Red White and Blue

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Every so often, a week comes around which is sort of pre-packed with a thematic conceit; ergo, hey, it’s Independence Day! Let’s play American things! Well... we play a lot of American things anyway, so we figured, why not make this week’s theme a lot more esoteric, and infinitely weirder!

Welcome to the week of Red White and Blue music. All week long, we’ll play music that has the words red, white and blue in the title, in some manner. Yeah, it sounds like a funny idea, but we’re PUMPED about what’s coming up. John Luther Adams! Augusta Read Thomas! Michael Torke! There are a lot of lovely things to look forward to.

So grab a blanket and a sandwich, some reading and Q2 on the internet (got a smart phone? download the free NPR app for iPhone and listen to Q2 on the go!) and have a Happy Summer!

Oh, and Happy Independence Day!