Morton Feldman's String Quartet No. 2

ISSUE Project Room's Pre-Renovation Concert from 110 Livingston in Brooklyn

Friday, May 07, 2010

Q2 is pleased to offer for on-demand streaming the iconic 6-hour String Quartet No. 2 by Morton Feldman, as performed and recorded live on April 11, 2010, by Ne(x)tworks.

This historic, pre-renovation concert from ISSUE Project Room's future second home in Brooklyn at 110 Livingston, was hosted by WQXR Overnight Host Helga Davis and featured a devoted new music audience that stretched into every corner of the new venue.

The event marked a pivotal moment not only for the local arts community but for the promotion of contemporary, avant-garde musicians of all stripes and Q2 is pleased to allow you to capture (or recapture) the music from this historic event at your convenience. Photos from the event can be seen below, or more extensively here.

Ne(x)tworks performing Morton Feldman's String Quartet No. 2. This concert was recorded by Noriko Okabe and Bill Bowen and mixed by Ed Haber. It has been split into three parts to facilitate web streaming.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

110 Livingston in Brooklyn, New York
Lori Baily
110 Livingston in Brooklyn, New York
Lori Baily
(from left to right) Steve Wax, Managing Partner for Campfire Media and filmmaker; Cornelius Dufalo, violinist for Ne(x)tworks; Helga Davis, WQXR host
Lori Baily
Lori Baily
Lori Baily
Lori Baily
Lori Baily


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Comments [5]

Schwartz from MPLS.

The parts seem to be in order to me... I can tell from the opening... and the ending... player "1" is the first part... and so on... in order of how the work goes... someone must have fixed the order of the files in relation to the flash players... I thought I would comment on this due to the comment here that says the players are out of order... they are NOT... and if anyone was to land on this page and listen to this long Feldman work ( especially for the first time hearing it... or even repeatedly in fragments...) I thought there should be no confusion as to how the piece actually goes... also... It's still a free country... but anyone who thinks the work sounds better if all 3 players are going... " simultaneously...
more or less, at once...or in time delay"... Needs their ears and quite possibly their head examined... I guess you could say that is an "aspect" but certainly not a "beautiful" one... I consider it a disrespectful injustice to the composer as well as the performers...not to mention the aesthetics of the work... and THANK YOU VERY MUCH to the people who made this accessible on the web for someone like me who enjoys different versions and realizations of Feldmans works... It sounds very good...
Kudos... and Shalom...

Aug. 30 2011 06:07 PM
Vic from !?

"when all else fails, read the directions...or listen to the original recording...check it out...after all this time... these files of, Ne(x)tworks performance of Feldman's, String Quartet 2, are STILL out of order. >>> ("who knows, who cares")
Part 2 is the actually the first segment in the performance, Part 3 is the second segment, and Part 1 is the....(?) third.
I believe the original digital notions in these music files are correct. The error occurred in the web-page setup.

Jul. 12 2010 01:03 PM
Vic from !

Q2Q2Q2 ~
Another beautiful aspect to this download ~
Morton Feldman's - String Quartet 2 - Ne(x)twork ->
Play these 3 files simultaneously...
more or less, at once...or in time delay...
At first, I thought it was strange that the audience's applause was at the end of Part 1...
Now, somehow, it makes sense ~

May. 15 2010 01:04 AM

& now, of course ~ my comment is posted...&
"Wahlla..." ~> the music files play.
it never fails

May. 11 2010 10:04 PM
Vic from !

Ever since WNYC announced that Ne(x)works' 6 hour performance of Morton Feldman's, String Quartet 2, from the new ISSUE Project Room would soon be available for listening on their web-site....I've been waiting....
This morning I saw that the files were now available and I clicked on Part 1, and it began to play. OK
Tonight, however, for some reason, the music files do not play.
I mean, I'm clicking clicking clicking...& opening a new window & clicking clicking clicking...but the time clock remains at 00:00, & I hear nothing ~
(no "dead-beat escapement")

May. 11 2010 09:12 PM

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