Mental Air Conditioning

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People walk through Central Park during a snowstorm February 10, 2010 in New York City.

There are lots of ways to cope with this hot July, ranging from going into the shade out of the direct sun, to going to Australia, which is so out of the direct sun that it's winter. There isn't much that we can do over the radio to cool your body, but maybe we can offer the illusion of a cooler atmosphere through music.

A number of years ago a church in my home state of Nebraska made national news when the congregation, amid a big heat wave, sang Christmas carols at Sunday services. It made them feel cooler. (And if you're wondering how a little story like that managed to make the national wire service, just remember that Lindsay Lohan hadn't been born yet. Priorities were different.) 

So today we're going to play some music associated in one way or another with cold weather. Maybe your brain will tell your body that it's not as hot in New York now as it seems. 

Got any suggestions?