Keys to the Future: Jenny Chai, Lisa Moore and Marina Lomazov

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The 2011 Keys to the Future festival featured ten world-class pianists exploring 29 pieces of contemporary keyboard music by classical and jazz composers. Founded by composer and pianist Joseph Rubenstein in 2005, Keys to the Future celebrates contemporary piano repertoire by composers and performers from disparate genres and cultural backgrounds.

This segment of the festival, recorded on May 25, 2011, opened with a performance by Jenny Chai, the First Prize winner of Keys to the Future's Young Artist Competition. Currently, she splits her time between her native country, China and her adopted-home in the U.S. Chai opened the performance with a reading of György Ligeti's Two Etudes: Cordes à vide and Désordre.

In addition to Chai, the performance showcased pianists Lisa Moore and Marina Lomazov performing works by Timothy Andres, Martin Bresnick, Frederic Rzewski, Rodion Shchedrin, Jacob Ter Veldhuis, Nikolai Kapustin and William Bolcom.

This concert was recorded and mixed by Meredith McCandless.


Keys to the Future
Live from Abrons Arts Center on May 25th, 2011

György Ligeti's Two Etudes (Jenny Chai, piano)


Timothy Andres' How Can I Live In Your World of Ideas?, Martin Bresnick's Willie's Way and Frederic Rzewski's Piano Piece No. 4 (Lisa Moore, piano)


Rodion Shchedrin's Basso Ostinato, Jacob Ter Veldhuis' The Body of Your Dreams, Nikolai Kapustin's Concert Etude No. 8, and William Bolcom's The Serpent's Kiss, (Marina Lomazov, piano)