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Zibuokle Martinaityte

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Driving Force

Performed by Mike Svoboda (trombone), Liudas Mockunas (tenor saxophone) and Raimondas Sviackevicius (accordion)

Driving Force (2004) for trombone, tenor saxophone and accordion (commissioned by Gaida Festival, Lithuania) 

A driving force is the inner device that stimulates any activity. An impulse and a driving force are required for any action. The latter is the most important. How do we find it? Where does it lie?

What is the engine of the music? What is the driving force of music? Is it rhythm, melody, harmony, polyphony, timbre or an inner impulse?

In the process of writing Driving Force, I was consciously trying to grasp where the driving force of this work emanates from. The unique combination of instruments encouraged an inventiveness, and I was unexpectedly inspired by the harmony of Baroque cadences as well as Baroque melismas, which are easily detectable in the composition.

Completely Embraced  by the Beauty of  Emptiness

Performed by the ERGO Ensemble; conducted by Alex Pauk.   

Completely Embraced  by the Beauty of  Emptiness (2006) for two flutes, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, percussion, piano, harp, two violins, viola and cello

Beneath the underlying emotional quality of this piece one can discover a thorough and deliberate set of subtle compositional decisions. The majority of elements are based on the number 6, which represents my late father’s name. The central harmonic structure is based on six notes (A, B, C, D, E, F), which appear either in their pure form as a scale-like melody or transposed and transformed into a polyphonically rich texture. The rhythmic structure is also full of patterns consisting of six elements. Many rhythmic figures are repeated six times and recurrently consist of six rhythmic values.

The sections in the piece are Departure; Emptiness; Unending variations of longing 1; Unending variations of longing 2; Letting go

The piece was premiered on September 27, 2006 at the CBC Glenn Gould Studio in Toronto, Canada, by ERGO ensemble, conducted by Alex Pauk.