ICE and JACK Quartet

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When two reigning New York City-based New Music ensembles collide at (Le) Poisson Rouge, there's no telling what might happen. In this June 29 performance, the long-standing and famously accomplished International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) joins forces with the explosive and progressive JACK Quartet as a send-off to their performances at the the International Summer Course for New Music in Darmstadt, Germany. The two New Music giants perform works by Earl Brown, Caleb Burhans, Jason Eckhardt and Yoshiaki Onishi.

ICE and the JACK Quartet both formed from the loyal camaraderie of their college days, so it's no surprise that both ensembles are flourishing with countless critically acclaimed performances under their belts. These young and energizing ensembles are well-known and highly respected not only for their stellar concerts but also for their inventive methods of using New Music to encourage a diverse and enthusiastic audience. ICE and JACK are avid champions of young composers and together have already given over 500 world premieres.

Listen to the entire concert from (Le) Poisson Rouge above, and don't forget to poke around the Q2 Live Concert archive for more exciting live performances at your fingertips. You can access Q2 24/7 through our pop-out audio player or iTunes.

(L)PR’s Technical Director is Richie Clarke and this concert was mixed by Damon Whittemore.


ICE opens the show with Earle Brown's Tracking Pierrot.

JACK takes front and center with Caleb Burhans' Contritus.

Switching places, ICE performs Jason Eckardt's 16.

The JACK Quartet closes the evening with Yoshiaki Onishi's Culs-de-sac (en passacaille).