Embracing New Technology

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Sometimes I’m slow about embracing new technology, and sometimes I’m the first one there. When I worked for Channel 13, I was the very first to buy a fax machine for the Great Performances unit. Until then, we had been using snail mail, FedEx and the Telex (remember the Telex?) to communicate with production companies all over the world.

Wow! What a difference the fax made! I don’t know if the Telex still exists, but I never looked back--not once. When e-mail became available, I was the first in line to learn to create e-mail groups and start doing weekly all-department distributions. What a relief! It was the end of interoffice envelopes for me and I loved it! When I started working for WQXR in 1993, we were still playing LP’s. Here at the new station, there isn’t an LP in sight. And, the CD is about to become a thing of the past, too.

Tell me, classical music lovers, what are the new technologies that have changed your life and why? And--dare I ask--do you suppose we will ever play LP’s again?