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Paula Matthusen

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but because without this

Performed by the Dither Electric Guitar Quartet

but because without this (2006/09) for electric guitar quartet is a timbral exploration of the idea of how discrepancies in repetition emerge and, even when unanticipated, seem somehow necessary in retrospect. The piece was originally scored for bluegrass quartet and was later adapted for the Dither Electric Guitar Quartet, who are featured in this excerpt.  Many thanks to Dither, and especially to James Moore, for his frequent support and consultation throughout the writing process for both instrumentations.

but because without this is roughly seven minutes in duration. The recorded excerpt is from the middle segment of the piece (approximately one and a half minutes after the start).


Performed by the orkest de ereprijs; conducted by Wim Boerman.

corpo/cage was originally composed as part of the 2009 Mixed Emotions project, which was coordinated by Generale Oost, orkest de ereprijs, and ArtEZ Dansacademie. The music was developed in collaboration with choreographer Roberto Zappalà, whose ideas sparked many of the initial timbral explorations. The piece examines different ways in which synchronization can emerge across the ensemble and how this may coincide with large-scale shifts in timbre.  Many thanks to orkest de ereprijs, and in particular Wim Boerman, for their support of the development of this piece.

corpo/cage is approximately 15 minutes long, and the recorded excerpt is from the last 5 minutes of the piece.