Looking for a Miracle

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Just like I expected Lebron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers to knock off the Boston Celtics, I was hopeful that Gustavo Dudamel and his Los Angeles Philharmonic would knock Bernstein out of the park during their East Coast tour last week. Over consecutive weeks, both superstars appeared mortal.

For Lebron, the league’s MVP, most fans and experts predicted a trip to the NBA finals if not the championship itself; for Gustavo, music lovers and the conductor's devoted fans sold out East Coast concert halls to hear him make magic or a miracle. Instead, the Los Angeles Philharmonic’s East Coast tour and the Cleveland Cavaliers East Coast run came up short.

Despite subpar performances I'm certain that both Lebron James and Gustavo Dudamel will perform in front of New York audiences for years to come. 

Do you think audiences and critics have realistic expectations of these performers, and performers in general or were we justly disappointed?