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Ann Millikan

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Ballad Nocturne

Performed by the Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra; Emanuele Arciuli, piano; Conducted by Grigor Palikarov        

Ballad Nocturne (2009) was commissioned by Orchestra Filarmonica di Torino for pianist Emanuele Arciuli. It is both a ballad, in the tradition of jazz music, and a nocturne, in the tradition of classical music. A piece that finds the intersection of both these beautiful, intimate, expressive worlds. Nocturnes typically have an ABA structure, containing a development section of the material, offset by a contrasting middle section, before a reprise of the opening material. The piece follows this form, building and developing from a simple melody and accompaniment typical to the nocturne style, within a modal jazz sound world. Then for the jazz-influenced music and the nocturne-influenced music to grow from that little seed and become a "third thing" was my goal. By exploring these two genres together I discovered a synergy that felt completely natural.



Trilhas De Sombra

Performed by the Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra; Conducted by Grigor Palikarov.

Trilhas de Sombra (2009), "Shadow Trails," is a three-movement work based on a story written for my Brazilian niece, Gabriela. Each movement amplifies major events in the story. Kira, a girl from a river town in the Amazon, suddenly finds herself in another world, the Snow World, where she is called upon to do something only she can do. Entering the deepest layers of the Snow World through Shadow Trials, Kira experiences the place from where all sound originates and where it must return every winter in order to survive.