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Project 440

Andy Akiho

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I falleN TwO

Performed by Domenic Salerni Violin; Jiyun Han, Violin; Eve Tang, Viola; Mariel Roberts, Cello; Andy Akiho, steel pans.

I falleN TwO, a quintet for string quartet and steel pans, depicts in seven continuous movements the struggles of an individual faced with dualities.  The title embraces multiple interpretations, one of which is a melodic representation of  the word “two” by a falling interval of a second, another the belief that eventually everything will fall into place. There are many other possible readings of the title; please feel free to choose one for yourself.


Aka, which means red in Japanese, is the first movement of Synesthesia Suite.  Each of the 14 movements is named for a color.  Aside for black and white, which have no tonal centers, each color is associated with one of the 12 equal tempered pitches. White features obscure harmonics produced by striking the spaces between the hammered steel pan notes, and Black is an atonal improvisation. Centered on the pitch of A, Aka uses a four-measure ostinato that is built upon throughout the composition.