Finnish Magic

Thursday, October 15, 2009 - 12:14 PM

So the Finns now have healthcare, dental, Rautavaara, saunas and BROADBAND. I'm having jealousy issues.

The more Finnish music I hear the more borderline-obssesive I become. So, well, the whole thing may have started with Sibelius, but have you HEARD the Concerto for Birds by Einojuhani Rautavaara? Or Aulis Sallinen's String Quartet No. 2?


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Jeff Smith from San Diego, CA

For some extra good Finnish music, please see Esa_Pekka Salonen, a very gifted composer as well as conductor, and Kaija Saariaho, composer. Personal, distinctive voices, beautiful and challenging sounds, immaculately realized.

Dec. 15 2009 01:03 AM
Sanyi from you know where

Fish oil from Finland, gave Stalin big problems too.The more history changes, the more it stays the same. Is nice to see comments about the "finish magic", it warms my heart too....

Oct. 22 2009 01:51 PM
Frank Feldman

Please read and try not to gag:

Oct. 17 2009 06:28 PM
Jonathan Kaplan

Cantus Arcticus by Rautavaara! I love that piece. I'll have to check out those other people!

Oct. 16 2009 12:36 PM
martha walker from New York City

Quotation: " share your reactions, hopes, fears and suggestions on what’s going on and how we can better serve you..."

That appears in the "AUDIO HELP" at the upper right frame of this page.

Does anyone feel the management of these stations is not forthcoming with any comments/solutions and probably does not care ?

Richard, have no fear about the droves of WQXR critical comments where you feel WNYC folk are not voicing dissatisfaction as well. The two former radio stations have both been altered and both are now mere fragments of what they used to be. Neither audience is happy. I used to enjoy both stations, and but neither works for us in their present forms.

What a travesty ! How can the producers not see this merger is a total disaster. WHEN will we ever hear from them, if at all ??

How silly it is to see the "AUDIO HELP" frame mentioned before.

Oct. 16 2009 10:11 AM
Richard Mitnick from Highland Park, NJ

All I can say is thank goodness for Q2, the "old" wnyc2.

What's happening on Overnight Music? Is that also now as "traditional" as Evening Music. I mean, you know, if so I understand why, I get the calculus. I am not happy with Evening Music now, but, hey, when the battle was waging in the "blogosphere", I was pretty much alone. The WQXR folk were out in droves.


Oct. 15 2009 06:28 PM

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