Keys to the Future: Day 1

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With pianist Joseph Rubenstein at the helm, the Keys to the Future Festival has become a staple of the New York contemporary music scene. Boasting five seasons of sold-out concerts, this three-day festival features top-notch pianists offering a survey of modern piano repertoire. This May 24 performance presents pianists Joseph Rubenstein, Blair McMillen, Stephen Gosling, Tatjana Ranjovich and Marina Lomazov playing works by Tobias Picker, Karen Tanaka, Joe Dudell, Heather Schmidt, Bruce Stark, Jacob Ter Veldhuis, Nikolai Kapustin and Rubenstein himself.

Executive and Artistic Director Joseph Rubenstein plays quadruple duty as pianist and composer in addition to his two administrative roles. He kicks of the festival with a performance of Tobias Picker's Old and Lost Rivers followed by the world premiere of his own work, Romance No. 5 (vertigo), an excerpt from his recently completed Romances: Book 1. Having founded the Keys to the Future Festival six years ago, Rubenstein's festival is known to have no stylistic allegiances; programming dense, thorny works next to minimalist scores and juxtaposing post-modern works with arrangements of Radiohead. The only unifying factors throughout each concert are high-quality pianists performing new piano works for an audience with a voracious appetite for the wide possibilities available to the eighty-eight ivory keys.

Don't forget to poke around the Q2 Music Live Concert archive for more exciting live performances at your fingertips. You can access Q2 Music 24/7 through our pop-out audio player or iTunes. This concert was recorded and mixed by Meredith McCandless.


Tobias Picker's Old and Lost Rivers and Joseph Rubenstein's Romance No. 5 (vertigo)* (Joseph Rubenstein, piano)

Karen Tanaka's Techno Etudes (Blair McMillen, piano) and Joe Dudell's Vaporize (McMillen and Stephen Gosling, piano)

Heather Schmidt's Twelve for Ten and Bruce Stark's Six Dances** (Tatjana Rankovich, piano)

Jacob Ter Veldhuis' The Body of Your Dreams and Nikolai Kapustin's Concert Etude No. 8 (Marina Lomazov, piano)

* denotes world premiere
** denotes U.S. premiere