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Places To Buy Recordings Around New York City

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Some of us still like to hold a CD—or even an LP!—in our hands as we listen to the great masterpieces. Here are five places where you can still get your fix around the city.

1. There’s a well-curated array of CDs and DVDs at the Juilliard Bookstore, as well as scores, sheet music, and music-related books.

2. LP fiends in the city find succor at Academy Records, the premier source in town for used and rare recordings. The store carries CDs and DVDs as well, if you don’t happen to have a turntable handy.

3. The unassuming exterior of Princeton Record Exchange hides the unbelievable recorded richness within its walls. Serious collectors make pilgrimages here.

4. With the demise of stores like Tower and Virgin, J&R becomes more important than ever. The selections are good, and the prices are competitive.

   5. For music on the edge of the avant-garde, head to Chinatown and the Downtown Music Gallery, where Milton Babbitt, Luciano Berio, Gyorgi Ligeti, and Steve Reich reign.