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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I’m delighted to welcome WQXR listeners to our expanded family of WNYC and public radio. The new WQXR brings a wonderful melding of old and new, with more content on the Web, collaborations with cultural institutions, and a repertoire infused with the vibrancy of New York City.

If you have a comment you'd like to make about the new WQXR, visit our Listener Services blog.

Devoted music lovers like me are now assured of hearing classical music 24 hours a day, seven days a week, on listener-supported WQXR.

This is no small feat. Across the United States, classical stations are threatened. Indeed, it’s not uncommon for classical music to be missing from the dial altogether, in either a commercial or a noncommercial format.

WQXR’s new life as a public radio station means you’ll be hearing more music with fewer interruptions – and no commercials. Our exceptional line-up of hosts – WQXR veterans Jeff Spurgeon, Midge Woolsey and Elliot Forrest, newcomer Naomi Lewin, and Terrance McKnight and David Garland, who join the station from WNYC – will all have more time to spend with you, too.

I’m excited that the new WQXR will bring you a wonderful melding of old and new, with much more content on the web, collaborations with great cultural institutions like Lincoln Center, and a repertoire infused with the vibrancy of New York City, carefully curated for discriminating listeners.

I want to offer my sincere appreciation to WNYC’s partner in WQXR’s transition: The New York Times, which made this acquisition possible and which has so gracefully passed the torch of this beloved radio station to us.

Please continue to tune in to WQXR frequently and visit us here at wqxr.org. As quoted in this week’s “The Talk of the Town” in The New Yorker, “You can change the frequency, but classical radio will find its audience.”

I promise we will do our best to bring you the classical music you love and to inspire and entertain you every day.

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Comments [14]

Avrum Freelund from Glen Cove, LI


I hope the number (and predominance) of comments on the less than satisfactory quality of the signal on 105.9 doesn't drive away listeners who have become used to the magnificent 96.3 signal. Can.t anything be done?

Oct. 09 2009 10:52 AM
Ching from Stamford, CT

Congratulations to the new frequency. However, the new 105.9 signal is weaker than 96.3. I am hoping that the strength can be improved soon because so many people still love classical music. Thank you.

Oct. 09 2009 10:49 AM
Ching from Stamford, CT

Congratulations to the new frequency. However, the new 105.9 signal is weaker than 96.3. I am hoping that the strength can be improved soon because so many people still love classical music. Thank you.

Oct. 09 2009 10:47 AM
andrea ries from New York City

i have listened in my office on my computer for yrs and this morning i was not pleased can't get station on windows media only wnyc which is ok but i liked wqxr better and what happened to "the radio station of the NYTIMES????

Oct. 09 2009 10:32 AM

Ms. Walker,
What happened to the people who presented the programs during the day on wqxr ? Did you just fire them.

Oct. 09 2009 09:48 AM
Ray from Brooklyn

Please fix the new station!

As a WQXR listener of over 20 years, I am horrified at the very poor reception at 105.9. The signal is terrible! I am just over the river in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn and the station is weak and very staticky. THe static was too frustrating to del with and I just turned off the station.

Please swap with WNYC'S stronger signal as talk is less critical than music for a good signal--or please boost the transmitter power.

Thank you

Oct. 09 2009 09:46 AM
Roscoe from Bergen County NJ

You have a serious signal problem. Home is about 15 miles from midtown and I’m getting plenty of static on top of a tinny sound – when I get a signal at all. Car reception is fine – that is until the car moves. How do you expect to keep listeners and get contributions with this kind of signal? October 8th is the day the music died – at least on New York radio.

Oct. 09 2009 09:27 AM
John Allin from Toronto,Ontario, Canada

How can I,in Toronto Canada, get WQXR on Internet?
i've enjoyed over the past few years getting your fine station but now I feel totally cut off.
Thanks,John Allin.

Oct. 09 2009 09:25 AM
Karl Moller from Bellmore

I have an excellent rooftop antenna and a clear line to the Empire State building from Nassau. The reception is not usable for stereo. If the federal government won't let you boost the signal strength you should consider putting more of the classical music on 93.9 and more of the talk shows on 105.9. On civic grounds alone, at least the Met and the New York Philharmonic deserve a better signal.

Oct. 09 2009 09:04 AM
Rich Schneyer from Lower Westchester

Thank you for keeping classical music on the radio in New York. I listened to the transition and reset radios but, alas, I hear as much static as music whether listening at home or in the car. Please boost your signal strength. Your reception in lower Westchester County is sub-optimal.

Oct. 09 2009 08:52 AM
julie from Califon, NJ

Hinterlands Represent!!!!! I listened to 96.3 in my home all day, every day. This morning I came down for coffee to the blaring atonal sounds of commercial radio. Tried to get 105.9 to no avail. Please, please boost the signal for all of us in the 50-mile range. Thanks. I too read the NYer article, and was dismayed to hear that the new frequency would leave us out. Question: what did the listeners gain from your new move?

Oct. 09 2009 08:35 AM
Ernest Auerbach from Austin, Texas

I do not live in NYC and have listened to WQXR on AOL through my iPhone. Please add the new WQXR to AOL.

Oct. 09 2009 06:39 AM
Bob Flynn from Darien CT

I too ask that you boost your signal...I can not receive the WQXR broadcast in stereo, and even during the nigth the signal has static...I do have a good antenna. Thank you.

Oct. 09 2009 05:11 AM
D. Jeannot

Congratulations on the new frequency. I am not entirely pleased with it, but expect to become accustomed eventually. I have one MAJOR gripe though: The signal is much, much weaker than 96.3. Please see if you can do something about that because without a clear strong signal, I won't be motivated to listen anymore. I've got so many wonderful CD's and the internet as alternatives.

Oct. 08 2009 11:52 PM

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