009 10:49 AM
William DeBuvitz from Mendham, NJ

Here are my comments about reception and the change in frequency:

I found I could hear 105.9 pretty well in my car all the way between Morristown and Princeton New Jersey. 96.3 came in a bit better.

And regarding the change of frequency of WQXR: If you are going to be angry at someone, I think it should be the NEW YORK TIMES. I believe they COULD have sold 96.3 to Public Radio, but they wanted more money than Public Radio could afford, so they sold it to another company and that company sold 105.9 at a more affordable price to Public Radio. The NEW YORK TIMES could have done a nice service to classical listeners by asking for less money so that Public Radio could have bought 96.3. But I guess the NYT needed more money.

Oct. 11 2009 10:43 AM
Danielle from Huntington, NY

Well, I suppose it's time for my husband and I to get satellite radio. As two professional musicians, WQXR was literally the only station we listened to every day, all day. Now we don't hear anything but static, and the solution of switching to the computer is not acceptable - why do we have a professional grade surround-sound system if we can't use it?

Don't expect a donation from us anytime soon.

Oct. 11 2009 08:39 AM
Victoria from Somers, NY

I live in Northern Westchester and none of the towns around us, Somers, Katonah, Bedford, North Salem seem able to receive the new station. It's a shame that you can't, or won't, find a solution to this problem. I tried calling the station, but the first person who answered the phone said "How much would you like to contribute?"
If I can't hear the station, you certainly won't receive a contribution!
What a shame!

Oct. 11 2009 08:15 AM
Schnegg715 from 11370

an update to Playlist info
Once a new selection is playing, it is identified in Playlists. Hopefully at some point the schedule for the day can be listed ahead of time. As some have mentioned, it is helpful to know what will be played for scheduling purposes. Thanks!

Oct. 11 2009 08:05 AM
Schnegg715 from 11370

I am not sure if it was there last night, but if you look just below the 105.9 fm WQXR logo at the upper left hand of your screen, the second option is "Playlists". Select Playlists and you will see the selections played/playing. You choose the date on the Calendar to the right, in the middle of the page.
p.s. My comment Sat night (730 or so) seems to have vanished. Not sure why. Nothing out of the ordinary!

Oct. 11 2009 07:36 AM

it was around 9pm that i heard a lovely composition, it had minor feel to it, also a lovely piccolo solo that drift me away. it was performed with a choir as well, with over one hundred voices said the announcer. i want to know the composer and who performs it.

Oct. 11 2009 12:17 AM
William Bell from Closter, NJ

Just listened to David Garland's "Movie Music", where his theme was small-scale music in movies. It was an interesting idea.
I thought it might have started early while listening to Ives' 2nd(?) symphony just before 9 p.m.. One of the beautiful themes in that work was used in the conclusion of "Alien", when Ripley has successfully ejected the alien, and is preparing to enter hibernation.
Over-the-air reception is good here.

Oct. 10 2009 10:10 PM
David from W. Village (native)

Though I was prepared for a change, I'm so far very disappointed by the new WQXR.

I'm glad the announcers from the original were brought over and like the ones from WNYC, yourself certainly included.

However, the music is pretty dreary. It reminds me of an ad that ran on local TV in the 1980s for a record set the announcer described as "all the classical music you'll ever need to hear."

Also, it's very tiring to hear the constant requests for money! I've heard classical Public Broadcast stations in other cities and never heard its like.

And yesterday, Kevin Gordon delivered an ad -- an ad, no other way to describe it -- for Silver Palate oatmeal. This was followed immediately by Midge Woolsey's recorded comments about a classical music station for New York with no commercials, which of course included a request for money.

Either you have them or you don't, IMHO.


Oct. 10 2009 10:03 PM
William DeBuvitz (DEE-BOO-VITZ) from Mendham, NJ

I am very glad your show has been retained on the new WQXR. Reception is not as good as on 96.3 (I live in Mendham, NJ), but I guess I'll have to live with it.

Regarding classical music and movie soundtracks:

Some classical pieces sound like they were written for the movies. Here are two of my favorites:
(1) Etude Symphonique by Vaclav Nelhybel. It sounds like the sound track to a big-budget action film.
(2) A Fairy Tale by Joseph Suk. It sounds like a soundtrack to a romantic-action-fantasy.

You don't seem to play much jazz, but one my favorite soundtracks is THE IPCRESS FILE by John Barry.

ALSO: I think someone could do a show entitled RIPPING OFF THE CLASSICS which would show how composers of movie soundtracks take musical segments from the classics. John Williams seems to do it a lot. Listen to the soundtrack to the first STAR WARS movie and then listen to Samual Barber's OVERTURE TO THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDLE. Also, listen to the soundtrack to the first SUPERMAN movie and then listen to some of Richard Strauss's music like DEATH AND TRANFIGURATION.

Oct. 10 2009 09:54 PM
Anne Begley from United States

Would it be possible to post the complete day's program on the playlist instead of just what has been heard? it was a nice feature on the wqxr.com website.
I love the new format!

Oct. 10 2009 08:38 PM
Doug Wieselman from New York City

First off, I can't get the reception of the new frequency here in the East Village. I am a bit saddened by the change in that I used to be able to switch from WNYC to WQXR for variety. Now I find that in your initial program -listening on the computer- has more of the standard fare then the more interesting and inspiring mixture I've been hearing those many years on Evening Music. Not so inspiring, but I am glad at least there is a "classical" music station at all. I suppose there is Q2 - but that's just on the computer and I love the radio... Also, I liked going from Mozart to Morton Feldman in the span of an hour...

I guess we'll all see how this turns out as the dust settles..

All the best, as I've been a fan and listener of your program for years.

doug wieselman

Oct. 10 2009 08:26 PM
Michael Wenyon from Jackson Heights

This merger has made a station that is neither one thing or the other and seems to please no one. I used to listen to David Garland and the other WNYC programs to experience the living vibrant musical culture of contemporary New York City and the wider world. I am bored of bourgeois Victorian industrial-orchestral schmaltz and his program is now full of it. I shall go back to listening to 'Late Junction' (BBC Radio 3) over the Internet if things don't change soon.

Oct. 10 2009 08:23 PM
Rita from Bergenfield NJ

I have listened to WQXR for over 10 years and had a strong reception. I was heartbroken Thursday at 8:05 when I could hardly hear any music at all - just static. I tried and tried to tune my radios to get a clear signal. At best I receive a weak signal with a lot of static. I live in Bergenfield NJ which is so close to NYC that I wonder how it is possible that this signal cannot be transmitted over the Hudson River. But my greatest disappointment has been the fact that David Dubal's Reflections from the Keyboard is missing from the program lineup. I have listened to Dubal and he has inspired me in so many ways. One thank you I have to the old WQXR is that on 9/11 you continued to play without interruption and for that I will be forever grateful. But please PLEASE is there any way you can have David Dubal come back on Wednesdays at 10 PM. It would make so many people happy.

Oct. 10 2009 08:01 PM
Gerald Clarke from E. 54th St. Manhattan

So...I notice "From the Top" has been moved to 10 pm on Sunday. This program I would think should be aimed at school age children up through their teens. Shouldn't they be getting to bed at 10 p.m. on Sunday for Monday's
BTW I receive 105.9 well enough, but as music plays I've been frequently hearing a popping noise that sounds like a needle being dropped on an LP followed by a slight drop in volume. Except this cannot be. I imagine you all are playing mostly CD's. No needle.
Anyway the programming seems generally in keeping with the old WQXR standards. Yes, I miss some of the old personalities but I suppose I'll get used to ones that are new to me.
And, at least the London music people via the BBC can tone down their complaints that The New York Times strangles the New York and US musical world.

Oct. 10 2009 07:40 PM
Linda from N. Plainfield, NJ

I live in North Plainfield, NJ. I listened on the way home from work on Friday and the station came in fine. It also comes in better than 96.3 did on my home stereo.

Oct. 10 2009 07:36 PM
Barby Cohen from Seattle

David and Terrence,
This change SUCKS. If I’m this depressed . . . I can only imagine how you guys feel. Your programs on WNYC were so interesting. The music, the commentary. The programming on the “new” WQXR sounds like the programming on every other classical station I’ve listened to. I wish I had tons of money and could buy you both a radio station from which to continue your wonderful WNYC programming. But, alas, I don’t!
I listen to you online from Seattle, so I don’t have a reception problem—usually. If anyone reading the blogs has any idea of other stations with more open-minded programming, please advise.
For whatever it’s worth, I’m sending my complaint to: listenerservices@wqxr.org.
And yes, I know I can listen to Q2, but if I’m not by my computer, I don’t know what’s playing and I miss the “conversation” of knowledgeable musician hosts.
Well, thanks for the good times past!! Barby

And below is what I wrote to the program director:

Dear Program Director, I have not listened to WQXR in the past. I have been a listener on WNYC for the past few years-as soon as I discovered it. I listen online from Seattle. I read Terrence and David's blogs and see that so many people are lamenting the old WQXR. Well, I am lamenting the defunct WNYC. All of the music in the evening was so INTERESTING. And the commentary more than educational. AND-most importantly-it didn't sound like every other classical radio station that I've listened to . . . boring same music over and over again. I honestly don't understand why you couldn't keep the boring same old programming during the day but let Terrence and David and Nadia and the other night time hosts (I'm blanking their names right now) keep the same programming they had a WNYC. I will miss them all. I think this was a bad move. You spoke to the wrong focus groups. Barby

Oct. 10 2009 06:51 PM
Dick T. from Westfield, NJ 07090

Well I made the move up the dial like I hope everyone else did. Home and car reception is still fine. Just haven't driven too far yet to see what happend in the car. Office reception - is AWFUL. I have always had WQXR as my "music" on hold here in the office. Now I have had to turn it off. Not pleased at all. i just can't get a clear signal. Too bad!

Oct. 10 2009 06:41 PM
Richard Taddei from Hell's Kitchen

I'm in heaven! It's as if someone waved a magic wand and all the evil commercials disappeared leaving only the music and the wonderful voices of the announcers! And in West Midtown the reception is better than before!!

Oct. 10 2009 06:31 PM
Mark Greenfest from Roslyn, Long Island (NY)

I like to listen to music when I work or try to rest or sleep - or when I'm concentrating on the music. I live in western Nassau County on LI, I get static on 105.9fm, not clear signal. (One radio has a bit stronger attena, but I can't get a clear signal on it either, much of the time.)

I see that the WNYC 'talk and news' supporters have decided to shunt most of the WNYC music programming from 93.9fm to 105.9, doubling some of the AM converage, as well as consigning the WQXR and new classical programs.to
this frequency, instead of moving some more music to 93.9, and using the weaker signal to double the talk shows and the news.

I couldn't hear Nadia Sirota's overnight program last night. I see that David Dubal's informative once-weekly piano program (from WQXR) and some other good programs are no longer on the air.

I got used to listening to WQXR during the day, WNYC at night, and choosing between the listening options in the evening, depending on what mood I was in and what was being played.

The WQXR website, at least, had been informative as to the future playlist (subject to change), but now, the playlist only shows what is or was performed, not what will be later that day (the next, nor aftet).

Further, WQXR had a public service calendar of live concert events - the Concert Calendar, which was free to post and read, and such appears to have been eliminated, although it cost next-to-nothing to maintain.

I like to listen to Q2 - the former WNYC2 stream (although I'm listening to the opera, at the moment, on the Net.), but I don't want to burn out my compuiter system leaving this on all the time, and only my computer speakers broadcast this... I'd like to listen to classical music on the FM radio.....

Oct. 10 2009 04:03 PM
Ann from Levittown

p.s. to my post below of a few minutes ago.

I went to the Listeners Forum postings on the WNYC website. There are MANY more posts there re: the bad or no reception of the new WQXR.

Take a look--and post there, too. And maybe above all, write hard copy letters to the management of the WNYC "family" of stations.

Good luck to us all! and to New York City!

Oct. 10 2009 03:38 PM
Ann from Levittown

So I "tuned in...and was moved". . .TO TEARS! Am very depressed!

Reception in both the house and car was glorious on 96.3 (and still is on 93.9), but alas here in eastern Nassau County the reception is muddy and hissing with static!

Thank you, David, for openly disucssing the reception problem on the radio and asking for reports from different areas. This problem should not be swept under the rug, but should be honestly discussed with the listeners who are now being asked to support this public station!! Blithely telling us to just listen online merely adds to the frustration. (I have no computer at home; came to the library to post this message.)

Will management try to do anything? Is there any hope? Are there enough listeners who get good reception to support the station? Why should the rest of us with bad or no reception be expected to give money?

Classical music is my life, and the old WQXR brought it to me! I am very depressed.

I can solve my personal problem by first trying a good FM antenna then getting a computer and online service if that fails (though some posters say online quality is not as good as it could be). I can subscribe to satellite radio for the car.

But as all advocates for classical music in the city know, free, good sound quality classical music on the radio is crucial for the New York City area. How will that larger problem be solved?

New York City--cultural capital of the world--without good quality sound for classical music on the radio!! The City derserves better!

Oct. 10 2009 03:13 PM
Nessa from Fire Island, NY

And how, pray tell, will QXR be able to sustain a listener-supported station when it no longer has listeners????

Oct. 10 2009 02:44 PM
STOOMZEE from Northport, NY

Kevin McMahon will continue to support WQXR via STOOMZEE.com http://www.stoomzee.com/pages/1/index.htm - as I've been doing for years!

See pictures of Long Island's North Shore - while enjoying the beautiful music of WQXR on your computer http://www.stoomzee.com/pages/14/

Oct. 10 2009 11:29 AM
maddy from NYC

I agree with you about the WQXR announcers. Can't stand the unctuous cloying, (I'm soooo happy, aren't you happy I' m here with you?) manner of Dolferes and Woosley so whatever little music was played on QXR (in between endless commercials) made the station unbearable during the day. I tuned out long ago and kept my computer turned on to one of the many worldwide stations, college classical music stations or KUSC. Hard to believe that David DuBal was not brought over.

Oct. 10 2009 11:22 AM
Arnold Messenger from Brooklyn

Lots of conflicting feelings and emotions - just in my head - obviously, there's plenty more below my post in this forum!

Should the management and staff at an entity like WNYC LEAD ... or FOLLOW. That is, while it MIGHT be possible to have a referendum on something like "talk vs. music," is public radio appropriately handled by "one person, one vote?"

I suspect that the music lovers would be outvoted, but SHOULD THEY NOT get something proportional to their numbers?

Then the more "minor" conflicting opinions - some of which probably pit part of a person against another part of the same person - should the on-air people minimize their persona - or maximize them? Should they play unfamiliar pieces by familiar composers or any of the other variations - and in what proportions?

Does the future belong to the internet in connection with radio and/or broadcasting? Should it?

As with most mergers - even the ones that history judges to be successful - 2 "streams" have to comingle, not unlike the way hot and cold water come out one's faucet as "warm."

I come from the WNYC side, basically, and I think the WQXR immigrants had better realize that WNYC has, obvious but too quickly forgotten, an altogether different business model from "the Sulzbergers."

To some extent, you vote with your wallet - shows like "Car Talk" are positioned to reach the largest possible audience. Other shows are nurtured - "The Takeaway" comes to mind - even though their financial impact on WNYC - the angry, alienated former members, among other things - appears to be totally and hugely negative.

One thing you'll find familiar, however - a total lack of transparency. Nobody at 96.3 in the old days cared if you thought a commercial was intrusive or stupid - it reduced the deficit the NY Times was running - enough said, from their p.o.v.

Ditto, WNYC - 3 months back, the "emperor's new clothes" crowd was arguing - some more shrilly than others - that WNYC had embarked on spending $15 million for the proverbial "empty box" - a broadcast frequency that would be inaudible to many and unacceptable (for music) to nearly all.

Didn't stop 'em. Think of WNYC as the MTA of the "public" airwaves - and you'll have fewer nasty surprises in the months and years ahead.

And check out WQXR.info if you want some more concrete advice as to how to take some of the pain out of this semi-fiasco.

Oct. 10 2009 10:46 AM
Tyler St. Denis from New York

I too, like Scott Rose am in shock.

There was something to be said about tuning the dial to 96.3, listening to Mozart, Tchaikovsky, or Rachmaninov, and at the top of the hour hearing the NYTimes news.

What do I listen to now? My house and work don't get a signal: 105.9 is some modern hip hop.

Oct. 10 2009 10:00 AM

Rubbish! Instead of listening to the virtues of face creams I will now learn about the merits of Oatmeal Please explain to your audience what is meant by "commercial free" if you expect your listeners to contribute. By the way, where are the really good announcers like Clayelle and Nimet? Chatty Jeff and Elliot should move to a talk station.

Oct. 10 2009 09:31 AM
Nessa from Fire Island, NY

QXR has always been the fabric of my life. Now? NO SIGNAL out here on Long Island where QXR has always been loud and clear. What to do? I want to have breakfast with Jeff Spurgeon. This a heartbreak. Can it be there will be no more music for me? No opera? Where did I turn after 9/11 when I felt the need for music to remind me there was beauty in the world? QXR. What was playing. The Liebestod with James Levine conducting. It was an extraordinary confluence of need and fulfillment. And I will always be deeply grateful. But what now? Where do I turn?

I will return to NYC this week. What will I find?

Oct. 10 2009 08:48 AM
Henk from Daarlerveen, the Netherlands

For a few years I listen to WQXR over the internet. I live in a small village in the Netherlands. While being at work or in the evening I like to listen to classical music. WQXR is my absolute favourite. Another station I like to listen to is KCRW from LA.
While staying in New York I visited the studios on 5th Avenue and met Jeff Spurgeon. After changing to 105.9 you are still in this place?
With kind regards, Henk.

Oct. 10 2009 06:28 AM
Polly from Westchester County, NY

I'm presently listening to Beethoven's 5th on my computer. It sounds good. However driving around Southern Westchester the signal has gone from fine to rather scratchy when I get into White Plains. I'm not sure how far north or east I will be able to get the signal.

When I first moved to New York in 1977 there were two commercial classical music stations, and WNYC which would do some classical, but classical music was just a small part of the program. I always enjoyed being able to jump from one station to the other. If I didn't like what I heard on 104.3 I'd switch to 96.3, or visa versa.

I think it's sad that a city like New York that has a top notch symphony, opera company, and dance companies not to mention a fine music school like Julliard can't support more classical music stations. Even out in the middle of nowhere in Kansas I found classical music.

Yes, I can listen to my iPod, or computer, but there's something special about hearing an old favorite while out driving around town.

Please bring back the play lists that you had on the old wqxr website. Sometimes I want to check on what I heard several days ago. In fact I was looking for what piece was playing around 11:50 PM Thursday night. It sounded so familiar but I'm not sure what it was.

Oct. 10 2009 12:54 AM
Richard Bowes from Greenwich Village

I live in Greenwich Village and do not get any reception of 105.9.

When I go to wqxr.org on my computer I can get 105.9 OK, but can not get Q2, WNYC 93.9 or WNYC AM 820. All that comes through is the WQXR 105.9 feed.
For that I have to go to the WNYC website. And that is pretty much where I'm going to stay.

I assume that WNYC is aware of this. I am surprised that they make no effort to say they'

Oct. 10 2009 12:52 AM
Abe from Smithtown, LI

After listening for decades, both in the city and out here, I can't receive 105.9 on radio here in Smithtown, L.I. It's overwhelmed by an apparently more powerful, or closer, rock station.

Jack at least came back with some magic beans for the cow he traded in.

I'll miss you guys.

Oct. 10 2009 12:03 AM
Paul Arents from Manhattan

On 31st Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenues I do not receive the WQXR 105.9 signal. That location is almost in the shadow of the Empire State Building. If I cannot receive the WQXR signal at that location, I see little hope of receiving the WQXR signal anywhere. The 96.3 station and other stations come in fine; including AM!!

Oct. 09 2009 11:41 PM
Stephen J. Herschkorn from Highland Park, NJ

Oh, by the way, why do I listen to the radio, you ask? For the chance to be introduced to something *new*, to something that I haven't heard before. I admit I also like the sense of companionship I get from the announcers.

Oct. 09 2009 11:17 PM
Sven from Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

I am amazed by the vitriol in prior comments. I used to listen to WNYC, so David Garland's voice is familiar. But I regretted that music on WNYC contained less and less truly "classical" pieces. At the same time I found that the old WQXR had too many familiar, light pieces, and hosts that were too artificially permanently cheerful. So far, based on tonight's programming, I am really happy with the music selection. (To place my taste, let me say that I was an enthusiastic WHRB listener when I lived in Boston, and I still listen online.)

I have no problems with reception, just had to move one radio antenna a bit.

Oct. 09 2009 11:16 PM
Wini from E. Village, NY, NY

I've been listening to QXR my entire life, but less so when there were more and better choices -- like WNCN and NYC when they played great music all day with no commercials. Things have changed alot in the world -- and the most recent changes in classical radio are symptoms of the depressing world we live in.

I'm glad that QXR no longer has commercials (supposedly) -- like NYC ;-( In the E. Village, the reception is pretty awful. It comes in, but the sound quality is thin and tinny with noise in the background. I use a Sony Walkman walking around, which always got 96.3 loud and clear. But 105.9 hardly comes in at all.

And now we have fewer choices -- instead of two stations playing classical music in the eve & night, WNYC is using the name of QXR to replace most of the QXR's announcers with their own and relegating them to the boondocks of the dial. We could use 2 good classical stations with hi fidelity sound, but now we don't have one. It's sad, as so many things are these days.

Oct. 09 2009 11:06 PM
Bill Richards NYC from Chelsea Manhattan

In my part of Manhattan I am receiving a strong clear sound but it seems to be monophonic. Are you broadcasting in stereo as it was at 96.3?

Oct. 09 2009 11:05 PM
Stephen J. Herschkorn from Highland Park, NJ

I am in Highland Park, NJ, nestled amongst Edison, New Brunswick, and Piscataway. To my surprise, my radio picks up the new WQXR.

Alas, my disappointment is with the programming I heave heard all day. All of it is *nice* music or top 40 classical. Liszt Hungarian rhapsody, Brandenburg concerto, French music for flute and harp (!), overture to Candide, humming chorus from Madama Butterfly,...

On the other hand, I did not care for the over-emphasis on music from the past fifty years on WNYC of late, either. I like the standards. I like the not-so-standard music of centuries past. I like new music. Over all, I desire *diversity*. I know there is Q2 (which I haven't tried yet), but must it be either/or?

Oct. 09 2009 11:03 PM
Ann Beatrice from Essex County, NJ

Interesting...I just decided to listen to David Garland on my computer and what did I hear? A COMMECIAL for Silver Palette oatmeal!! And wasn't this supposed to be a good thing about being bought by WNYC - no commercials. So not only do we have commercials, we have 4 hours of a 'talk-show' host and we have lost so many, many, many, many wonderful program hosts from QXR!

Oct. 09 2009 10:50 PM
Christine Clayton from Morris County, NJ

Where is David Dubal? Not that I will be able to hear him altough I am only 35 miles from mid-town Manhatten. And don't tell me to listen on my computer speakers...I want oto be able to listen to the used-to-great WQXR on good quality stereo speakers. An who are you David Garland? A boring talk-show host??

Oct. 09 2009 10:44 PM
Yvette from Armonk

I found a link on wnyc.org for new programming proposals. Perhaps requests for David Dubal's program can be submitted that way:


Oct. 09 2009 10:41 PM
Julia Nichols from Morris County, NJ

I DO NOT want to listen to classical music over my computer speakers...I want to listen to great music over great stereo speakers that I have all obver my home...which I CANNOT do with a broadcast power of 600 watts (instead of 6000)...I do not mind the commercials on WQXR if I get the broadcast power and program hosts I have listened to for 60+ years. No money from me and I have cancelled my NY Times Subscription.

Oct. 09 2009 10:36 PM
Donna Nichols-Lawrence from Morris Plains, NJ

Who are all of these people that are Hosts on my WQXR?? Only a few have I heard of. Where are all of my 'classical friends'?? WNYC you are RUINING a once great classical musical station and, even though, I have financially supported Public Television and Radio...I will NEVER support this radio staion and what it has done to the once great WQXR....and let's not even talk about the NY Times!!

Oct. 09 2009 10:30 PM
Yvette from Armonk

I used to only listen to WQXR growing up, but one day I stumbled upon a guy named Steve Post in the morning and he just made me smile (and sometimes laugh out loud). He would play a very serious piece of classical music and then follow it with something completely unexpected with no announcement whatsoever. (I don't think this happened on WQXR.) So I started listening to WNYC and discovered a whole new world. (And yes, he made such a compelling pledge pitch that I felt an overwhelming need, or guilt, to become a member.) I still listened to WQXR often because sometimes I just wanted something comforting, familiar and easy on the ears. But through WNYC I have learned so much. And it was on your show, Mr. Garland, that I first heard the most beautiful voice of one Soile Isokoski. As one previous comment stated, it is rather like being a passenger on a journey rather than the driver. So thank you for taking me on a journey over the years to so many interesting places. I confess, sometimes the modern pieces are challenging, but I have often been surprised to find myself liking them. (It would seem nobody in my house likes Steve Reich except for me!) A balance of traditional and more adventurous is good.

I'm in Westchester County. First time streaming online. Signal strength fine on all the boomboxes at home, but no reception on the cheap little radios. Some radios did need to be repositioned. Car reception was spotty as I drove around town, but so glad to hear classical music still. And no annoying commercials! For those complaining about the switch, I think we need to realize that we are lucky that we have a public radio station strong enough to actually make this happen. So we really need to support this if we want classical music to continue. I want to see David Dubal come back too. Maybe all of us who do can make pledges to bring him back. Perhaps a voice that comes with a pledge will be given more weight. I am currently a monthly sustainer and am very willing to up the monthly contribution for that (and the new music station in general).

Oct. 09 2009 10:27 PM
Donna Nichols-Lawrence from Morris Plains, NJ

SAD does not even begin to express my feeling about WQXR right now...my reception is horrible in Morris County NJ...on of the wealtheist is the nation (do you expect donations from us that have useless reception?? I can maybe listen in mono but stereo is only hissing)...I miss all of the shows I have listened to since I was a child...I will never buy another copy of the NYTimes and I will NEVER DONATE a cent to this horrible false guise of the greatest Classical music station that used to be! What a pathetic commentary on the 'greatest city in the world'...NOT!!! I am so angry at all of this I can't see straight...just another commentary on the lack of culture in this country and the power capitalism and the 'mighty buck'...and I thought 'W' and all he stood for was finally gone !!!!!!!

Oct. 09 2009 10:21 PM
Joyce Durgerian from Milwaukee

I have been listening to WQXR, by hook or by crook, for more than 55 years. Now, I live in Milwaukee. I have a little gadget with a blue light that sends the www.wqxr.org signal from my computer to my FM radios. I fall asleep to WQXR every night. I am grateful.

Oct. 09 2009 10:06 PM
NY653 from Downtown Manhattan

Dear David -

I've been crying along with all the staff as WQXR changed frequencies. I live near the Con Edison plant on East 14th Street and cannot get a clear and sustained 105.9 signal. I've moved the radios with no significant improvement.

I miss my Evening Music!
Best to you and all on staff.

Oct. 09 2009 09:55 PM
Judy from Stony Brook, NY

WQXR was launched the year of my birth, 1936, and I have been listening for over 50years. Alas, in Suffolk County I can hear you no more. (Have you listened to the 96.3 replacement? Interesting comment on culture in the U.S.)
I am going to try streaming--have ordered a WiFi radio. BUT--I can also get BBC and other stations around the country and the world!!! Also, I still receive WSHU, so don't need you any more (I'll tune in if you retain David Dubal)!
Good luck--and you might improve your playlists by showing what is coming in addition to what is past.
No donations from me!!!!

Oct. 09 2009 09:50 PM
Norman Curtis from Manhattan Upper West Side

The reception is crystal clear in my bedroom, kitchen, and dining room. It is not good in the living room. I had to put it on mono.

Wonderful programming! Hooray David Garland.

Oct. 09 2009 09:40 PM
Ron R. from Westfield, NJ

As I write this, I'm listening to WQXR from my second home in Scottsdale AZ via stream. It sounds the same as it always did via computer. However, I was concerned as soon as I became aware of the "slightly lower power" to be used on the new frequency. So I did some testing last week in my car and home in western Union County NJ. The signal was not as strong and "clean" in the automobile when I compared the signals being broadcast and received on 96.3 vs 105.9 last week. I've reviewed the explanation and comments on your web site from your director of enginneering (who has my sympathies). Yes, while antenna height and location is a critical factor, cutting the output power 10 fold from the former 6000 watts to 600 is a huge negative. Not only will a high quality signal not travel as far, but penetration thru steel and concrete in and around the city will prove to be a problem. My son is an electrical engineer with advanced degrees in RF and antenna design and we've chatted several times about this topic the past few years. And the proof is evident in the simple layman's experiment I performed and the numerous complaints you seem to be getting from folks outside of Manhattan. The only solution may be adding numerous satellite translators/repeaters throughout the metro area. As usual, it all comes down to the dollar. The NY Times needed the cash to survive and their deal making has resulted in what we now have: swapping a powerful Class B station for a weak B1 with all the restrictions of power etc. the FCC places on such a station license. I will continue to fiddle with the new 105.9 unless it becomes too frustrating to receive. However, I will NEVER buy another copy of the NY Times and will encourage all my friends to cancel their subscriptions and any advertising they do with the paper, and spread the word. The Times has sold out classical music for the sake of a buck. Its particularly sad for a city of New York's calibre which is inundated with hiphop, talk radio, and noise that cannot be described as music.

Oct. 09 2009 09:37 PM
Robin O. from Livingston, NJ

In west Essex county NJ the signal is a little scratchy, but I figure a better antenna will fix that. (I was getting ready for WQXR withdrawal because my initial attempts to pull-in the signal prior to the switch were disheartening.)

I'm happy about hearing familiar voices and the first day's programming was great. I agree with Nick Kuvach about David Dubal's "Reflections from the Keyboard" show. Please pick it up, public radio is the perfect venue for it.

Oct. 09 2009 09:35 PM
Gregory Woods

UWS, Marvelous opening day!
I had wonderfful day without the nightmare of all the damned comercials.
My reception is still good.

sorry about all the complants about reception.
A listener since childhood in the 50s this could be better than
WNCN which at its best was tops.
I sent in some money, but hope the demand for listener support doesn't get excessive.
Bravo, Tanti auguri.
De la Musuique avant toute chose!

Oct. 09 2009 09:32 PM
Kathryn from Brooklyn, NY

Welcome to your new home David. I'm in Brooklyn (Prospect Heights) and surprisingly I'm getting quite a bit of static with the music on 105.9. Maybe it's the weather, it's quite cloudy tonight.

I'm streaming online just fine but I hope the station is planning to improve the quality of the internet stream, it's very compressed and tin-y, even on good speakers. It is possible these days to do a completely lossless AAC stream. I think for classical that's really the only way to go. I hope the higher ups will look into it soon for WQXR.

I love radio because it give me the chance to discover new things. You and Terrance are both wonderful programmers and I hope you continue to enlighten us.

Oct. 09 2009 09:22 PM
johnp from the fair village of Greenwich

I like and I support WNYC and I listened to QXR regularly. I also listened to Univisione - spanish channel on 105.9. So here is my report on the transition as a loyal member...and as an engineer....
It was incomplete.
In GW Village there is an unbelievable fuzz and signal distortion listening on a high end Tuner. In Brooklyn I get a little less distortion, but it is nothing like the strong signal the spanish channel put out. 105.9 was strong and clear. So wha happin ?
Are you powering down ? Is the NYC antenna in a different location.
I am disappointed to say the least. I like Dave Garland and the rest of QXR programs w/o fuzz.

Oct. 09 2009 09:20 PM
Constantine from NYC

Among my disappointments with the changeover is that your playlists apparently no longer list the whole day's programs, but stop with the work now being played. I like to plan my listening in advance.

Oct. 09 2009 09:06 PM
Tim Blancke from Concord, MA

I live in Concord, MA, so I listen to WQXR over the Internet on my Livio Internet Radio.
I love WQXR, but I'm sorry to see that the Internet data rate is about as low as it can get: 32kb/sec.

I hope that this will be increased soon, so that the connection moves away from "Lo-Fi". Classical music deserves better!

What's the story on Internet streaming?

Oct. 09 2009 09:06 PM

Disaster. I cannot receive 105.9 at all here in Smithtown. Doesn't come on the car radio either until I cross the Nassau border. I might as well sell my radio, as there is nothing else to listen to. Yes, I know, online. But my Stereo is in the living room, with my reading light and fireplace. My laptop does not seem to create the same atmosphere.

Oct. 09 2009 09:04 PM
Carol from Poughkeepsie, NY

I'm not that tech savy and listen to the radio daily....WQXR of course. I live in Mid Hudson area and receive it on 103.7.....and had been receiving on 103.5....so I didn't even have to move the dial. Beside who has the energy to always be in control...kind of nice to have someone else do the selecting.

Oct. 09 2009 09:02 PM
kate from Connecticut.

Good Evening...sadly my mother and I live in CT and can't get WQXR on the radio but we will be able to listen to it on the computer.

The frequency in CT for 105.9 is from Hartford (and is probably stronger..).

Oct. 09 2009 09:00 PM

Streaming audio works fine, but I have a feeling that the new .asx and .pls streams have lower qualities than those prior to the switch.

However, on the radio in my room and in my car, in the middle of Suffolk county, Long Island, I get absolutely nothing. All I receive is a hybrid of static, talk show, and hip hop.

Oct. 09 2009 08:53 PM
Former WQXR Listener? from NYC

on that terrible HISS coming out of my radio instead of the classical music you ought to be delivering...
I think you should STOP telling us to switch to using our computers, and instead tell us what you are doing to actually fix the problem. As a 30+ year listener to WQXR, I, for one, never demanded commercial-free music. STOP asking me for money. I say bring back the commercials to pay for a proper transmitter and related!

Oct. 09 2009 08:44 PM
penny from United States

Our high-end receiver, connected to the best aerial is not receiving your signal in Forest Hills. I played around with it this morning, almost risking late arrival to work. Alas, no signal, no music, nothing. I'm so glad this is happening now, after my husband left this world...this surely would have killed him. Of course this leaves me with one of two options, I can play any of our thousands of LPs or CDs or listen to you on the web...ironically, on small tinny computer speakers. How has this happened to the number one city in the world? Is anyone out there as frustrated as me?
Perhaps, one day things will revert back, but I'm not very optimistic.

Oct. 09 2009 08:26 PM
Joe Corrao from United States

FWIW I don't think I've changed the station on the radio for 10 years...but its like riding a bike

Oct. 09 2009 08:16 PM
Gail from Montclair, NJ

I enjoy listening to the wonderful music online at wqxr.org while I check my email and process orders for Sock-Locks.

Oct. 09 2009 08:15 PM
Raymond Behr from Great Neck LI

I waited in anticipation as to how clear the signal would be. I am thrilled to say it is loud and clear - WNYC and WQXR are the only stations I have as pre-sets so I feel like my family has grown :)

Oct. 09 2009 08:12 PM

Hi David!
Welcome to your "new Home"!
Having read through many of the WNYC blogs this past week I would have to agree with the listeners who say they tune in to radio to have their horizons expanded. The internet is like driving around on my own and going where I want to go. Radio is akin to being along for the ride in someone else's car-you get to see where they take you-very often it is to places you would never have ventured on your own.
I also have come to treasure knowing "we" are all listening with others-as blog posts make clear. Prior to the internet it was just me, the music and the voice of someone like you = a very solitary experience. But here are all these people listening along with me as they go about their might and day. In a city like N.Y.C. that sense of a listener community is so wonderful.
And, again-welcome home!

Oct. 09 2009 08:08 PM
Joe Corrao from United States

Atlantic/Smith in brooklyn...so far so good

Oct. 09 2009 08:05 PM
Elinor Clare Robinson from Upper West Side (106th Street)

At first the radio was very crackly at the new frequency, and someone aptly compared it to frying eggs! Now, pointing in a different direction, it is getting much better reception. (Formerly the radio was at right angles to West 106th Street; now it stands parallel to the street.) However, I am worried about people in other places getting poor reception.
Meanwhile it is wonderful just to hear music, and you, the DJ's, without those dreadful ads that seemed to be getting worse and worse in the last year or so, especially the ones for wrinkle cream! Well, let's put that behind us and look forward to the great experiences that must come with WQXR being publicly supported. I look forward in particular to your Evening Music, including the literary aspect with the writing suggestions for your blog, which I always enjoy so much whether or not I contribute my two cents of literature or a simple report. The best of luck to you and everyone at WQXR.

Oct. 09 2009 08:00 PM
Brian Rose from Brooklyn

Now that you're on the almost un-receivable "new" WQXR (I live in Brooklyn Heights and can barely pick up the station, despite a rooftop antenna that clearly receives stations from New Jersey), I'm wondering if the programming philosophy of Evening Music will be changing as well? So far, things sound way too "traditional" compared with the more eclectic range of your outings on WNYC.

Oct. 09 2009 07:50 PM
Joan from Staten Island


There's some static at home in Staten Island, but driving around locally is fine. I was concerned that devoted WQXR listeners in the "forgotten borough" would be, well, forgotten, after the switch to a lower frequency.

Oct. 09 2009 07:50 PM
David Cancell from 07041 Millburn, NJ

Who needs radio? I for whom the computer is only a work tool. 105.9 does not reach my area with the large force of 96.3. My car radio, a JBL up scale mode, and my Rotel receiver also can not pick up the signal. The signal which a Bose and a Sound Works radio does, does not have the richness which I obtained on 96.3.

The programing is fine; the sound quality is poor. Should I say thank you? David

Oct. 09 2009 07:46 PM
Ignatz from NYC

If you only listen to what you personally choose, you never hear anything new, nor anything you didn't plan on hearing. A well-programmed radio station is how you hear things you never heard before, and how you learn what's out there.

WQXR gave me my classical music education. If it was just me in a record store, I would have had no idea where to begin.

Oct. 09 2009 07:44 PM
Nick Kuvach from Putnam Valley, Putnam County, NY

Hey David, I'm listening way up here in Putnam County. I get 105.9 clear as a bell in my kitchen. So nice to hear you. Funny to read comments from people in Brooklyn whose reception is less than perfect since I'm 55 miles north of the Empire State Building and the signal is great. Thanks for your wonderful comments and manner and general demeanor altogether. I feel like you are my pal (after listening for so many years on Wnyc). Tell Laura the the people want David Dubal's Piano Program brought back. Thanks and best wishes, Nick

Oct. 09 2009 07:39 PM
Alan Klein from West Hollywood, CA

Hi -- I am a West Coast listener, so I'm 100% Internet reception. Easy to connect today via WQXR.org but my usual iTunes link to WQXR is silent. Are there plans to reconnect the iTunes link?


Oct. 09 2009 07:20 PM
Fineman Family

We've been WQXR listeners for quite some time and enjoy the music. Your musical selections are great and really relaxing to listen to.

Oct. 09 2009 07:06 PM
Derick from Libertyville, Illinois

I'm listening from near Chicago as I prepare lesson plans for my English as a Second Language classes. I started listening to WNYC and to WQXR when I was in New York in the summer of 2008 to study at The New School. Hearing your voice, David, brings back wonderful memories of my teachers, classmates and students there, and a wonderful eight weeks in New York City.

Oct. 09 2009 06:57 PM
Stephen McCallister from evansville indiana

I stream WQXR from the internet here in Indiana. Despite the really annoying chirpy fast tongued twitter updates, I've always enjoyed the station. So I was really sad to hear about the change, having grown to love WQXR in just a short time. The local NPR stations have mostly gone talky/sqawky and I rely on WQRX for good music. After some initial glitches with the website not being found, I was able to hear my station again. Fidelity is not as good as before, but acceptable. Thanks. How about an update on the whereabouts of Clayelle and Annie Bergan? Hello to Naomi Lewin. I first heard you on the Bowling Green KY NPR station.

Oct. 09 2009 06:36 PM
sv didato from ossining

how in the world do i access a list of music selections hour by hour for the day? All I get is the current piece..

cudos for your present format..it is most enjoyable

Oct. 09 2009 06:27 PM
Greg Klosek from 11218

Where am I? Brooklyn, 11218, & glad to see that Brooklyn's own Jeff Spurgeon is still on WQXR. Reception's fine at home, but a little staticky in places in the car -though I haven't ventured out of town since the switch to 105.9. So far I'm basically happy w/ the new WQXR. Doing household chores as I listen. Haven't heard David Garland yet... .

Oct. 09 2009 05:11 PM
Leo Gray from Syosset, NY

Since moving to 105.9, I'm not "out there" anymore after more than 40 years listening to WQXR. Apparently I"m one of the 14% that can't pick up your new signal.
With an external antenna on HI FI equipment it's pure static here in eastern Nassau and wester Suffolk! Hey, as they say, if it's not broken why fix it.

Oct. 09 2009 04:18 PM
William Rowe from nj

Where is the program for your time period?

Oct. 09 2009 03:48 PM
Daniel Rutkowski from New York City

I'm in my home analyzing a Mahler score.

I am curious...are there any internships available at WQXR or even WNYC?

Oct. 09 2009 02:15 PM
Billy from Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

My wife and I (and our dog) listen to you while we eat dinner and unwind.

Oct. 09 2009 01:37 PM
Emily B. Curtis from Hoboken, NJ

Dear Mr, Garland,
I have been listening to WQXR since the mid 1940's and have been quite concerned about the change-over. So far things seem to be going well at 105.9.
I would prefer to hear classical music, which does not mean that I am adverse to hearing new compositions - however, nothing from outer space,

Oct. 09 2009 01:31 PM

Reception in Queens, NY, is okay, but riddled with background static. 96.3 FM was clearer, for sure, when I listened to it. I miss the invariably clear Evening Music on 93.9 FM, but I will likely take advantage of the online streaming. It's sad not to be able to take around my portable radio in the apartment, and get a clear signal. Evening Music and WNYC are such a part of my life for discussion and music that I will continue listening and supporting. The "blue WNYC," as I call this new website, is actually better designed than WNYC's site. These are still the best radio stations in NYC. Hopefully the WQXR shadow won't sanitize the WNYC music playlist to any great extent. We need to keep hearing thoughtful, daring, and different music, as many listeners have alluded to. Thanks for the radio.

Oct. 09 2009 01:01 PM
James from Brooklyn

I'm sorry to say I can't receive your signal in my living room where the stereo is (got it in the bedroom - go figure?) - and I live in Brooklyn Heights! I guess it's time for me to start relying upon streaming audio... Been nice knowin' ya QXR!

Oct. 09 2009 12:35 PM
Fred from East Meadow

I have attached two small speakers to my laptop and listen to WQXR as I work on my desk. Biggest queistion: will there be more music and less or no commercials?
good luck with the new home

Oct. 09 2009 11:56 AM
RPlum from Morristown NJ

In Morristown NJ (28 miles away)Please boost signal strength. You are between two STRONG Rock Stations. 105.5 &106.3. .
We listen to WQXR during breakfast &dinner (Symphony Hall) and WQXR "in the car."
Bring back"NY at 6:00" ("and Sports with JoeDurso but first, Restaurant Times with William Grimes") newcast like the early 90's. Nice lowkey...daily..commentary.

Oct. 09 2009 11:55 AM
Chick Foxgrover from Brooklyn

Was very happy to listen to the inaugural concert with you and Midge Woolsey, followed by Terrence playing a wonderful Brahms sonata followed by a peice by Gavin Bryars. Reception here in Windsor Terrace is good. But with an internet radio in the house I'm mostly interested in the programming and the dropping of truly obnoxious commercials. Thanks! Wishing you much success! I'll be tuned in often.

Oct. 09 2009 11:53 AM
P Goodman from Manhasset, NY

My husband and I listen to the radio rather than the computer because the fidelity is so much better. We heard WQXR change over last night but this morning we cannot get you at all on your new frequency.
Please advise.
Thanks you -
P Goodman

Oct. 09 2009 11:38 AM
Ed Townes from Queens

Gonna get that "test test" off virtually the first line in this blog any time soon? THANKS to Mr. Armstrong for what I'm sure is good advice that WNYC should not need after 75 years or so of broadcasting classical music, but obviously this is the new bleeped-up WNYC, soon to be begging for more money to mis-spend.

Seriously, treat one of the 10 interns on Varick St. to a nice dinner if s/he can find the most glitches on the WQXR.org website - you must just have been given the password at 8PM yesterday. Even then, one or 2 heads should roll for botching opening night so horrendously!

Oct. 09 2009 11:35 AM
John Armstrong from Brooklyn

Last night's inaugural concert on WQXR was wonderful and Kraggerud is clearly a new star.

But ... every time the orchestra went above mezzo forte, ham-handed dynamic range compression kicked in. The details got muffled. More importantly, we lost the emotional high points in the music.

Classical music has a large dynamic range. It's one of the keys to expression. Radio has dynamic limits. But if the new WQXR is going to be a success, the engineering staff needs to learn how to encompass that range without smothering the music.

Some pointers. 1) Compression should be used with great discretion, really just as a way of preventing overload on a digital link or at the transmitter. 2) You don't need to mix for a car radio. For one thing, car radios are a whole lot better than they used to be. And the volume control is always handy in a car if the soft parts get buried in road noise. 3) I, for one, would rather have a little noise during soft passages so that the loud parts can have the impact they require. 4) There's a technique the BBC developed during the AM era to create the illusion of wide dynamic range. An engineer/presenter who can read a score anticipates the fortes and slowly pulls the level down before them to create the headroom that allows the musical contrast.

In short, you can't engineer classical radio the way you do hip hop. There's no magic box solution.

Oct. 09 2009 10:46 AM
Ed Roswell from Lincroft NJ 07738

Lincroft, Middletown Twp, Monmouth County, NJ.
I expected disaster, but am OK with 105.9 on home antenna. Spotty in car though. Sorry to see the 96.7 repeater went with 96.3. I must be on the edge of the reception zone seeing comment from Manchester Twp in Ocean County. Well, held off at least one nail in the coffin for leaving NJ, - "A good place to be from".

Oct. 09 2009 10:37 AM
Steven from Amityville, NY

This frequency change is a disaster for listeners in eastern Nassau and all of Suffolk county. The loss of broadcasting power has made WQXR unlistenable for 2.8 million potential listeners.This is not progress. Classical music radio seems to be dead on Long Island.

Oct. 09 2009 10:25 AM
rayna from West Orange, NJ

Hi David,
I heard last night's broadcast (apparently simulcast on WNYC) but WQXR was nowhere to be found for hours this a.m. It is not listed properly in itunes - can't get it from there. Finally, after googling my brains out and wasting an hour, I got the live stream -- but it is unreliable and keeps going off. ARGH.

Classical music 24/7 - hooray! Now I can breathe, work in my studio with music,and almost forget it's not my beloved OLD wnyc pre-9/11. So happy to hear your voice here. Bring back Steve Post and Sarah Fishko and my life would be perfect.


Oct. 09 2009 10:21 AM
Linda from Saranac Lake, NY

The volume of listeners over the internet crashed the WQXR servers during the "opening concert" last night ("303. Service unavailable. No server is available to handle this request."). Even this morning many of the links on the new home page do not work and instead the "303" message appears. I hope this problem will be addressed. Those of us who live outside the area would like to hear WQXR.

Oct. 09 2009 09:14 AM
Dave from Atlantic Highlands NJ

Where: Atlantic Highlands NJ
Initial concern: signal strength. No problem!
Welcome positive: no more Icelandic fish oil, etc commercials.
Question: Where is Clayelle?

Oct. 09 2009 09:03 AM
Ed Rosten from Bklyn

I was one of the many naysayers about this "move," and I'd basically like to do an "I take most of it back!"

I have a not terribly expensive HD radio (Sony, if it matters), and 105.9 comes in clear as a bell. "Your mileage may vary," as they say, but run, don't walk, to J&R if you've gone into WQXR withdrawal.

Jeff Spurgeon - new to me - is everything everybody said he was - and then some.

Of course, he just stuck his foot in his mouth by referring folks to WQXR.org - what a disaster - guess that part of the transition went as badly as the radio side went well.

I continue to feel that WNYC handles communications with its listener SUPPORTERS with a hamhandedness that makes the IRS look touchy feely, but until or unless they have a stinker of a pledge drive as a result, "listener services" is what it is.

Carping aside, this was a VERY big project, and it appears to have been executed pretty darn well. Thanks to all who did their part!

Oct. 09 2009 08:45 AM
Larry from Stamford CT

Where am I? Stamford CT.
What I am doing when I am listening? Trying to get a usable signal now from the table radio I've used for 35 years and wondering who you people are and what you did with my radio station. Celebrating losing 25% of your potential audience I gather.

Oct. 09 2009 05:40 AM
Franklin Jay Lassman

Whew! What a relief, no longer will I suffer the obnoxious ads on the old QXR. Let's enjoy good music and leave our dark circles, our need to learn to read, and the virtues of living in an old age home to another station. Please put class back into classical radio music.

Oct. 09 2009 04:10 AM
Richard Heschke from Southern Westchester County

Well, I hope you guys are kidding about expecting my support for the new WQXR. I can no longer receive a listenable signal in my apartment and the station fades in and out on my car radio where I had a strong signal before. And I'm in way southern Westchester. Your improvements mark the end of classical FM radio for me. This is a sad day.

Oct. 09 2009 01:30 AM
Hans from Manchester, NJ

Why did you leave my life WQXR? You are nowhere to be found, not 96.3 of course but alos not 105.9 or 105.7 or anywhere near there. So where are you?

I had beautiful reception on 96.3 in Manchester , NJ but now get nothing at all. So where are you my beloved WQXR?

Oct. 08 2009 11:13 PM
PaulaMarie Susi from Brooklyn

I am home. I am at work. I am never without my QXR on a daily basis, it is simply always on. Now, to boost the signal from the other end of the dial.....

Oct. 08 2009 07:25 PM
Scott Rose from Manhattan

Hello David:

Where am I?

In shock, still.

But I've been working with a listener's therapist, and we've made progress towards my being able to turn the dial to 105.9 instead of 96.3

What do I do as I listen?

If music is worth listening to in the first place, I can barely stand to do anything other than listen to it with keenest attention. When the talk is good though, you might find me multi-tasking, by simultaneously sipping a glass of a good tempranillo, for example.

What I've so long appreciated about QXR, in addition to the music of course, is how it keeps us plugged in to those aspects of the city and world most intriguing to educated people of outstanding good taste.

Oct. 08 2009 07:11 PM

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