#647 The Spain of Victoria de los Angeles

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George Jellinek takes us on a cultural, historical and geographical journey through Spain as reflected in the country’s music and the unique performing art of one of its greatest singers, Victoria de los Angeles. We visit a Spain occupied by the Moors with The Lament of the Moorish King by Luis de Narvaez, a Sephardic culture through two Sephardic songs from the 15th century "Una hija tiene el rey" and "Una matica de ruda", and the Italian influences in the 17th century captured in the song El Canape by Jose Palomino. Jellinek also gives us a tour of the different regions and cities of Spain. We hear an old Andulusian song "De los Alamos vengo madre," the tonadillas of Enrique Granados, and a Catalonian folk song La dama de Arago.

WNYC archives id: 63223