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Beata Moon

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Beata Moon

Allegro; with rhythmic vitality, from Wind Quintet

Performed by the Beata Moon Ensemble

My second CD of chamber music, Earthshine, was designed to let me experiment with writing for a variety of solo instrumental and mixed ensembles. The good fortune of my collaborations with Tara Helen O'Connor, Jacqueline Leclair, Marianne Gythfeldt, Ann Ellsworth, and Laura Koepke through their work with the Beata Moon Ensemble proved to be my inspiration for Wind Quintet. The warmth, energy and particular talents of these wonderful musicians helped to shape the mood and feel of each of the work's three movements—the playful dialogue between the instruments in the first movement, the quiet meditation of the second movement and the rhythmic frolic of the third movement.  I especially enjoy writing with specific musicians in mind because it brings to life my musical ideas in a more palpable way, adding a new element to the process of composing.