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What's in the Mozart Effect?

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When I was pregnant with my son, it seemed every other person was offering advice – some of it helpful, some of it ridiculous. Among the tidbits proffered was the thought that playing Mozart (and placing headphones on my planet-sized belly! ) would help my unborn baby’s brain development. It would also help, post-birth.  And why not? It had to be better than my nearly non-stop playing of Bruce Springsteen or The Clash back then, right?

The so-called “Mozart effect” on kids has been studied for 15 years, and a recent article in the online journal Science Daily reports that scientists found no evidence that listening to Mozart produces any boost in cognitive abilities. Oh, well….still, it made me think about the particular charms of all sorts of music.

Kicking back with music that makes you happy, making a meal with music in the background (see Midge Woolsey’s recent blog post on that subject), yes – even playing music to your born or pre-born child – that has to be a good and healthy thing.

Today – right now – what is your soundtrack? Let us know where the day is taking you by the music you’re playing.