Music Drawers and Piano Benches

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Monday night I played a recording of J.S.Bach's Capriccio on the Departure of his Beloved Brother. It's one of those pieces that at times sounds easy enough for a novice. Bach was in his teens when he composed it.

I've never seen the score and I'm reluctant to buy it because of all the other music I own that I've never learned and most likely will never get around to learning.

Most of the music books I’ve collected over the years are for piano. I also have sacred vocal music and a lifetime supply of Protestant Hymnals. And then there’s the event specific sheet music, such as weddings and furniture style music.

I’ve gotten rid of music over the years, recorded and scored music. What's left, I'm keeping. Among the treasures: Bach’s WTC--it’s falling apart but .... then there's Franz Liszt and Art Tatum transcriptions--can’t play them but, Rachmaninoff, Spirituals and Chopin anything, all keepers. 

I'm wondering what's in your piano bench or music drawer.