Music Connects

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Music connects us to composers' ideas and musicians' talent; to emotions and shared experiences; to the secular and the sacred; to other cultures, and to each other. Monday through Friday, May 3-7, from 12-4, a.m. and p.m., I’ll connect you to music that might enlarge your world.

East and West are connected by music that combines western instruments with Balanese Gamelan; Garrett Fisher's The Passion of Saint Thomas More connects modern and medieval idioms to tell the story of a difficult decision; a portion of La Monte Young's Well-Tuned Piano connects us to an extraordinary world of sound; and Harry Partch's Seventeen Lyrics of Li Po combine a unique composer's sensibility with that of an 8th Century Chinese poet. Here's one of the Li Po lyrics set by Partch:

Before The Cask Of Wine

The spring wind comes from the east and quickly passes, Leaving faint ripples in the the golden bowl of wine.
The flowers fall, petal after petal, myriads together.
You pretty girl, wine-flushed
Your rosy face is rosier still.
How long may the peach and plum trees flower By the green-painted house?
The fleeting light deceives man,
Brings soon the stumbling age.
Rise and dance
In the westering sun,
While the urge of youthful years is yet unsubdued!
What avails to lament after one's hair has turned white like silken threads?

Rise, dance, and respond to Q2!