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Preben Antonsen

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An Ordinary Evening

Performed by Maia Cabeza, Anna Wuttig, Charlotte Steiner, and Tessa Seymour.

I wrote An Ordinary Evening at the Yellowbarn Young Artists Program during the summer of 2009. My goal for the piece was to create music that was driven by textures and timbres rather than harmonies or even rhythms. I tried to bring this about by simplifying my harmonies and rhythms to an almost embarrassing degree. A device I employed throughout was a short but powerful swell, iterated repeatedly. This was inspired by the so-called sidechaining effect that gives the sensation of centrifugal pumping to French house music (Daft Punk, Justice, Danger, and others), which I had been listening to at the time of writing.

I want to thank Steve Coxe, my teacher at the program, for his support, as well as my performers—Maia, Anna, Charlotte, and Tessa—without whom this piece would never have been heard.