Condi and Aretha in Concert

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How many of us could've predicted this pairing, Aretha Franklin and Condoleezza Rice singing and playing the classics. Neither of these women is a stranger to classical music. Dr. Rice has performed at the White House with Yo Yo Ma and Ms. Franklin stepped in and covered for Pavarotti at the Grammy Awards in 1998.

While these women may differ, they agree that music can be used for to enhance a good cause--inner city youth programs.

The two will perform later this month in Philadelphia to benefit inner city youth programs. They'll be accompanied by the Philadelphia Orchestra. While it'll be interesting to hear Aretha Franklin sing Mozart arias, I'd be interested in watching Dr. Rice get into character to pull off the accompaniment on tunes such as "Until You Come Back to Me" or "R-E-S-P-E-C-T."  Your thoughts?