Curious György: The Beginning

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Curious György is a two-week exploration of the sounds and life of György Ligeti, as we brace ourselves for the upcoming New York Philharmonic production of his sole opera, Le Grand Macabre. Every weekday from 12 to 1, we turn to a recent conversation with NY Phil Music Director Alan Gilbert as we explore a different aspect of the Hungarian composer's music and its context.

During the first week, we listen to Hungarian music, Ligeti's use of humor, and his relationship with popular musics from over the world (Monday to Wednesday, respectively). On Thursday and Friday we look into some of the revoultionary musical techniques he devised and into his (and other composers' before him) use of the idea of the étude.

As we sample sections from Le Grand Macabre, we'll hear the exclusive insights recorded by Q2 with Maestro Alan Gilbert who takes the helm of the NY Phil for this exciting New York premiere beginning May 27. During the week, we also have song cycles with chamber ensemble accompaniment by Crumb, Schoenberg, and others, a focus on the double bass, and, as always, some favorites from Feldman and Messiaen.