Thomas Quasthoff at Carnegie Hall

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I've been waiting for years to go to a Thomas Quasthoff concert. I'd seen him on T.V. and listened to his recordings, but last night I finally got to hear him in person at Carnegie Hall.

With anticipatation that's built up for so long, it's sometimes hard for an event to live up to your expectations. But every once in a while, it does. 

The recital went beyond superb singing. Quasthoff's interpretation--or rather, embodiment--of the material was what makes a recital truly great. And I loved the easy way he spoke to the audience, using humor to make us all feel like Carnegie Hall was one big living room, and we were his guests for the evening.

Invite me over again soon, Mr. Quasthoff. I'll be there. Especially if you sing Erlkönig.